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  1. Nice-we have spotted almost two dozen at a clip on our property this year which is the most we've ever seen-always with at least two hens. They must be doing something right.
  2. If something like that happens where you live, it's time to move. Wrong-this is Rambo fantasy. Use of deadly force is deadly serious-no matter what state you're in.
  3. The Keyboard Commandos of the world should realize that as a civilian, even in a Castle-Doctrine-Stand-Your-Ground-Constitutional-Carry state (ie: not here) even if you shoot a bad guy covered in the blood and entrails of nine nuns he just murdered that came at you with a bazooka and a machete, know that the rest of your life is going to extremely difficult, if not ruined. Even if the end result is that it was an immaculately clean shoot, there will be a lengthy investigation, your firearms will be seized, your life will be turned upside down, you'll likely be arrested initially (and maybe fired from your job because of that), questioned, etc...and after all of that smoke clears, the stress that you and your family were put through will still linger, and you'll likely be hit with a civil suit by some ambulance chaser lawyer hired by the next of kin of the bad guy. You may win the case, but at what cost? Losing your house because you had to mortgage it to finance legal expenses? Losing your family because the stress of it all tore it apart? It boggles my mind when I hear guys talk about how they "wish somebody would just try it..."
  4. Agreed. We had somebody come down the lane last Sunday afternoon who couldn't pull a K-turn fast enough once they got past our barn. My guess is they were kids out driving around, looking for a place to smoke a doob, etc...and thought that ours was some back road that just meandered through the woods and went through to somewhere else. Who in their right mind would go outside looking for trouble? I don't know the OP's particular layout, but if that were my case I'd have the high ground (bedroom on second floor, lots of windows, etc...) so the common sense approach would be to turn on exterior lights, which is an excellent use for home automation. To turn my front lamppost on (switch is physically located downstairs near the front door) all I have to say is "Alexa, turn on the front light" from anywhere in the house. Assuming exterior lighting doesn't scare them away, now you know you may have a problem, so you dial 911, load up, and watch and wait. Whoever suggests going outside and confronting the individual is out of their mind.
  5. With regard to having this stuff outside, I was thinking of taking my chances with the Netgear unit you mentioned above and maybe just putting some louvers in the cupola rather than big openings like what's in the picture. I figure that if the AP was inside the toolshed or chicken coop its exposed to temperature and humidity extremes anyway, just not direct rainfall, and the cupola would protect from that. If I louvered the sides it would have to blow sideways pretty hard to actually get the AP wet. I've had an Alexa input hooked to a Pioneer power amplifier and speakers sitting on the windowsill of the toolshed for about a year now with no problems.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion-these look like the most affordable option by far. Would it make sense to put them up in a copula on the rooftop for better coverage? I could fabricate something pretty easily out of Azek, etc...that would look nice for each building. I would think that any kind of metal roofing (as shown above) would be a bad idea though.
  7. This guy says you can have the same SSID/password using that setup: This just isn't my favorite option because it would require me to run ethernet cable from the second floor of my very old house down to the basement, out the foundation wall, through the yard, and into the toolshed. It can be done, I was just hoping to use the powerline adapters to avoid all of the cable fishing, digging, etc...
  8. WiFi to WiFi repeaters/extenders sacrifice speed for coverage. That might be OK if you have super fast internet through Comcast or FIOS, but for slow DSL it would likely render our internet speeds unusable.
