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  1. Feathered Prayer Game Farm in Pemberton is the one I know of
  2. I picture whack a mole but with marco polo and hatchets. No, nothing wrong with that at all. Brb..................................
  3. Im strapped for time off of work for multiple reasons so Im out if its a weekday. I dont blame ya for setting it up on a weekday. If we charter it could we do a weekend day? If so, count me in
  4. Wishing you the best X7 and hoping you meet your goal of being in a stand in October!
  5. Us rebels were ready to send a search party up north. Thinking it would end up being something like - crazy yankees currently drowning south jersey man wearing an Eagles shirt while playing hatchet throwing marco polo!
  6. Pizza is the "new corn"!? If thats the case, then nothing is wrong with this picture. Unless he forgot to add the garlic and crushed red!
  7. Must be a land trust thing. Ive seen the same on a couple down by me
  8. Thats really cool! I bet seeing it in video mode would have been pretty awesome too
  9. For using vinegar: 20% vinegar should be used but if spraying a lot be careful. If your soil is acidic it will lower it even more. Spot spraying and smaller areas shouldn't hurt that though
  10. The smiles on the kids faces in these pics SAYS IT ALL!
  11. Hi Guys and Girls. Just throwing this out there. I am looking for a new job or even a career change. I currently am an Electrical Designer who works in Revit. I specialize in BIM execution and helping my discipline(plus all others) with Revit workflow/support and how to model properly in 3D. My current employer is in Philly. I have been doing this for about 6 years. I live in Shamong, NJ. I am willing to commute 1 hr each way if need be, but it would be nice to cut that down a bit. Some of my former jobs include first mate on a charter boat, maintenance for roughly 250 units, some retail and some sales. Jack of all trades - master of none I suppose. If you know anyone looking for help or needs a designer, let me know. A boss/manager/chief that hunts and fishes is preferred! FYI...part of the reason I am looking is the way I am being utilized here. I care. I can produce much more than I am directed. If you care to hear why I am looking or have something in mind lets get in touch. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hopefully speaking with some of you!
  12. Nowwww I know what he is saying "Damn, that ass is fine Momma!"
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