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  1. Statistically speaking the drive to the airport is exponentially more dangerous than the flight. I absolutely hate flying, not because I'm afraid but rather because it is the single most miserable form of travel known to man. Between the airport parking, the overzealous security screening, endless waiting, and getting packed like cattle into an aluminum tube full of people elbowing you, kicking your seat and coughing and sneezing on you I'll happily drive or take a train anywhere. If its across an ocean I'll just stay home.
  2. Um...Did you try the search feature? It's not a government site BTW-it's run by the Asbury Park Press. Where are the total salary numbers coming from anyway? A couple posts back it was $11 million-now its $15 million? Which is it?
  3. Don't waste time on an OPRA request-the answers are right here: https://content-static.app.com/datauniverse/caspio/bundle/NJ_public_employee_salaries.html Considering the the fact that the Director (the head of the entire Division) makes just shy of $111,000 a year its not like anyone is getting rich over there.
  4. I agree with you in principle, but it would be unworkable in practice. I mean don't get me wrong-it would be a blast to ride the 100,000 acres that make up Stokes, the Water Gap and High Point, but the reality is we just have too many people. Maine for example, where you can literally ride thousands of miles of ATV and snowmobile trails, only has about 1.3 million people in a state so large that all of the other New England states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut) can fit inside of it. Compare that to just Essex and Hudson Counties in New Jersey which have just shy of 1.5 million people. Add in Bergen ,Union, Passaic and Morris and you're at over 3.5 million people. If Stokes, the Water Gap and High Point were open to all registered and insured ATVs you'd have those folks and more descending upon the trails any given weekend. The same could be said for Wharton State Forest, Greenwood Forest, etc...and the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. If you look at the areas where public land ATV trails are located (North Central PA, West Virginia, Upstate New York, Maine, New Hampshire, etc...) they all have one thing in common-low population and population density and a fair distance to major metro areas.
  5. I'll pass, but have a cucumber facial for me.
  6. Are you having a Mani/pedi party and apple-crantinis?
  7. The Washington Post isn't considered "mainstream media" anymore?
  8. I kind of petered out toward the end of the season this year. After I whacked a fox in mid-January I swore I'd get out a few times before the end, but I slacked off on stocking the bait pile and never did between work, kids, busy weekends, etc... This was kind of a preparation year anyway-I'm still tweaking the Swamphouse and my new camera system, and I'm just getting used to the patterns of the deer around here. Next year I'll be out early with the crossbow, etc... Anyway, this morning I'm working on finishing a new wooden door for the laundry room in the basement right by the walkout door to the back. The door has large window so you can see clearly into the backyard. Not 10 yards from the house walk five bucks and probably seven or eight does heading south across my property into the thicket... Two of the bucks were decent small six pointers, one was a dinker double spike and the other two were each missing an antler and probably about to shed the other one. If only I had gotten video...
  9. Two words: Lice. Rotavirus.
  10. "They" is the hauler. There is a lot of telematics, etc... available for solid waste hauling these days. Regulatory bodies like NJDEP crack down hard on haulers who get caught at the tipping floor with recyclables or hazardous waste mixed in with trash or contaminated recycling. The haulers in turn try to identify it at the source and nip it in the bud before they end up getting fined themselves.
  11. Mazzgolf's next thread: "I have all of this bark, punky wood and other junk left over from firewood processing and my trash guy won't take it!"
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