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  1. forgot to add fat side up during initial smoke
  2. cut in 1-1.5" cubes. Liberal coating of rub. Use a jerky rack or mesh rack and space them so they're not touching. Smoke at 250 for 3 hrs. Throw them all in a tinfoil, wrap tightly. Smoke again for 45min. Remove from foil, sauce, and put in dish spaced out. cook for another 30 min to carnalize and enjoy
  3. I did pork belly burnt ends this weekend, definitely worth a try if you haven't had them
  4. I agree with Smitty on this. I trained my pup myself 11 yrs ago and though I spent a ton of time training, it was mostly in 15-30 min increments everyday. In perspective that is not a lot of time and believe that is what Smitty was getting at. Obviously more time you spend the better, but my dog is pretty good and def good enough for me. She is better than a bunch of guys that were sent out for training.
  5. Took 12 days for me but 4 of them were with the carrier.
  6. You dont need the app to run the grill it has a knob for temperature settings. I was having the same issues getting it to connect and was impatient and started cooking once the burn off was complete.
  7. allmann

    Recteq 700

    Sounds good I'll try what you suggested then
  8. allmann

    Recteq 700

    Thank you For heavier smoke wouldn't it be easier to use a tube or an amazin? I would use them when I wanted some smoke floor while grilling or while doing a cold smoke and they produce great amounts of smoke.
  9. allmann

    Recteq 700

    I will have to get the sear kit.
  10. allmann

    Recteq 700

    Only photo I have was busy prepping and eating.
  11. allmann

    Recteq 700

    I was between the two, but recite hands down has better reviews and what really sold me was they're American made and the support is extremely helpful and speak perfect English, except for the few I spoke to that had a heavy southern drawl. I will keep you updated with cooks. I was thinking of tackling a brisket again soon too. I also did the biscuit cook to see how even it cooks and have to say it cooks pretty even. No real hot spots to speak of. If there's any tests you can think of that you want run, I'll do my best to help.
  12. allmann

    Recteq 700

    It came in last Wed, but couldn't put it together til Friday. Put it right to work (after seasoning of course) with 5#s of thighs, 5#s of wings, 10 ears ofcorn on the cob, and 9 Potatoes. I was surprised it could hold all of it. I also have the extra rack. I have to say it is easy to put together and very well made. I am glad I bought it and can't wait to get a butt on it this weekend
  13. That was awesome. It is a shame more of this isn't covered by the news. Everything has to be negative or cause a divide, nowadays.
  14. I don't see why democrats have an issue with an audit if they have nothing to be worried about. Election integrity is an extremely integral part of our democracy. I wouldn't say its based on a lie when the results haven't come in yet. As for GA they didn't do anything but a recount, that's not an audit and with the importance of that state it should have been an audit. As for lies being told by dems, its done everyday and there's been much consequence from it. Center is something you are not, you might like to think you are, but if you actually believe what you type here you are pretty close to AOC or Pelosi.
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