  9. I seem to recall that there are a few guys in the IT field on this board, so here goes: I am looking to blanket my home and a good chunk of my property (the backyard and porch/patio area immediately adjacent) with seamless WiFi coverage (same SSID and password) as I have a couple of different uses for it. First, we spend a lot of time on our patio and deck in nice weather so I have an Alexa Input connected to an old Pioneer amplifier and speakers in my tool shed which has electric via an underground feed from the house-I also tend to play music over the speakers whenever I'm working outside. Right now the Input gets a WiFi signal from the WiFi router provided by our ISP (CenturyLink 10Mbps DSL-we are out in the sticks so that's the best we can get) which is fine most of the time, but every one in a while the signal drops out for some unknown reason. Usually a reset of the router, Input, or both will fix the problem, but its annoying and I think a stronger signal would likely fix it. Next, I recently picked up a set of Bluetooth ear protection headphones so that I can still listen to music when I'm mowing, blowing, weedwhacking, etc...so it would be nice to stream Pandora or Spotify via WiFi while doing so. Finally, we will have a chicken coop in the back which I am considering adding a WiFi camera to so that I can easily monitor for predators, etc...without actually going out there. The chicken coop, like the toolshed has an underground electrical feed from the house. The following is a sketch of the property showing the orientation of the various buildings and distances between them: Obviously the best way to create multiple access points would be to locate maybe two different WiFi routers (one being the ISP supplied router/modem) in the house connected by Cat5 cable, and then by locating WiFi routers in the tool shed and chicken coop (connected by Cat5 as well), but running the Cat5 underground would be a PITA that I'd like to avoid. The electrical lines that run to those buildings currently seem to be just direct-bury wire, so its not as if there is a conduit I could just fish another line through. I did find some direct-bury Cat5 online, but again, if I could avoid digging a trench, laying wire, filling it all back in, fixing the grass, etc...I'd like to. To that end I've been researching powerline adapters quite a bit and the reviews seem to be all over the place with regard to speed and reliability. I've also heard a lot of conflicting information about how much speed degradation results from the signal having to travel through a circuit on one leg of the panel to a circuit on the opposite leg. Some users report no issue whatsoever, and some report speeds so slow that the network is unusable. I'd love to see some real world accounts here since I have built-in electrical infrastructure. Another thing that I haven't been able to figure out is that assuming I go with a powerline adapter system and end up installing two different access points in the tool shed and chicken coop, will I be able to use the same SSID and password for each in order to create a seamless network? I know that there are a few other settings that need to be tweaked so that the access points do not conflict with each other. Finally, with regard to speed degradation, it should be noted that the network I'm looking to create will really only be used to stream music and so that I can do email while sitting outside and having a drink after work. Its not as if I'll be trying to stream 4K TV or game online. That said, since I'm starting with 10Mbps I don't have a lot of speed to lose...
  10. Between weedwhacking, push mowing, tractor mowing, and blowing I spend a lot of time wearing hearing protection. It would be nice to listen to some music via my smartphone along with drowning out the noise. Plus with bluetooth if the wife wants to get my attention she can just call me instead of jumping up and down and waving her arms on the back porch . Any recommendations on a quality set between $50-100?
  11. Did anyone else cringe, hard, while reading this? Its kind of funny but this has been on my mind in some ways lately. As some of you know, we just buried my 91 year old grandmother on Thursday. As far as I know both her and my grandfather only went as far as the 8th grade, which wasn't exactly uncommon in those days, but its somewhat remarkable to think that two generations later (my parents finished high school but did not go to college) here I am with a Masters degree and my wife does as well. As I looked around at the viewing the night before and the during the funeral as I gave the eulogy (very tough, but glad that I did it) at relatives I hadn't seen in years, some who never left Burlington County, some who ended up farming out in Central PA, and others, it looked like a casting call for the Beverly Hillbillies Though I might have had more education (and student debt ) and a much different profession than anyone in that room, their rural roots run just as deep in me and always will. However, the pursuit of education has made me appreciate knowledge in all its forms and that all it really does is give you the tools to keep learning new things. I've always loved this quote:
  12. There's something to be said for having the truck look proportional. Every successive body style of the Super Duty (99+, 08+, 11+, and 16+) has sat higher and higher and Ford kept putting the same height tires on them-the Super Duties just look silly with stock size tires on them at this point.
  13. Tires mounted and truck washed for the first time in a while. My headache rack is at a local shop getting sandblasted and painted. I also need to get rid of the stupid front air dam-it looks like the truck is wearing a bib
  14. “Do either of you need medical attention?”
  15. Hitting us just to your south and east now:
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