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  1. I didn't say that and I'm not so naive to think that was the case. I'm not referring to the kid who "experiments," etc... Plenty of kids "experiment" with or without their parents' knowledge, but they are good kids with sound minds, morals, goals and expectations. Then there are dirtbags with weak minds and no morals who would just as soon drink/smoke themselves into oblivion. In either case, the intervention of a cop or a teacher isn't going to make a difference. The good kid will go on to be successful and build a life while the dirtbag will end up in prison, dead or just living a broke
  2. There's your problem-at some point in this country we began to believe that dopers and addicts are "good people." Dopers and addicts are weak minded and morally defective and make conscious choices to do what they do and they want their chosen lifestyle. They are not good people and "good kids" from "good families" don't become dopers and addicts. It always confounds me when this topic comes up here and there are a thousand violins playing for the addicts.
  3. What is stopping that from happening now? All I'm saying is let's not be nanny-staters and claim the sky is falling here. Take responsibility for raising your own kid. I could pull out of my lane and get nailed by a drunk flying down Charlestown Road right now-that's nobody's fault but the drunk. It's not the cops it's not the state, etc...what's next? Guns kill people?
  4. I guess? But what is guarding against that now? The world is full of negligent/permissive parents who let their kids do whatever the hell they want and/or have no idea what they're doing now. My wife is a teacher and sees it daily. No amount of legislation will change that. We teach our children not to be dirtbags and not to associate with dirtbags.
  5. Seems stupid but I don't depend on teachers or law enforcement to raise my kids either. I raise them, and I certainly don't raise them to be weak minded morally deficient dopers and addicts so I'm not particularly worried.
  6. More cool stuff. My parents have been coming up to watch the kids due to the half days, etc... My dad brought me this today: I really wish someone (probably my grandfather) hadn't taped the box Anyone know what "GRADE: I" means? How about the significance of the number "15101"? Its not the serial number-the serial number appears handwritten underneath $162.20 for a brand new semi-automatic shotgun...imagine that! Of course, in 1966 that was a lot of money. Just for fun I plugged the price and the year into an inflation calculator. In today's dollars the gun wo
  7. Any decent rental place (Taylor, etc...) will rent cameras as well.
  8. Thanks to @Bucksnbows for the tip on Hackettstown Oil. Liberty showed up today and again refused to come down-with the melt we had the lane looked even better than it did on Monday! My neighbor called Hackettstown and told them about the lane and the lady on the phone said that all of their trucks are equipped with chains and that they go anywhere πŸ‘ They are supposed to come tomorrow.
  9. I'm still sick about it with the "what-ifs."
  10. Here is a piece of it-I put the shovel there for scale. It was a glancing blow off of the front of her head-she has a stitched up line a little over an inch long right at the hairline. If it had hit her square on the top of the head I would not have been posting pictures of her smiling in the ER-it gives me chills to think about that. What's worse is I saw the damn thing as I was leaving for work yesterday morning and said to myself, "I'll knock that down when I get home." She was a real trooper but after the stitches she hit the wall and just wanted her mom and sisters and home. We wer
  11. Sitting in the😭 ER with my six year old right now-massive icicle came down off of a second story eave and hit her right in the head at the hairline. I think she'll get away with just a few stitches but it could have been so much worse... Thanks to @Septicdude for checking in on us after he heard our address on the radio πŸ‘
  12. Took a fun little round trip to Clinton to get my older dog's stitches out and decided to try out the new snow shoes on the wife's van in real world conditions. As of 12:30 p.m. no local roads were plowed at all and county/state roads were complete slop: On the way home I pulled off of 31 because I was tired of crawling behind people doing 20MPH and went up Fountain Grove Road. For those of you who are local you know that the grade and curves on that road are no joke even when its just wet. I climbed up (past two cars that couldn't make it and were turning around) without a
  13. My neighbor uses Liberty Oil and for the last two weeks he's been trying to get an oil delivery. Back before we had these last two storms the road was completely melted off but they couldn't get a driver out. A guy showed up this morning knocking on my door and when I directed him to my neighbor's place further down the road he refused. This was way before it started snowing and the road just had a crust of ice and snow on it in shady spots-plenty of gravel showing. IMO a truck that heavy with dual rear wheels would have no issue whatsoever. In any event, he is still hauling diesel fuel i
  14. My oldest daughter turns 10 this year and she is ready to start learning to shoot. Yesterday we took a ride to Cabelas just to get out of the house and I was really disappointed. I hadn't been there in a few years and the last time I was there were racks and racks of used guns-I was hoping to have her handle a few youth models to get a feel for the fit. They were completely cleaned out-almost no used guns at all and the new gun counter was too much of a hassle with having to put your name in and wait to be called, etc... Anyway, she is 4' 8"and fairly lanky-I'm thinking of going with a 20
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