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  1. Knew where this guy resided during the summer. What a hog. Congrats dude.
  2. Im thinking it has to be tonight that they're eating as I think rain/snow will be in morning. I'm in tree and here until dark.
  3. Up in tree. Chilly. Fingers crossed.
  4. Had spoke, then a 4 pt, then nice 6 come through...hoping next one even bigger.
  5. Up in new spot where I'm somewhat protected from wind. Fingers crossed.
  6. Anytime I ever put anything on public land I make sure I'm superrrrrr deep in there. Regardless, sorry to hear. Scum everywhere.
  7. Will be first day of the hunting season holding below 40 all day. Unfortunately it's also going to be mighty breezy. What's everyone's thoughts on here about hunting in the wind? Will that keep you from the woods with it being so cold? With it being the rut, will be hard pressed to keep me out...but wondering how everyone else plays the wind anyway.
  8. Been dead here since early morning. Gonna get out at 1 and back in at 2 and sit through dark. Hopefully afternoon is a little more interesting.
  9. That's awesome! Hopefully a big boy shows himself on your next grunt. Out in Z2. Smaller buck was chasing in the distance but nothing for last hour. Going to put in hardcore hours in woods over next 4 days. Hoping it pays off.
  10. Will be back out Wed. Good luck all.
  11. Back in stand after a quick lunch. Been dead all day but hoping afternoon wakes up some.
  12. Hoping to sit until dark. Haven't seen anything.
  13. Congrats. Share story if possible. That thing is impressive!
  14. Up in stand over a decoy now. Windy but can't kill em from the couch.
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