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Official NJ Woods & Water 2019 Youth Turkey Contest Rules, Signups & Donations!

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Welcome to the Official NJ Woods & Water 2019 Youth Turkey Contest!  Please read all of the rules and respond here if you'd like to participate! :up:


Contest Entry Fees

Individual Contest: FREE

Paypal Link to donate to the NJW&W 2019 Adult or Youth Turkey Contest!  (Please select Youth Contest in the dropdown)


Contest Rules

1. NJ Birds only. Must be taken with a gun, bow, or crossbow.

2. All F&G laws in effect.

3. Limit ONE bird per contestant.  However, you may upgrade to a larger bird during the course of the season if you harvest a higher scoring bird.

4. You must report all turkeys and check station sheets on the contest entries topic with the following requirements:

  • Your entry must include a picture of you with the turkey.
  • Your entry must include a picture of the check station sheet showing weight, beard length and spur length. You can block out personal information, however, the sheet MUST show everything else. If the sheet cannot be read, it will not count.  The numbers on the check sheet will be the numbers used for scoring, no exceptions.

5. Scoring will be by National Wild Turkey Federation Turkey Calculator (How to Score Your Wild Turkey).

6. The total number of points scored for your bird will determine your overall score.

7. Contest signup ends at 9:00PM on Friday April 19th, 2019 which is the night before youth day.  Contest runs the entire legal NJ spring gobbler season.  All birds must be entered by end of day Saturday 05/25/2019 (day after the final day of the 2019 NJ Spring Turkey season), as this will allow birds shot in the final evening to be checked in the next day.


Contest Participants

  1. Declan (Bonefreak)
  2. Lily (bushden)
  3. Mark (Nomad)
  4. Christopher (LPJR)
  5. Maria (resquecfd)
  6. Cole (allmann)
  7. Aidan (Swamprat)
  8. Hunter (Swamprat)
  9. Rayna (nb6624)
  10. Gabby (Buckfever1974)
  11. Nate (Devil Horns)
  12. Chris (Devil Horns)


Contest Prizes



Contest Donations

Monetary Donations:  $360


  1. BowhunterNJ
  2. Anonymous
  3. Bonefreak
  4. hunterbob1
  5. nb6624
  6. rackemup
  7. B B
  8. Devil Horns

Item Donations:

Member: @LPJR

Donated Item(s):  New Camillus Titanium bonded stainless steel boning knife and sheath. Razor sharp knife with a lifetime warranty. 




Member: @Trophy8

Donated Item(s):  New MAD SUPER SLATE turkey call



Member: @Swamprat

Donated Item(s):  New Tasco 8MP Trail Camera



Member:  @Gobblengrunt

Donated Item(s):  New Turkey Mounting Kit


Member @Live to Hunt donated the Super Freak Trauma broadheads that he won at the W&W Christmas party!



Member @Thunderchicken donated a custom box call from Browns custom calls!




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Please enter my 12 yr old son Declan in the Youth Turkey Contest.

Monetary donation contributed!

Thanks for running this event....Declan likes when their is a competitive edge to it!

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My son Mark is in.  Age 16. Will be his last youth turkey hunt!  Thank you.

Edited by Nomad
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My son Christopher (14) is in. Thanks Matt. :up:

Edited by LPJR
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