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  1. Zuckerberg getting carved up!

    i have a feeling nothing will happen or change. its all a show
  2. wont that paint away quickly and drain into the sewers and into the ocean? dont cans of paint have a disclaimer about cali and cancer too? crazy stuff...

    HA @ the kayak safety course...but dont give the state any ideas now.
  4. First tomato

    did you use grow lights?
  5. Who Still Shovels Their Snow By Hand?

    i own a snowblower but shovel for the exercise. only used the snowblower once this season.
  6. Day Light Savings Time

    i thought it had to do with the farmers schedule and since farming isnt as big as it was it's kind of pointless now....i know its a bummer coming home from work @ 5 and its dark already in the winter.
  7. Running a feeder all year?

    im thinking of keeping a mineral block out all year and see what happens...
  8. Cops called on me

    where im hunting i have to park on the side of the road across the street from a bank and when i pulled my gun out i felt like i was going to have the cops come because someone was going to call but luckily it didnt happen.
  9. Trust land

    yes. the one im trying to hunt now has a neighbor horse farm using it to ride their horses on though so its kind of annoying.
  10. Hunter Harrassment Help

    sounds like it may become a dangerous situation for you. they may mess with your vehicles or tree stands. be careful.
  11. New Toy!

    it shoots buckshot well too if you are into that.
  12. Fear of walking in or out in the dark

    aside from worrying about tripping or running into a bear i hate the thought that someone cut the straps on the tree stand the night before and i cant see it in the dark.
  13. Who to PM ???

    wish i knew earlier about the lure retrieval service earlier. is there a hotline # to call for immediate response?
  14. Tagging Your Deer

    fill it all out twice, attach it all to the deer and yourself and then call it in...cant go wrong there
  15. How to keep meat from spoiling in early season

    The flies are my warm weather worry. seeing them flying around trying to land and imagining the maggots got me to buy one of those body sacks for the dragging