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  1. In our old house we had one of these tied into our ductwork: We once only burned 25 gallons of oil almost the entire winter. When my oil company came to fill the tank in sub-zero weather the driver was concerned that the tank only took such a small amount that he told the owner who called me to make sure everything was OK. I told him that we just burn a lot of wood! We brought the furnace with us to our current house but we have a boiler now so no ductwork to work with. I've considered just running it in the basement when its very cold and just dumping heat into the basement to w
  2. If I've said it once on this board I've said it a thousand times: If you want the best 3/4 or 1 ton, buy a Ford Super Duty. If you want the best compact pickup, buy a Toyota.
  3. Who said anything about other people? I'd be in there by myself enjoying some peace and quiet for once! I might even allow Mrs. Yankee from time to time
  4. A wood fired hot tub!? I figured it would be up your alley! What could be better than soaking in a hot tub on cold winter night sipping some hot whiskey and apple cider with the smell of wood smoke in the air?
  5. Nice-I've always wanted a wood fired tub: The stoves are actually made from cast aluminum-if you loaded them up with wood and lit them in open air they would crack and melt, but since water transfers heat much better than air the stove heats the water to a comfortable temperature and keeps its structural integrity. @Rusty what do you think?
  6. Thank God for Farmland Preservation, the Highlands Act and 5 acre minimum lot zoning. It's damn near impossible to build any new residential construction where I live
  7. If I was him I'd be mounting that sucker!
  8. This has been a dominant news story on Marketplace (NPR) for the last two months. It's hardly surprising given the fact that you have lots of folks who have a newfound ability to work from home which affords them two advantages-first they can work from anywhere, second, their earnings were only slightly affected or not affected at all by the pandemic. Combine that with interest rates in the sub 3% range and all of the virus and violence in the cities and you have a perfect storm for a massive move toward the suburbs. If you've never listened to Marketplace you should-its some of the best bu
  9. @MikeStaten I should add that I have a buddy with five kids who lives in downtown Clinton (right between the park on Halstead Street and the bridge) and loves it, but he's a city boy, born and raised in Middlesex County
  10. Thinking about it, but $1500 is a lot of money for a dog collar. Supposedly there is a 45 day trial period, but I don't know. I'd like to see some more real-world reviews.
  11. The assessments of Clinton, High Bridge and Califon are all spot on (we actually lived in High Bridge for about ten years before moving to Bethlehem)-if you're dead set on living where there are cul-de-sacs and where kids can ride bikes/walk to each other's houses, etc...those are the only places you're going to find that in this part of Hunterdon County. We loved the small town atmosphere and close-knit community of High Bridge but ultimately we wanted more property and privacy more. That said, we tried to stay as close as we possibly could to High Bridge and only ended up less than seven m
  12. There are a lot of GPS locator options on the market but only one GPS geofencing option. Basically its an invisible fence which uses an e-collar for warning/correction when the dog gets too close to the boundary, but instead of using a buried wire to mark the boundary it uses a virtual barrier of GPS coordinates. Whistle, AKC Link and others do utilize geofencing to a degree and will tell you if your dog has left the boundary and allow you to track them, but only SpotOn will give them a tone, a vibration and ultimately a correction if they try to go beyond the boundary.
  13. I'm surprised its taken this long for something like this to hit the market, but I suppose it was probably a matter of shrinking the technology enough to fit it into a reasonably sized dog collar. I have geofencing on our trucks at work, get alerts when trucks are somewhere they shouldn't be, etc... Anyway, I am very eager to hear from anyone who has used this collar-between rocky ground, dense woods, swamp, etc...fencing the perimeter with a conventional invisible fence is out of the question: https://spotonfence.com/
  14. You can still get a lot of TV over the air (OTA) and a lot of people who are tired of paying high prices for cable are combining OTA TV with streaming services. You can buy any number of OTA antennas over the web, but good installers with the tools for dialing in a good signal/aiming are tough to find.
  15. I'm actually looking to install an antenna to receive 4G LTE signals for internet access via the cell network (No cable here), but the concepts are basically the same. Are there any old TV shops still hanging on installing antennas for this purpose and/or OTA TV?
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