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NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Sign Up Page

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NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Sign Up Page

This is the sign up page only - a separate page will be created for donations



NJ W&W Member Name (Must Have A Minumum of 25 Posts To Participate)
NJ W&W Member's Son/Daughter/Sponsored Youth's Name
Age of NJ W&W Member's Son/Daughter/Sponsored Youth


This is a free contest for any Youth hunter who is sponsored by a NJ W&W member with at least 25 posts. Youth hunter must be hunting with a Youth License. Since this is a completely free contest, prizes will be based on whatever donations (cash, gift cards or merchandise) are received. If your youth shoots a deer, that does not guarantee them a prize as some of the prizes will be randomly drawn from a hat at the end of the contest. Please pm me or post on the separate donation thread if you would like to contribute to this contest for the youth of our NJ W&W Members.

Entry requirements due to the call-in system:

- a photo showing the filled out Deer Harvest Report Card WITH confirmation number is mandatory
- a photo showing the hunter/huntress WITH their harvest is also mandatory

Rules are as follows:

NJ W&W Member must have a -MINIMUM 25 posts to sign their youth hunter/huntress up.
There will be no exceptions.

This is a "deer" contest not a "big buck" contest... Every youth gets credit for shooting their deer, doe or buck, big or small, which-ever legal way they choose (bow, shotgun, muzzleloader, or crossbow). Everyone will be regulated by the game limits and laws for New Jersey. Issues of QDM, P&Y or B&C scoring, deer densities, weight of deer, etc. do not apply. All deer must be harvested in New Jersey to be eligible for the contest. Just because your youth shoots a deer, does not guarantee that youth a prize.

Point breakdown
5 points for a deer - Buck or Doe.
1 point for every point on a rack of 1 inch or more added to the 5 points.

Participant score will consist of 1 deer. If you shoot more than 1 deer you may upgrade your score by submitting the new deer, this will cancel out your previous deer.

Ex. shoot a doe, get 5 pts, upgrade to an 8pt buck, you now have 13pts.

To submit an entry, a participant MUST include the following details in the "Contest Entry Thread" post:
- Your Team Name or Number
- NJ W&W Member Screen Name
- Youth Name
- Deer Harvested
- Buck or Doe
- the number of tines that are longer than 1 inch (main beam counts), if applicable.
- a photo of himself/herself with the deer. Please take a photo with "class". Stick in the tongue, wipe off the blood, take it out of the pickup. Be proud of your harvest and show it with a good "quality" photo.
- photo(s) with all scorable tines visable. All tines must be 1 inch to be counted. I will ask for photo verification! If it's questionable, grab a tape measure and take a photo with the tape measure. If it's under, don't count it.
- a photo showing the Deer Harvest Report Card, found in the compendium. For privacy purposes of the youths, please block out their last name and license number. (Farmer depredation permit not allowed)

If the above criteria is not met, no points will be awarded!

So, if you do not show a picture of the youth and the deer, no points. If you forget a tag pic, no points.

** If you have issues with scanning or posting your photos I would be happy to help you out or post them for you, just pm me.

**Any entry without the required information, photos, or photos that do not meet all entry requirements, will not be accepted.

Contest ends 1 week after the late deer season ends statewide. All entries must be received & posted by this time.

In case of a tie, the highest total number of antler points will decide the winner. If this does not resolve the tie, total number of bucks taken will be next. If this still does not decide, the winning team will be drawn from a hat.

Sign up will be until midnight on September 5, 2019 and teams will be drawn on September 6th. I would like to make the teams consist of either 3 or 4 participants each, but that will depend on the total number of entries.
NJ W&W Members, if you are sponsoring a youth hunter that is not your child, please make sure you have their parent's permission to put their child's picture on the internet.

Finally, please do not make me chase you down to distribute prizes.  If you enter a youth, please check back to see if their team won anything or if they won anything in the drawings !!!

Good luck to all!!!!!

** Clarification for youths who are 16 **
Since a Youth License is valid from time of issuance until December 31 of the year that he or she turns 16, youths who turned 16 in 2019 may enter the contest and submit entries of deer harvested until their Youth License expires on December 31, 2019.

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1 hour ago, Ms Grit said:

Ah, you know you can count on me 

Absolutely! Well done Robin, much appreciated by many members and their children on W&W! Hope all is well!

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