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  1. Lion country supply and gun dog supply are two places you would find useful
  2. SPRING PROJECT (what’s yours)

    New shed, power washing, retro fit led lighting, washer, dryer, water softener, hot water tank, new furniture, tons of yard work, painting, install closet rods...a never ending list. Oh wait, thats not a spring project - we bought a new home
  3. Deerage.com results back

    Regardless of score, taking a 6.5 year old in NJ is a trophy in itself. Congrats buck!!
  4. Hey Swampy

    Bad a$$
  5. Sons muzzy buck back

    Very cool, nice job!
  6. Live hunt with LPJR and The Beard

    Knock em down gents! GL!
  7. Permit Shotgun Buck

  8. Jet Sled of Geese

    Congrats dude! BGD!!
  9. Old Lady Down In Zone 8.

    Congrats getting the single lady!
  10. Another bruiser from zone 7

    Wow, congrats to him! Buck of a lifetime right there
  11. The last Stevo update

    I am truly sorry to hear this news. My condolences to you and your family and God Bless. That is great that you will continue to do the kids shoots
  12. Nice Public Land Winter Bow Buck

    Nice buck and congrats to your daughter! Looks very mature! Proud pops indeed
  13. Doe down......finally

    Good eats - congrats!
  14. Freak's Euro is done

    Looks cool! Need any help with the RFI's or anything modeled in 3D let me know, haha!
  15. woodcock hunting

    Sounds like a plan!