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  1. Welcome to New Jersey's God's Country: I wouldn't live anywhere else (in NJ, that is).
  2. I have my bow license but haven't actually owned a bow in years. I'm planning on going with a crossbow for early season this year.
  3. Not me-a couple of days ago a buddy down the road was putting bait out at his spot behind the house and got clocked by a branch that came down in the wind. Took 9 staples to close his scalp up!
  4. In general yes but can be spotty at times-still have yet to move the extender up higher. Still 1000 times better than a regular trail cam though 👍
  5. Swamp_Yankee

    Flying squirrels

    I just got my first one of the year on peanut butter and Tomcat Rat traps. Don't cheap out on the traps-I had bought some lesser traps from the local Ace Hardware (I've only been able to find the Tomcats at Lowes) and the trap did not make a clean kill. Luckily I heard it rattling around in the attic and got up there just before the little bastard (head in the jaws of the trap) crawled into a wall cavity where he would have eventually died Been there done that with a large gray squirrel that died in the wall behind our pantry and was glad to not go through it again. I got seven last year-the joys of old farmhouse living...
  6. I suppose. It could have been interesting information if people would have just stated "Yes I'm still seeing bucks" or "No, I have not seen bucks in __ days." What will be more interesting to see here is whether or not these guys stay nocturnal through the end of the winter season. In the 25 days since the end of Six Day even the does have only come in between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  7. Winter has returned (at least for now) and so have the bucks: 25 days since the end of Six Day-these are the first bucks I've gotten on camera. This is only the second year I've hunted my property and learning its idiosyncrasies has been a process.
  8. There are American and English Labs and mixes of the two. My chocolate is American-narrow head, narrow chest, very lean with long legs. I've been asked many times if he is mixed with something and/or if he is a Weimeraner, but he has AKC papers. English labs tend to have shorter legs and are stockier in general with wide heads and chests. Curly hair down the back sounds like a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The DNA test will tell us for sure.
  9. That would be me. With regard to "dude just get a bunch of places study topos and aerials set up some spots and see what happens.deer change up real quick...." I only hunt my own property. All I wanted to know is whether or not other people were seeing bucks post six day, that's all. Maybe I'll post a poll where you either choose "YES" or "NO" and leave it at that
  10. This little guy was under the tree Christmas morning and my girls were thrilled: We know his mom is a full lab (the rescue still has her) but I'm thinking his dad was a lab mix of some kind because the only clue that he is not a full lab is his tail-its upturned with a curl. We're going to DNA test him to see what he is, but in the meantime our 10 year old chocolate is teaching him how to retrieve and be a lab. That is when mom isn't spoiling him:
  11. We've been here just over two years (we spent 10 years in High Bridge) and we absolutely love it. One of the things that struck me is how many people we know (parents of our children's friends, etc...) who grew up here and stayed or moved back as soon as they could. You don't often see that in New Jersey. It's God's country with great schools and great people.
  12. I hear you, its just that right now time is my most precious commodity. One day that will change when my girls are older and hopefully I can slow down and coast a little more with work, but right now hunting my own property is what works. To be clear I'm not complaining so much as just trying to find out if anyone else is seeing the same thing I am.
  13. Farmshine gets it! Must be a Bethlehem Township thing
  14. My dad has the bearskin-taken in Canada in the early 1980s back when there was no New Jersey bear season. 88" snout to tail. He's making a plywood backing to support it:
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