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  1. Hoping to find a NJWW member who is local.
  2. I have a Buderus oil boiler with a 2107 Logamatic control box. It was put in by the previous owner of the house about 12 years ago, but I don't think it's really optimized for the house/heating system. I set set up a custom program, but its still not quite where I need it, and I could use someone who knows a lot more about these than I do to help dial it in. I called the installer and he's always booked up. I'm just looking to throw a guy cash to come out for an hour, hour and a half or so to tell me what I need.
  3. Swamp_Yankee

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    Anybody think about confirming the story before they go dragging a small business owner through the mud on the internet and potentially damaging their livelihood? Where did the email originate? What was the source of the information, etc...? What if the owner just decided to remodel the place and take some of the mounts down on his own without any input from "anti-hunters?" What if they were just sent out to be cleaned or restored? I'm not saying the email isn't true, but I think its a bit reckless to just assume that it is and run with it. I would sure hate to be a small business owner in the age of the internet and social media. You could be ruined by one viral email, tweet, facebook post, etc...before you can even get your side of the story out.
  4. Swamp_Yankee

    How would you have handled this???

    God Bless those of you that have to put up with this kind of nonsense...
  5. Swamp_Yankee

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    I pulled the trigger on a Sante Fe Advance 90 which is capable of 300 CFM/90 pints per day. I've got it set at the halfway mark on the dial which is supposed to be somewhat drier than "normal." This seems to allow the unit to cycle on and off and not run continuously. As per a digital hygrometer the basement is currently holding at 54%, which for a basement is not bad. On the first floor, the levels vary from 55% to 65% room to room. The second floor is at 65% pretty consistently. This is on a 60°F day with 78% humidity and intermittent light/misting rain. I'd like to get the entire house around 50%, so I'm considering adding either another Advance 90 (or a 70 if I can get away with it) in the attic and ducting it through the ceiling. As for making the house hot, that's not necessarily a bad thing for this time of year in our situation. In our old house with the forced air heat, the air was always dry whenever the heat was on, so we wouldn't have these issues. Right now the heat (hydronic baseboard) but providing no dehumidification. If the dehumidifiers pump more heat into the house, it will simply lessen the load on the boiler to keep the house at a given temperature. I'm just hoping that a second dehumidifier will be enough to keep the entire house around 50%.
  6. Swamp_Yankee

    New lamp post

    The bears (speaking of, a large sow was taken on the neighboring farm yesterday) might be getting ready to hibernate this time of year, but I'm just coming alive after this long, hot, rainforest of a summer we've had. This had to be the most awful July, August, and September in my memory for sure. In any event, its finally stopped raining (for now) and the temperatures are perfect for outside work-I took out the old apple tree that the 2nd Nor'Easter of the year killed with heavy snow. Luckily it was a reasonably cool day but the ground was still so wet that the tractor tore the hell out of everything but a rake and some grass seed took care of it: With the apple tree gone (saved all of the wood for smoking) I've been attacking the old sheep pen: Lots to do there before we start putting up the chicken coop that we never got to this past spring. This weekend I took on a simpler project. It's dark out here-especially since we had the tree come down on the barn which took out the light on the front. We had a small light at the end of the stone wall but it wasn't doing a whole lot. I had also found a nice old lamp housing that I wanted to reuse. Presumably it had been an outdoor light at one time. A little wiring (I added a GFCI to the base as well) inside an old porch column and it was looking pretty good, but it needed a sturdy base: A little form work: Of course when I got done I realized the damn thing was tilted forward a bit. Ratchet straps to the rescue: Got it (mostly) painted before dark. The lamp is a 500W (100W power consumption) equivalent and throws a decent amount of light up and down the road: I'll post a picture once it's fully painted sans ratchet strap. One of these days I'll pair it with a smart lighting system so that it will come on as we're coming down the road.
  7. Swamp_Yankee

    Come this weekend...

