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  1. allmann

    Monster Smallies!

  2. allmann

    Hit the lottery today

    congrats, I have only been putting in for a few years. Hopefully I'll get lucky soon.
  3. allmann

    Nobelle kennels

    I have only heard great things about them. I have never seen one of his dogs in person, but he is on my short list when I get another GSP
  4. allmann

    Who cures their own bacon here?

    I have heard the tube smoker works well also for 2-3 hr cold smokes also. My buddy also uses it when he grills steaks. He seasons them and lets them come to room temp on the grill while he lights the tube smoker.
  5. allmann

    Who cures their own bacon here?

    http://www.amazenproducts.com/product_p/amnps5x8.htm Try one of these. Before it gets too hot outside or in your grill with bags of ice. I plan on doing it in my smoker, but I have a smokin-it.
  6. cole would like the Mac call if it is still available Thank you for doing this for the kids. I know he is hooked.
  7. allmann

    Betty and Nicks

    just google IBSP fishing reports grumpys comes up first then betty and nicks. Both great sources, but i think Grumpys is better of the bait shops. They don't bull shit you
  8. allmann


    I haven't been having the best of luck this season. Been close a few times but thats about it. I have a few new spots to try and will hopefully making a contribution real soon.
  9. allmann

    Tri County Longbeards Youth Hunt

    He was tired as i am sure the rest of the kids were also. This was him 15 minutes after we left the BBQ and drawings.
  10. I know I am late in posting this, but I have been extremely busy. These guys put on a great event for the kids. They are extremely helpful and dedicated to getting the kids not only a bird, but making sure they enjoy every aspect of the hunt. I am very grateful for everyone involved, but I would like to say that Mike, Tom, and our mentor Kyle were extra helpful. My nephew Cole and I started out playing with a henned up tom, that would just hung up on us, not coming any closer than 80yds. Kyle came in to help and we set up in another location. Kyle decided the bird needed some aggressive calling that brought the bird to about 35yds, but Cole couldn't see it from his angle. Amazes me how me being only 2 feet to his right how he couldn't see it strutting, only a small dead fall and little bushes blocked his view. We decided to move properties with only an hour left. Kyle called his buddy Joe and asked if we could get on one of his properties. Joe jumped all over it. He asked if we minded if he could film the hunt, as he has his own production company called Mainframe productions. It was a no brainer for us. It took us all of 5 minutes to find birds in a field and formulate a plan. We set up about 50yds off the corner of the field we saw the birds in and Kyle started calling. A decent Tom and 2 jakes came running in. After what seemed like forever for me, really only maybe 3-5 minutes, Cole made a perfect shot. From parking the truck to the shot wasn't even 12 minutes. I had to explain to him that it doesn't happen like that as often as he'd like. Like I said before, these guys are great. I wasn't going to sign him up, because of the 1.5 hr ride, but I am glad I did.
  11. Coles turkey from the Tri County Longbeards youth hunt. Those guys did an awesome job. My nephew is hooked. Score is-30.5635
  12. allmann

    Please support PBA 355 - Clay shoot

    Going there Saturday. It is a great time for anyone that hasn't ever gone.