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  1. You are delusional. China is outright going after Taiwan and looking to expand their territory by forcing other countries out of their territories, Russia just proclaimed they will be taking back Criminea by force and have been upping their forces along the borders already pushing into the country. They were kept at bay, knowing Trump stood with these countries. The virus was definitely a shot by the Chinese, but also look back at who donated money to the lab. Seems like an odd coincidence. You are smoking crack to think that the middle east wasn't less volatile than it is now. Actually broug
  2. You are that blinded by the person that you can't even acknowledge the accomplishments? You are ignorant to believe that we were in a worse predicament with Trump. He kept peace in the middle east, china and russia in line and put Americans before some far fetched ideas. Biden has been in office for 4 months and it has been down hill the whole time. Not one policy/EO has helped America. People who are blinded by their perception of a person and can't see the facts are very ignorant.
  3. Since you think so highly of Biden can you list any of his accomplishments?
  4. Nope over reaching again, as it was proven by photo evidence that there was Antifa at the capitol protest. Can you show me proof that there were White Supremacists, Q Anon, and Proud Boys at the BLM protest/riots in a capacity other than protecting/as opposition? Deflection doesn't work unless backed by facts.
  5. You are reaching here. Trying to say that the capital was all conservatives is a huge stretch (it was proven antifa was there)and to even use a meth head from alabama being for cops is ridiculous. The methhead will obviously go with his drug habit over political stance, he'll go with drugs over his mother. I get you're a liberal and you are entitled to your beliefs, but skewing the facts to make a far fetched point is ridiculous.
  6. Nicholas pools in Toms River has some chlorine $65 for 10LBs
  7. I checked TR BJs and they were out. I'll check the Manahawkin tomorrow and see. thanks
  8. of tablets? What did you pay. I can't find any that is in stock or not price gouging
  9. like I said I don't know what it goes for, so tell me what you think is a fair price. It looks like 25lbs goes for $70
  10. There is a shortage of chlorine going on and it is my first year with a pool. I am having someone come open it Thursday. I have 25-30 pucks so don't know how long that will get me through. Wife and daughters are blaming me for not buying it sooner, but who knew this was gonna happen. So I know this is a long shot but does anyone have any they don't need or know where they have some in stock that's not a ripoff?
  11. Thats awesome. Do you ship it home, bring refrigeration with you, or are there places that hold it.
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