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  1. How many use pumpkins as bait? I've been using them mixed with corn this year and they seem to last longer. I've had 50lb bags of corn disappear overnight whereas it takes them a while to chew up the pumpkins. The treerats do seem to put a hurting on them as well, but today I sat and watched does stick their entire heads inside them. Once they get them open they not only eat the seeds and the guts but once the rind softens they eat everything. I actually watched one doe munch away on small remnants of a pumpkin that had been left aside from before I had moved the pile a little further away from my stand.
  2. More shots in Z7 just now than I've heard all week.
  3. Doe just came in and heard a shot to the south. Rain has totally cleared so hopefully they are starting to move in the low light.
  4. First buck I've seen this week-I let him walk:
  5. Going to try the afternoon in about an hour since the rain let up-just misty and foggy now in Z7.
  6. Not to mention the fact that these days if there's a physical fight you have parents wanting to press assault charges, and if there's any serious injury, file a lawsuit against the school. Say what you want about zero tolerance policies, but the schools are ultimately trying to protect themselves from liability which ultimately protects YOU the property taxpayer. Do any of you have any clue how many BS lawsuits are brought against school districts every day by people just looking for an easy buck?
  7. Lots of credit unions have pretty liberal criteria for membership. I joined Visions FCU specifically to finance the purchase of my truck (2012 F250 used) and I qualified because I work in Warren County.
  8. Couple of does stopped in for a snack on their morning commute-now it's the tree rat flying circus...
  9. If you were planning on hunting the Blairstown area, maybe stay home today
  10. In stand-3 or 4 coming in now. I love when the woods are crunchy.
  11. I might do the same and give it a break until permit season-try to establish their patterns, etc...
  12. Keep walking in, let them run off, and hope things settle down after you're in the stand for a while, or do you just turn and go somewhere else or forget that morning or afternoon's hunt altogether? I ask because it's happened twice this week and each time I saw no deer for the rest of the hunt.
  13. I have meetings starting at 7:30 so I'm out for the morning. I got up at 4:30 to replenish my bait pile and got back there a little after 5:00. Sure enough, there they were chowing down. I've been putting out corn and pumpkins all week and with the rain it wasn't going that quick as I guess they were staying hunkered down. Last night they demolished the pumpkins and hoovered up almost all the corn. I dropped another 50lb bag and 5 pumpkins in hopes that they'll be hungry this afternoon.
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