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  1. sussexcohunter

    Odd Question

    i would think anterless because you cant say how many points on the left or right..
  2. sussexcohunter

    Hey Farmers Looky here

    i wonder if this is a step to eliminate the need for hunting due to crop damage...
  3. sussexcohunter

    Camera cut down. SD card taken.

    sounds like vandalizing kids or anti's. They didnt steal the camera which you would think a hunter might do. they stole the SD card which had their pic on it...
  4. sussexcohunter

    Public land and hunter ethics

    is it possible that he could have not seen your stand? I hunt public land and when scouting i find im constantly looking on the ground for peoples bait as well as in the trees for stands. its a lot of work and feel i wouldve missed a stand or two had it not been for the bait on the ground that i saw first. Seeing a stand and immediately staying away is rough cause who knows how often its used or if at all. The leaving a note system should be a regular practice maybe.
  5. sussexcohunter

    Updated advertisements on the site, ROUND 2!

    the countdowns are helpful. The only ad that is a pain is the bottom one. i feel like it takes up reading space.
  6. it appears that its not so much about the students but the schools/teachers to appear to be doing a good job. I have a teen in high school and the things he tells me that goes on is scary. Lots of movies are shown in regular English class because i guess its easier for the teacher. Very little homework is given out in all of his classes. Often there is police there with dogs roaming the halls and this is in Sussex Co. I went to the same HS and it sounds like a very different atmosphere.
  7. sussexcohunter

    39 million Social Security #s stolen

    is there a way to check to see if your or your kids soc sec # is being used?
  8. sussexcohunter

    RIP "Duffy"

    i read on twitter it was fentanyl
  9. sussexcohunter

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    i love how these people get an agenda and then want to force their way of thinking on you. As if we still dont live in America and are free to live how we want within the law and the police...i can understand not wanting to get into debating them cause they seemed pretty jacked up on their beliefs but dont sit there and agree with them when they infringed on some one elses freedom.
  10. sussexcohunter

    Zuckerberg getting carved up!

    i have a feeling nothing will happen or change. its all a show
  11. wont that paint away quickly and drain into the sewers and into the ocean? dont cans of paint have a disclaimer about cali and cancer too? crazy stuff...
  12. sussexcohunter


    HA @ the kayak safety course...but dont give the state any ideas now.
  13. sussexcohunter

    First tomato

    did you use grow lights?
  14. sussexcohunter

    Who Still Shovels Their Snow By Hand?

    i own a snowblower but shovel for the exercise. only used the snowblower once this season.
  15. sussexcohunter

    Day Light Savings Time

    i thought it had to do with the farmers schedule and since farming isnt as big as it was it's kind of pointless now....i know its a bummer coming home from work @ 5 and its dark already in the winter.