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  1. allmann

    11/14 Check in

    Two buttons
  2. allmann

    11/14 Check in

    Just watched this guy catch something now he's smacking away on it
  3. allmann

    11/14 Check in

    Out in 17. Windy and getting chilly. Seen two small does at 1445 and that's it. Happy birthday and Good luck to everyone.
  4. allmann

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    I'm up for any date. How many does tagged carry
  5. allmann

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    Ok are we looking to go this winter or looking to do April? I don't know when the best time for them is.
  6. allmann

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    Anyone talk to Jerry I called and left a message. Never got a call back.
  7. awesome I will be trying this
  8. allmann

    WTB Youth 12ga

    He wants a 12ga to use with buckshot.
  9. allmann

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    nice one congrats
  10. allmann

    WTB Youth 12ga

    I told him to look for a bantam. Hoping someone has something to get rid of on here.
  11. allmann

    Live hunt from 17 1st with my 6yro

    Brought the wife and kids out pheasant hunting yesterday. They all really enjoyed it. My 6 yro who has no interest in going deer hunting again anytime soon, said she would like to keep going with the dog and I after pheasant. She likes the fact she can walk and talk. She also asked why Sadie(my GSP) doesn't act like that at home. My wife and daughters were amazed how the dog turns into a machine when she's out hunting. I will continue to bring them on the hunts that they like to keep them involved. While putting the 4yro to bed last night, she asked when the next time she can go deer hunting and if I could not be so picky next time and just kill a deer for her.
  12. allmann

    First deer kill with my daughter.

    congrats. I can't wait to do the same
  13. allmann

    WTB Youth 12ga

    My buddy is in search of a 12 Ga youth model. He wasn't very specific so anything you have or any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. allmann

    One Day Left.

    good luck hoe you guys smoke him
  15. you guys care to share recipes?