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  1. Swamp_Yankee

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Well sure...you can swing a dead cat and hit a couple of decent pizza places pretty much anywhere in NJ. Outside of the northeast there is some utter crap that passes for pizza but you generally don't get that here aside from Dominos, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut. However, there are places in NJ that are simply head and shoulders above the rest and DeLorenzo's is one of them.
  2. Swamp_Yankee

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    No one has mentioned DeLorenzo's yet?
  3. Staying at a buddy's cabin at the northeast end of the lake just outside of the town of Greenwood Lake, NY for the weekend. The wife and I will have one night to ourselves-any good waterfront/dockside dining places to check out? As far as food we're not picky-wings, burgers, pub grub, etc...
  4. Seems these days that the market is flooded with cheap Chinese mini-splits with a million different names (my guess is that they are made by a handful of manufacturers) that are skewed to the DIY market. Unlike the major brands like Mitsubishi, Sanyo, etc...which usually carry a disclaimer of "warranty will not apply unless installed by a licensed technician," they are marketed to be installed by a DIY'er who then goes out and hires an HVAC guy to vacuum and charge them. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has installed one of these "off brand" units and how they fared. We have a 2600 SF house that is a mishmosh of original construction and additions going back about 200 years. The good news is that the previous owner put a large second floor addition on in 1998 with a walk up attic. I have plenty of room to mount concealed duct units to feed the six rooms that need cooling up there. I plan on using a three zone system, probably 36K BTU, and splitting the supply and return for each with short runs, each unit serving rooms that are adjacent. I'm also planning on locating a heavy duty whole house dehumidifier in the attic as well with one supply on one end of the house and one return on the other end of the house for a few reasons. First, I've read a lot about how supplemental dehumidification can really take a load off of your AC units, second, humidity, rather than temperature tends to make our house the most uncomfortable. We are pretty deep in the woods with substantial shade to the south, so as long as the humidity level is low, the house is pretty comfortable, even on the second floor up to about 85°F. On the other hand, when the humidity level is high, it can be pretty miserable in the mid 70s. The downside of course is that dehumidifiers heat the air somewhat, but the two working in tandem with the dehumidifier handling most of the moisture removal and the concealed duct units simply cooling the air, should work well. I'm only going to do the upstairs this year, so perhaps there will be lessons learned before I do the downstairs.
  5. Swamp_Yankee

    Best trail cam under $100?

    Thanks all-I ended up picking up a mid-range Browning on Amazon for just under $100. Should be here tomorrow so I'll get it up over the weekend and start posting. Our resident bear seems to be going for a swim in our pond judging by the way the grass at one end is all matted down. Plus I've been glassing some of the neighboring fields and seeing some healthy growth. Hoping that they get real thirsty during the rut and head for my piece
  6. Swamp_Yankee

    Best trail cam under $100?

    Its time to replace my old Moultrie dinosaur that I bought probably 10 years ago. I want a camera to post back at my pond/hunting spot to monitor deer activity and anything else that stops to take a drink, etc... No need for a networked camera-just one that takes good pictures. I've been out of the game I have no clue what any of the flash terminology means (no glow, black LED, low glow) Any suggestions?
  7. Swamp_Yankee

    Scumbag hunters

    This thread is a big part of the reason we bought our place and why I'll never want or need to hunt anywhere but just beyond that woodline back there:
  8. Swamp_Yankee

    Water gap camping??

    +1 on Bear Creek-spent many trout seasons up there. Ken Salazar runs it-retired Trooper and a hell of a nice guy. Don't have his number at hand but I think you can find it via Google.
  9. Swamp_Yankee

    Turkey Chicks?

    Hen with 5 poults this morning:
  10. Swamp_Yankee

    Small pond management?

    Went to work today cleaning up the banks, raking some of the muck out of the shallows, and pulling out aquatic plants: I want to try to keep the banks trimmed short going forward-any tips on how to do it without making a mess in the water? Its tough to see but on the far side I pulled an actual woody/thorny bush that looks like it had started on the bank and then extended its root system into the water. The grass I'm going to have to pull by hand. I'm planning on putting an old canoe in and throwing the stuff inside as I pull it. I freaked out when my rake caught this on the end of a stick I pulled out of the bottom: My first thought was that it was eggs and that I had killed an entire generation of fish that I didn't even know that I had! Fortunately I found on Google images that it was just a bryozoan which is kind of like an aquatic moss. Apparently their presence indicates good water quality, so that's a plus. I'm definitely going to go full steam ahead on the plan to stock with minnows, killfish, and brown bullheads since they should be able to thrive in the environment as it is.
  11. Swamp_Yankee

    Small pond management?

    I'm willing to give it a shot. The reality is that its never going to be a bass pond because it's just not deep enough. From what I've read even if I aerate, etc...chances are any other type of fish will die over the winter. If it turns out to be a mess I can always just drain it again and start over.
  12. Swamp_Yankee

    Small pond management?

    Sidenote-does anyone know if you can purchase fish from the state hatchery in Hackettstown? It seems that not many hatcheries raise brown bullheads but Hackettstown does. I'll call them tomorrow but I figured I'd ask to see if anyone here knew.
  13. Swamp_Yankee

    Small pond management?

    Lots of good ideas here-thanks all. I have so many other projects around here I may not do much with the pond this year, but I've got a lot more knowledge than I started with for sure. I figure I have a few options. One would be to draw it down in late summer/early fall by removing the vertical portion of the drain pipe which would drop the water level by 3'. This way I could easily rake out the muck and pull/rake the vegetation. Then at least I'd be starting fresh once it filled back up and I could go with a fish that will tolerate low DO like a brown bullhead catfish.
  14. Swamp_Yankee

    Small pond management?

    I'm learning a lot here: http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php
  15. Swamp_Yankee

    Discharging a firearm to scare a bear-legal?

    Nothing on my property, but we live in the middle of two large farms. Lots of folks around here have chickens, goats, and other animals. My neighbor down the road has fruit trees, the folks up the hill from us keep bees, etc...in other words, its not as simple as taking down a bird feeder or keeping the trash cans in the garage. We also have a pond out back that he has taken a liking to.