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  1. I missed the initial thread on how to mix it up, treat, etc...can someone post a link?
  2. Damn-you got my hopes up. I thought someone was making a movie about these guys:
  3. I was actually wondering if one was hunkered down in a den and a tree fell on it or uprooted it and he was expressing his displeasure...
  4. At the height of the storm last night out of nowhere around 2:00 a.m. what sounded like one lone coyote started howling like a wolf, long and low. Then it sounded like some of his (or her) buddies were barking back. Usually when we hear coyotes its a lot of high pitched and rapid yipping, but this sounded like what you hear in the movies. Very eerie combined with the raging winds and heavy rain last night-not to mention the baby wasn't sleeping at all either. What accounts for the differences in their vocalizations? Different ways of communicating? Intimidating prey, etc...?
  5. "We don't shoot that deadly marijuana, we get drunk like God wants us to do..." - Kris Kristofferson - Okie From Muskogee Revisited
  6. Nope-just someone with their feet firmly planted in cold, hard, reality. We have plenty of LEOs, COs, EMTs/Paramedics, etc...on this site. How about you ask them their opinion of these people? Great-you know a handful of born-agains who are clean (for now)-how about the ones still using and draining our resources/overtaxing our systems every day? If you talk to those who have to deal with this problem directly you'll get a very enlightening dose of reality.
  7. Better keep a close eye on the collection plate... Look, I'm not saying that this isn't sad because it is, but the reality is that these people can't be helped because they don't want to be helped. Taking drugs is a choice, plain and simple.
  8. My point is that opioids make a normal person feel like crap and you have to really want to feel "high" pretty badly to put up with the nausea, vomiting, itching, etc... Time and time again its such a disappointment to the addict apologists come out in force on this site every time the topic comes up.
  9. I'll help you out. The whole "I-got-addicted-because-I-sprained-my-ankle" defense is a crock of #$&%. Dopers love getting high more than they love themselves, their family, their work, being a productive member of society, etc... Its sad that some people refuse to acknowledge the truth on this.
  10. My wife is at home right now recovering from a C-section. With the first two (also c-sections) she was administered morphine right after delivering and it made her horribly sick and itchy-she couldn't keep anything down and we were in the hospital for three days until she had eaten enough solid food and gotten up and around enough to be sent home. Rather than becoming addicted she couldn't wait to get off the stuff and did-she took a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen (under the supervision of her OB) for the rest of her recovery. This time she got no morphine at all but rather a non-narcotic pain medication and again did ibuprofen and acetaminophen and was out of the hospital in 48 hours. The fact of the matter is that you really have to WANT to be on this garbage to take it. I was once prescribed percocet for oral surgery and ended up flushing it after one dose-I could barely function let alone keep anything down. If Trump does succeed on the wall and the flow of drugs stops I predict that American dopers will be throwing themselves over it to the Mexican side in search of a fix, which I suppose would solve the problem in a roundabout way.
  11. And what about personal responsibility?
  12. I know I'm going to get flamed for this but that is also 56,000 fewer people endlessly victimizing and torturing their families with the fallout from their own poor lifestyle choice, 56,000 fewer people overtaxing our first responders (Police/EMS), 56,000 fewer people robbing and pillaging good and decent people to support their own poor lifestyle choice, 56,000 fewer people COSTING US untold billions by straining our healthcare system to its breaking point. Remember that these people may have chosen to destroy their own lives, but that the collateral damage of that destruction is far reaching in terms of the impact on their own families, our tax dollars, our insurance premiums, etc...all because of one very self person making a very poor and selfish choice. I've never heard of anyone forced to take drugs at gunpoint, have you? Remember how we as responsible gun owners try to remind people that guns don't kill people, people kill people? Its the same principle here-drugs don't kill dopers, dopers kill themselves by taking drugs-which they would stab their grandmother in the throat to get their hands on.
  13. Thanks-you wouldn't ask any questions if I needed a "tank installed" in the middle of the swamp between me and George's, right? Gonna be calling you for a pumpout soon.
  14. Totally agree-their mother is a very strong, smart, professional working of mom of (now) three who is a great role model for them. I'm just having a little fun "playing the part." Got to have a sense of humor in life-also, whether you were trying to intimidate your daughter's boyfriends or not, you kind of look like Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott's character from "Roadhouse")-if they saw that movie, they were scared
  15. We just welcomed our third daughter yesterday: We live about a quarter mile off of the road on a gravel lane that trails off into the woods-I need to find some interesting signage and props to put the fear of God into the North Hunterdon boys who will inevitably start coming my way in about ten years (my oldest is 7).
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