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  1. Couple bruisers on there. Good luck.
  2. Just in now and will be till dark. Good luck all.
  3. I shoot Killzones and love them. All the Heartland Bowhunter guys put me on to them and am very happy with the results. Fly straight, which is personally my biggest concern, and provide good cutting diameter. This is my second season on them and have no desire to look elsewhere.
  4. Have does and a button right behind my house bedded down. Haven't moved an inch.
  5. Been out since 2. Wind hopefully laying down a bit as dark approaches. Hopefully someone gets lucky.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Very cool. Congrats.
  7. Weather the next week looks like an absolute joke. Disappointing.
  8. Just settled in for my second hunt of the year. Will be hunting a lot the next two weeks. This evening should be real good. Good luck to all!
  9. What a great buck. Congrats.
  10. Just settled into my tree this afternoon. Plenty of bucks on cam. Just hoping one crosses my path. Can see forever with this white on the ground. Good luck to all.
  11. Up in tree until dark. Good luck to all.
  12. Agree here. One of the best bow tuners and all around good guys out there.
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