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First Bear on My Birthday too!


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Little late to post but did get my first ever bear earlier this week.  I took 2 vacation days to hunt Monday and Tuesday.  Sat dark to dark on the ground Monday with the exception of leaving for an hour n half to run a fox I shot up to Sahanas Taxidermy.  No bear sighting all day and was a little disappointed since I just freshened the bait site Sunday morning.  With 30 minutes of shooting light left I did have an 8pt come to within 7 yards of me and scoped him up using my crossbow but passed on him as I really was hoping for a bear to come in.  Plus the fact his spread was just a little past the ears. One thing for sure was I did not want to do another all day sit the following day since my wife and kids already had made plans for the afternoon and evening to celebrate my birthday.  I decided I would sit half a day.  Well it turned out to be a very short sit as I had a bear come in at first light only 12 yards away.  After the shot heard him run what sounded like 40-50 yards crashing and breaking every branch in his way and then silence for about 5-10 seconds.  That's when I heard the three moans and knew he was done.  He really had only run about 30 yards from the point of impact.


So with that said this was my Happy Bearday.  I told some of my freinds I did not want a Build-a-Bear from the mall, I wanted the real thing;)  Dressed out at 180.5lbs, approx 207 live weight.    Perfect size for me but even I had trouble pulling this thing all uphill with my sled.  I did get help loading it into the pickup:)







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