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I Should Have Done This Sooner........Pic

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1 hour ago, Swamprat said:

Unfortunately I think some lib will tear it down.

Before that ever happens the utility will take it down-nothing to do with politics though.  Non-owned or leased equipment is an impediment to linemen attempting to work on the pole (which is usually in bad weather, at night, or both) and can present a hazard if whatever is installed on the pole (flag, sign, etc...) interferes with what is supposed to be there.  I've worked with utility companies to locate equipment on poles and typically they require drawings, engineering review, and a minimum $1 million in liability coverage.  Municipalities will often work with utilities to locate signage and flags but only with the requisite insurance and review.

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I live back in the woods you see

My woman and the kids and the dogs and me

I got a shotgun a rifle and a four wheel drive and a country boy can survive

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12 hours ago, Swamp_Yankee said:

Before that ever happens the utility will take it down-nothing to do with politics though.  

If that is the case there is a basketball hoop that has been bolted to a telephone pole for many years in my development. I hope the flag can stay until they need to remove it to do a job. 

I am honestly thinking about buying a bunch of flags to put on the poles on holidays and then take them down until the next upcoming holiday. Should be easy because the brackets should not be a problem to the crews.

Maybe when Trump wins in 2020 I can put up a bunch of Trump flags, sit on my lawn in a chair and, watch as the liberals heads explode one by one? :D


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