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Daughters First Squirrel Down


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I promised her I would post these pics for her last week and I held off until now.


It was my oldest daughters weekend to choose what she wanted to hunt and where she wanted to go and she chose squirrel hunting which made my youngest happy because it meant she could make it. They love to squirrel hunt as they look at it like deer hunting but with more action. We had a couple of misses and fleeting opportunities at some runners but no luck until we started seeing a pair of them screwing around up in the full fall foliage on my side of the tree. I let her come around and use me as a chair and she sat their for 25 minutes waiting for something to come down. A couple of times she said she wished they would just sit still long enough. I offered to help her relocate closer to try and get up on them but she said no and she couldn't anyway as she couldn't feel her legs as they had gotten numb from sitting on them. Eventually one started down the tree but she couldn't see it. He was coming fast so I whistled and it stopped long enough for her to bang out a couple of shots. It was dead on the first but held to the tree. I followed up as it was hung up and it fell. It was a great hunt spent with the kids and I truly believe it's the way to teach the young ones some patience for deer hunts. I had some flashbacks sitting with my dad when my youngest kept asking if we were gonna shoot so she could cover her ears. I remember as a 6 year old wearing head phones from clay shootin. Take a kid out. It's worth it.


God bless you dad and thanks.


If the pics are not upright, mods please help me out. Doing this from my phone at Jumboland after the morning hunt is a bust with weather.






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