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  1. bdowning

    Ohio or Missouri Outfitter recommendation wanted

    Starting my research now for next year and will look at both these places. Thank you!
  2. bdowning

    Quiver App Rut Predictions

    This seems a bit late compared to some of the other things I've read: Stating a late rut of November 18-24. https://community.legendarywhitetails.com/blog/data-driven-state-by-state-rut-predictions-for-2018/?utm_source=Quiver+Users&utm_campaign=b373b0fc66-2018+Rut+Predictions+Email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c466264a1c-b373b0fc66-347218629 I've been so busy I haven't been able to get out yet. Anyone seeing any pre rut activity yet?
  3. bdowning

    Sussex county butcher?

    Cisternino Sr & Sons in Oakridge, NJ: 973-697-8326.
  4. bdowning

    Check in 11.11.17

    Stopped an 8 with running with nose to the ground at what I* thought was 30 yards. As soon as I* let the arrow fly I knew I* should have used my 20 yard pin. Arrow flew clear over. Luckily no harm to the deer. Still in the stand, hopefully another one presents me with a shot.
  5. bdowning

    This weekend

    Who else is excited for this weekend? Can’t remember temperatures lining up this well for a rut on the weekend since as long as i can remember. Took Friday off, going to be in the woods until Sunday night. Good luck to all!
  6. bdowning

    Nice 8pt down trad style!

    What a beauty! Congrats.
  7. bdowning

    Target Buck 10pt down!!

    Awesome buck. Congrats! I've yet to be in the woods, can't wait!
  8. bdowning

    Friends big 8 pt

    Shooter for sure. Good for your friend. I'm sure he was pumped you were there to help.
  9. bdowning

    Deer Movement This Week ?

    44 degrees this Sunday for a high in zone 2. Next week will be cold the entire week. Should catch some of the more mature deer still cruising then looking for those final does in heat.
  10. bdowning

    11/10 check in

    Been an awful hunt up in Zone 2. Haven't seen diddly. Out until dark now...
  11. bdowning

    Permit tag filled on nice 8

    HOG! Awesome. Thanks for the story.
  12. bdowning

    BBD!! [edited]

    Great job and gorgeous buck. Congrats.
  13. bdowning

    Tomorrow AM...

    With the rain today, I feel the temperature drop tomorrow should really....finally!!!....get the big boys on their feet. Fingers crossed. The next few mornings I believe should set up fantastic with the potential for Saturday AM to be a perfect storm with temps under 30 degrees in the AM. I've hunted so hard the past 2 weeks and have the next 5 days to stuff my freezer and hit pay dirt. Can't wait. Any day hunting is better than any day in the office.
  14. bdowning

    Prayers for StevO

    I'll say a prayer for you Stevo. Good luck.
  15. bdowning

    Just got back from Ohio!

    Hog!! Congrats to you.