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  1. I have one but haven't tried to cook in the pit yet. I have some grill grates for it and have done steaks over apple wood Saw the chili in your other thread-looks great!
  2. I got so many people asking where I bought my fire pit I finally got around to making another one: The pit is made from a 420lb propane tank. 29" in diameter/12" deep made from rolled 3/16" steel plate. 1-1/2" hole drilled in the center for water drainage and under fire air. Stripped and painted with two coats of Rust-oleum 2000°F High Heat paint. The heavy steel plate will not rust out in a season like the junk sheet metal pits found at big box stores. I made my pit from the bottom of the same tank and its still going strong after two years and lot of use. Price in
  3. Looks were kind of the impetus for the whole project. I HATE the 1970s anodized aluminum gold trim on the existing bifold glass doors. I was going for the look of a heavy iron/steel door with a stove black finish vs. cheap looking sheet metal which I have now. This is a better picture of the Wilkening doors installed. I don't care for the facade of the fireplace itself in this picture but IMO the doors look good: We'll see...I'm just rolling ideas around right now. Maybe one of these days I'll find an insert I like.
  4. If I didn't already have another stove and an efficient boiler I'd probably be more inclined. I spend very little on oil considering the size and age of my house. Again, not really looking to heat the house (that's what the other stove is for)-just looking to pull less heat out of it by operating the fireplace, not to mention when its not operating.
  5. This is our fireplace: I'm well aware that open fireplaces pull heat out of a house while operating and the only way to really heat a home with a fireplace is to stick an insert into it. That said, I just can't do it-right now the fireplace opening is about 24" x 40". Going with an insert would shrink the viewing window to not even of a quarter of what it is now. I have a super efficient Buderus wood boiler and I have a small wood stove at the other end of the house on the first floor, so the fireplace is almost purely ornamental/atmosphere, but a little more efficiency and a little
  6. I'm hoping to finally get started on our chicken coop this winter so that its ready for spring. Last night we had a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and on the menu was one of their farm raised turkeys. Great flavor, lots of dark meat, etc... I was thinking of getting a couple to go with the chickens-it would just be neat to have them around in addition to the good eating. I was wondering, however, if I had a couple of hens hanging around the yard, would they attract toms to our property in the spring?
  7. Oof...Luke Bryant reference-that's going too far! LOCK THIS THREAD!!!
  8. Polls were never meant to "predict" anything. If you want predictions go get your palm read by Miss Cleo. Polls are meant to be a tool to gauge how people feel about issues and candidates. Political campaigns started using them to try to figure out where to spend their time and efforts-ie: if this swath of the country generally likes Candidate Jerkwad, then they'll go somewhere else to run commercials, knock on doors, etc... It went off the rails when the media started treating polls like a Ouija Board. I agree that the media should not make election night calls and that nothing should ha
  9. Sounds like an argument between my 6 year old and my 9 year old.
  10. That's probably been my biggest frustration over the last four years. Criticize Trump for ANYTHING and you're labeled a "LIB" by the Trump establishment. I lost faith in the two cult system years ago and I don't know why so many still cling to it. The whole thing is set up to literally deliver the worst two possible candidates to choose from every four years. I don't know why its so hard for people to wrap your head around the fact that if you don't support one candidate that it does not mean that you automatically support the other. If you don't look upon the entire structure and feel li
  11. Still don't really understand why Trump is allowing the count to go on?
  12. So why not call in the military to stop the count? I'm actually watching Hannity right now and according to him hundreds of thousands if not millions of ballots are being "found" for Biden. Tucker Carlson had a guy named Mark Steyn on who claims that Michigan somehow "invented" a county that never before existed complete with hundreds of thousands of ballots for Biden?
  13. All I can say is that New Jersey is home to a lot of extremely wealthy people and celebrities. There's your answer-that and maybe a handful of mafia informants, etc...
  14. Now do you understand why I asked the question that I did?
  15. To be clear I do not and would not support such an action, but I also don't think its that much outside the realm of possibility given where we are at as a country right now.
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