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  1. I haven't been on here much at all lately-my wife of 12 years (together 16) told me she wanted a divorce back in January. I was devastated at first but after a while I came around-this has been years in the making but neither of us wanted to face it until now. I'm going to be 40 this year and for a while I saw it as a new beginning and was kind of optimistic. She doesn't want/need the house, doesn't want/need my money and by the fall she'll be moved out. We have three kids and I get them to school/she picks them up, etc...so we don't have a choice but to work together for a long time (our
  2. The world would be a better place if more people kept their head down and their mouth shut. If I encounter a person in my working or personal life who leads off with politics I make sure to exit the interaction quickly and give that person a wide berth in the future. There is a small but growing subset of people today who are consumed by politics on both sides who would do well to devote that energy to productive pursuits. If there are three things my kids will never be, its drug addicts, democrats or republicans. All are equally as bad.
  3. Next is the one where they fondly remember riding on dad's lap with no seatbelt in the car doing 65 MPH while he smoked unfiltered camels with the windows up and they gnawed the lead paint off of their toy blocks
  4. I would argue that the only college kids that "feel the pressure" are those who are already conditioned to believe that joining either the red cult or the blue cult is mandatory. If you raise your children with the realization that politics are largely irrelevant and that they only things that matter in life are what they themselves do, create, produce, etc...you certainly won't have to worry about them becoming "liberals," whatever that means. You seemed to indicate that it was a problem-see below. I was merely pointing out that raising kids to be members of the (insert political
  5. First of all I'm not even 40 and all of this and more applied to me as a kid, and its all practiced in my house with my kids now. Second, none of this is "schooling," its parenting. If you rely on school to parent your kids God help you (and them). In my house we work very hard to send our kids to the best schools we can with the best teachers and the best learning environment, but school is a place for them to learn build skills in reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, etc... We parent them at home.
  6. There's your problem-I'm raising my kids to think for themselves rather than to let a political party do the thinking for them.
  7. My daughters have a very strong sense of patriotism and love of country but a complete disdain for political parties and politicians who ascribe to them. As long as we have people who will only believe/think the way the blue cult or the red cult tells them to, we are still not out of the woods.
  8. Did I mention that my wife is a redhead?
  9. The nice weather has me thinking about summer. I hate when it gets over 80°F but if I'm in the water its tolerable. I want to organize a tube float with some of the families we're friends with-kids range in age from 6-10. If we put in at Hampton park (right at the Route 31 bridge) where is a good pickup point if we want to float for about 3-4 hours with a stop for lunch along the way? I'm thinking late May/early June. I know the Delaware gets pretty low/slack around July. I want to go when its deep enough so that we're not having to get up and walk the tubes a lot but not so deep or fast
  10. This morning I just snapped. I heard the phrase "I CAN'T FIND A HAIRBRUSH!!!" for the last time. Living in a house of four women aged 2-37, all with luxurious long locks, hairbrushes are a precious commodity. I don't really have a use for one since my hair probably hasn't touched my ears since the 3rd grade. However, precious as they are, they're a commodity that inevitably gets lost. No more: 5/16" drilled in the brush handle, a length of paracord secured to the handle with a stopper knot and tied with a cow hitch at the other end to a screw eye drilled into the back of the
  11. In that situation the make of the truck doesn't matter-only the distance between the ground and the differentials/undercarriage.
  12. I was going to say-"What topography? that's flatlander country!"
  13. Well we shot the line and we went for broke with a thousand screamin' trucks and eleven long haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus...Great line
  14. I didn't say that and I'm not so naive to think that was the case. I'm not referring to the kid who "experiments," etc... Plenty of kids "experiment" with or without their parents' knowledge, but they are good kids with sound minds, morals, goals and expectations. Then there are dirtbags with weak minds and no morals who would just as soon drink/smoke themselves into oblivion. In either case, the intervention of a cop or a teacher isn't going to make a difference. The good kid will go on to be successful and build a life while the dirtbag will end up in prison, dead or just living a broke
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