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  1. No you fail to realize he hurt someones feelings and to these pussy snowflakes, feelings are more important than the prosperity of the nation, its citizens security, or even whats right and wrong.
  2. I wont be able to make the June trip. I signed up for the August trip. I am getting shoulder surgery next week and wont be able to do anything until the end of July
  3. I agree the constant bickering must end, but weren't you also saying before that we need to get to the bottom of this and everyone who's guilty should pay, I know you meant Trump. As much as this looks like tit for tat, it is the only way to prevent this from happening again. If people aren't kept in check they run a muck and do as they please. The democrats get away with everything they do, so I think some checks and balances could be a good thing.
  4. I bought one this past xmas and swear by it. Def a game changer. Use it for all types of stuff from vegetables to desserts, but red meat is where it shines.
  5. I agree never caught one but always wanted too
  6. This is what I use. Just started using it last year. I keep it in a shoulder bag tackle box so I don’t know how strong the handle is, but works for my needs so far.
  7. The guy at double trouble is probably a turkey hunter because there are tons in the area. Its just tough to narrow down where they are now. Where would you plan on looking?
  8. allmann


    Thanks for all of the congrats. The bird ended up weighing 20lbs 9.5" beard and 1 1/8" spurs. Daughters were just as excited as I was. Oldest daughter asked if we could cook it whole, I told her if she plucked it, she got right too it. Its in the fridge now, debating whether to smoke it or deep fry it for Saturday.
  9. allmann


    In the pines its either pine needles or sugar sand
  10. allmann


    After a 3 yr dry spell I finally connected this morning. Last couple years I’ve focused more on getting buddies birds. This year I didn’t have much time for scouting, but I gotta was in the woods for work 2 weeks ago and found some tracks. Figure I’d start there and make it a scouting/hunting trip. Glad I did. Found some tracks that looked like they were from after the rain in the moonlight, in a sand pit not too far from a swamp and set up there. Around 0540 heard a gobble a couple hundred yards away, to my hard left. Decided to quickly move and let things settle. I started with a few light clucks. Got a response immediately but still far off. I waited 20 mins and did another set of calls very light and nothing. A few minutes later a couple of geese flew over and I heard multiple gobbles but sounded like they were a lot farther away this time. Decided I wasn’t moving til at least 0900. I buried head my head in my phone looking to see if anyone killed anything yet. Heard a real half assed gobble, looked up and he was 45 yds away, making a b-line for my decoy. Caught me completely off guard. Had to wait for him to go behind a small pine tree, to raise the gun. He came out strutting. Went to gobble facing me and took the shot. Stoned him only kicked once when I went to pick him up. As as I was picking him up heard 3 birds gobble and sounded like they were coming to me. So I got out as quick as possible. Figured I’ll save them for my nephew when he gets back from Fl. He missed youth day, he was pissed because his mom wouldn’t let him stay home to hunt.
  11. congrats I am still after a giant. I have only caught one that was 26"
  12. Congrats That looks like a blast
  13. I have done minimal scouting so far but haven't seen much sign yet in the usual spots.
  14. Have you done this before? Does it work with other mushrooms like cremini?
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