    Do you find that to work well? Our fireplace was giving us the same issues.
  8. Swamp_Yankee

    Tyler Childers - Whitehouse Road

    Nope-its bad. You can't call this country music: He doesn't need to. The internet, live shows, and satellite radio are all these guys need. Sturgill Simpson will never sell out Giants Stadium or have his own brand of rum but I'd say he's doing pretty well otherwise. Where is Jamey Johnson playing?
  9. Swamp_Yankee

    Tyler Childers - Whitehouse Road

    Turn off Luke Bryant, Jason Aldean, and the rest of those pretty boy pop princesses and give this guy a listen. Heard this song for the first time in the truck yesterday and it blew me away: I've been a big Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Jamey Johnson fan for a long time now-I had heard of this guy but hadn't caught any of his music until yesterday. I don't know what to call what you hear on the radio these days or how things went so wrong, but these guys picked up where Hank, Willie, Waylon, Kris, CDB, and Cash left off in the 1970s. This isn't just reheated outlaw country from back then however, it's new, real, and raw as hell, just carrying on and honoring the same traditions. "Lord its a mighty hard livin'-but a damn good feelin' to run these roads..."
  10. Swamp_Yankee

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    Dehumidifiers and AC units function the exact same way with one major difference. With an AC unit, the humid air is drawn through the cold side of the heat exchanger to remove the humidity and then sent directly into the room-the hot side of the heat exchanger is vented to the outside. With a dehumidifier, the hot side of the heat exchanger is vented to the room, so the room ends up warmer, but also drier. That's why dehumidifiers are most useful when its cold, wet, and humid, like right now. No one wants to run their AC when its 65°F outside to begin with, plus depending on the type of unit you have, it may ice up in temperatures below 70°F.
  11. Swamp_Yankee

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    Did a little more research and talked to a tech support rep from Santa Fe and am pretty close to pulling the trigger on this one: https://www.sylvane.com/santa-fe-advance90-dehumidifier.html He said that most of his customers will locate a unit like this in the basement or crawl space, run it full bore, and that once the basement is drawn down to between 50-55% humidity the first floor will usually come down to 60-65%, which most people consider comfortable. Made in Madison, WI too.
  12. Swamp_Yankee

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    As you can tell from my other thread I'm declaring war on humidity. I'm in a 150 year old farmhouse with no ductwork (hydronic baseboard heat) and this summer our window units did keep the house cool, but could not keep up with the humidity. Now that we're into October, the window units are out, but even in the cooler temperatures, the humidity is still regularly hitting 90%. I've been finding mold and mildew in closets, the basement, etc... I've been looking at freestanding and ducted dehumidifiers( the big boys that do 90-120 pints a day like Sante Fe, Aprilaire, etc...not the crap you get at Lowes/Home Depot) but I can't decide which would better suit our house. The basement is a combination of rubblestone and block foundation with a poured floor. We don't get any seepage (house is built into a hillside and everything drains away) but it does get damp. The first floor (about 1300 SF) is very open. The second floor (also about 1300 SF) has 5 bedrooms and one bathroom off of a central L-shaped hallway. There is a walk-up attic above the entire 2nd floor. One of the options I've thought of is to buy two freestanding units, put one in the basement and one in attic, and simply punch holes in the first floor and second floor ceiling, install register covers, and hope that there is enough air exchange through those to lower the humidity throughout the house. Option two of course, would be to install a ducted unit or units and at a minimum, install one return and one delivery on each floor. Any thoughts?
  13. Swamp_Yankee

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    I guess you'll be complaining when its in the single digits then? I'll be outside having a beer by the firepit.
  14. Swamp_Yankee

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    If your well goes dry during a drought in NJ its probably too shallow to be drinking from anyway.
  15. Swamp_Yankee

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    Had the day off today and did a lot of cleaning out. Pulled stuff out of the basement, closets, the attic, etc...mold and mildew everywhere. Granted, we don't have central air, so that is part of it, but for God's sake, I feel like I live in a 3rd world tropical hellhole anymore. We can't get more than five days without rain, and in between the humidity is 90%! Every time I've gotten on the tractor this year I've either made ruts or tore up the ground so bad I had to rake it out and throw grass seed. A big part of the reason western civilization conquered the world in the 1500-1600s was because we were never ravaged by all of the nasty diseases that the warmer and wetter parts of the world did. I hope we get good frost before I come down with dengue fever... At the very least I'm going to be investing in a whole-house dehumidifier.