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  1. New Flags for the Barn

    So the locust trees just north of the barn apparently didn't like the flags: I woke up with a bad head cold on Monday (when we got all that rain) and decided to take a sick day and work from home. I was in the bedroom on my laptop when I heard a huge crash...the tree had uprooted in the soft ground and taken out the back corner of the barn. Luckily there were no cars parked there at the time and it didn't hit the toolshed. I should be able to shore up the corner pretty easily, and my neighbor has some boards I can use from one of his old collapsed barns so that the siding matches up reasonably well. Also, locust is damn good firewood
  2. New truck

    Every manufacturer has their niche, IMO. GM builds the best muscle and sports cars-I've been in love with Corvettes, Camaros, Chevelles, etc...ever since I can remember. It probably helped that my uncle was a GM assembly line worker and Corvette nut, and my dad raced an 11 second Chevelle at Englishtown. Toyota builds the best compact trucks (I own a 1991 Toyota 4x4 pickup) and SUVs for real off-road use, but I'd never in a million years buy a Tundra. For 3/4 and 1 ton trucks it's got to be a Ford. GM got it wrong in the late '80s when they went to IFS. IFS is fine for compact trucks, but not for 3/4 and 1 tons. Dodge/MOPAR I just never got into period. Cummins builds a good engine, but that's pretty much it-never really cared for the trucks themselves...
  3. New truck

    Thanks-yes, I'm guessing it had to be a Supervisors' vehicle or something because there's no rust and the interior is even in really nice shape.
  4. New truck

    2012 F250 Supercab 4x4 shortbed, 6.2L gas, 75K miles. I caught it on Autotrader and took a ride up to the dealer on Saturday. It was owned by a power company called Spectra Energy according to the documents I found in the glovebox (the original window sticker was in there too). A quick Google search on my phone revealed that Spectra merged with another company around the end of February, so its very possible that they sold off a bunch of fleet vehicles to raise cash, reduce redundancy, etc... The truck is very clean and straight, body is just about perfect. The only thing is that it doesn't have a rear seat-I'm assuming the company removed it so that more tools could be stowed in the rear. I do need a seat because I bought the truck for weekend use, picking up material, etc...and I frequently need to haul my kids around while doing that. I figure it shouldn't be too difficult to put in. It's got a nice backrack with lights as well that I might integrate into a flatbed one day. This isn't my first Super Duty, but it's been a while. I used to own a 2003 F350 SRW regular cab that was literally the last of the 7.3Ls (March build date). I bought the truck with 75K, put another 100K on it, and solid it six years ago to a guy who is still running it today. The new diesels are too expensive to buy, too expensive to fix, and a hassle to maintain, so I decided to go gas this time.
  5. Me too-I just wish the weather would make up its mind.
  6. Cave Cricket eradication

    Anybody have experience getting rid of these suckers? All I see online is to make sure the basement is as dry as possible and seal up all openings. Original part of the house is 200+ years old with a rubblestone foundation so that ain't happening We have Viking come out and spray around the windows for cluster flies so I left a message with them to see what they can do. The wife can handle stinkbugs and flies but the cave crickets are too much for her... Interestingly enough she grew up in Sussex County and had never seen them until now-I never saw them as a kid in Mercer County either. They seem to be pretty common in Hunterdon County though.
  7. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    To wake up at 5:00 a.m. and be in my stand at 5:30. I'll be hunting my own backyard for the first time this year
  8. New Flags for the Barn

    Thanks for noticing United States flag always to the left when displayed with any other flag with the union (blue portion) oriented to the left and pointing north. Technically it doesn't apply when displaying the "Betsy Ross flag" as it is no longer an official flag of the United States, but its a good practice to follow anyway.
  9. New Flags for the Barn

    Decided to get some flags for the barn to reflect the Colonial heritage of our area. What is now the center of our house was once a barn or other outbuilding of a 1700s era farm that once encompassed almost the entire valley. We fly the standard flag from a 25' flag pole in the yard, but I thought the barn would be a good place to display these:
  10. Happy Easter- Jesus is All Right!

    Also to be remembered at Easter (at least for us Irish Catholics)-the 102nd Anniversary of the Easter Rising:
  11. April Fools, NOT

    Eighteen hours ago at our place in Bethlehem Township: Right now: Just for clarification the little rodent on the leash in the first two pictures is NOT ours-it belongs to my brother and sister-in-law. I unfortunately have to tolerate its presence on holidays
  12. Super Duty Supercab rear seats?

    When you say carseats do you mean the rear facing seats? If so I'm past those years-my older one is in a booster and my younger one will be in one soon enough. The F150 Super Crews are nice, but I need the towing capacity of an F250. Plus I just can't wrap my head around the idea of a truck with IFS which is why I won't consider a Chevy or GMC.
  13. Anyone with kids have new Ford Explorer

    Kind of ironic since I just posted about a needing a 3/4 ton truck that I can haul my kids in, but if you're going to spend that kind of money trade the Odyssey for a Toyota Sienna. In the winter we can't get out out of our lane without 4WD/AWD and the only thing that stopped the Sienna this season was 18-20" of snow. It powered through every other snowfall we had, but once the snow gets deeper than a foot the van is just too low and the snow starts to pack under it. Anything less than that is no problem-we don't run winter tires either. While you're still dealing with carseats, booster seats, etc...minivans are the best choice. Plus once the kids are older and you start hauling other people's kids around for sports and whatnot it's a no brainer.
  14. Super Duty Supercab rear seats?

    I'm looking to pick up a used Super Duty mostly for weekend use-I have a work vehicle that I use M-F to commute, so the truck will just be for picking up material, running errands, plowing our lane in the winter, etc... Crew cabs are pricey so I've been narrowing my search to Supercabs. I need some kind of backseat for the kids, but for long trips, etc...we'll take the wife's minivan. They'll only be riding in the truck to go to sports or pick up something at the lumberyard/feed store. Anybody out there cart their kids around in one? If so, how tight is the back? I don't sit very far back so whoever sits behind me should be fine but I'm married to a leggy redhead so she tends to push the seat back as far as it will go.