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  1. Sorry for your loss Tim, I know first hand it isnt easy. Firm believer in karma and you, my friend, definitely deserved that gesture from the artist. Hoping that Yoshi memories hang around for a long time for you and the family.
  2. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Just follow Jerry and the Monger. He always rings fish!!!
  4. Quickest way to master kung fu!!!
  5. Would be tough with a pit instead of a core though.
  6. I also have one. Love it for pies!
  7. Look like peaches???
  8. When they started giving the vaccine in mass there were NO records kept on any computers. You walked into pharmacy, they gave you a shot and the card and said see you in 2 weeks. You went back in 2 weeks and whoever gave you the shot signed the card. Done. NO record except your card.
  9. Hey Bob, is this one of the Readington properties??
  10. So i return to the classroom next week for a new school. Masks are required. What do I wear? Seems to me, since they don't do anything anyway according to most research, I find the one that is most comfortable for an 8 hour day. Thoughts?? Not pot stirring, totally honest question.
  11. I believe Bob was posting his recommendation for a realtor !!! Mike, I will send you a PM shortly.
  12. The mask was bad ass Tony Esposito!!! RIP
  13. First of all, Kudos to you for stepping up to the plate when necessary. Obviously your time is going to be limited to the attention span of the little guy. I would recommend someplace that you will have success, continuous bluegills for example, to keep him interested in the beginning. The canal could work with backpack or stroller as you can constantly move when he needs to. No need to wait until next year, the Fall would be great time and weather to get out. Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your/his success.
  14. Looks like you found them Russ!! Taking the kids on Monday for first trip of the year. Ler the picking begin!!!
  15. No slack tide. You want water moving. Drop line is most fun. Use 2 anchors, one off front and one off back so you can use entire side of boat without lines going under boat. Slow retrieve and scoop nets. Most importantly is the pictures. Enjoy
  16. How are the knees doing Dennis?? Looks like you could be spending a lot of time in the woods!!! Great job.
  17. Same day you posted they were out!!!
  18. Bring a chair and the tripod. They allow any position. If the xbow is on she will more than likely only shoot 3 bolts as well. I brought this set up for my daughter on her test and multiple people used our chair and tripod. Best of luck
  19. Simon peter closest dealer for Southern Warren County?? Also tired of the berry blocks.
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