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  1. Congrats, I went out yesterday on the ocean explorer and reminded myself why I never do party boats. Boat only had 12 keepers and the people were retarded. The mates were great and the Capt moved around a lot, but no love. My FIL caught a nice 5lber but was beat out by a pair of 7lbers. A bunch of big seabass had to go back also. Between the 2 of us we only landed 7 fish with one being a keeper.
  2. ttt I already have a few 22 Pistols I use for training my wife and friends who don't know how to shoot. Not a fan of the XDS Ill look into the S&W 60 and get back to you
  3. Just as the title says. I am open to almost everything. I am looking for a 1911. But the other 2 I am open to ideas.
  4. Ocean armory in Manahawkin. The guy is great and cheap. 609-3166120
  5. I completely understand what you are saying but what about every other person he and other organizations have helped. The point was, it helps more than it hurts. You will always have people who commit violence and will blame it on anything to try and get off. If a person is going to cause harm to someone, they are going to do it. I believe the Chris Kyle incident was more for the notoriety of the target than the PTSD. If we're going to dis-spell an incident because of an outcome that happened one time is basically agreeing with deadshot and we shouldn't allow people with PTS to own firearms. Not saying that is your message, just stating my thoughts. Deadshot I labeled you a Liberal by your own admittance, not by for the sake of name calling. A majority of your views are clearly far left leaning, so I guess you labeled yourself, I just pointed it out.
  6. Dumbass you are just assuming. He can suggest whatever he wants. Everyone doesn't have to agree with everything a politician says. You pick a politician who shares most of your views. Just like gun laws in jersey people on this site and across the nation will fight it. People are outraged and have shown their discuss. Unlike you (a whiney liberal) action speaks louder than words. We just don't throw hissy fits and make false accusations to try to sway the masses. Your tactic of claiming facts and not showing anything to back them up(except claiming that the figures were shown by Obama, who tried to get take away our guns/created the hysteria between public and LEOs/ pushed racism as an agenda) is right out of the liberal play book. Now you're trying the diversion tactic because you lost your other argument.
  7. You are so full of shit I just told my kids to put on waders. You have a very different recollection of what was said than I do. I dont have time / nor do I care to look all through the forum to prove you wrong. I don't remember you saying he MAYBE guilty. Plus your story about jury duty is bullshit as jurors are not to speak about the trial until all evidence has been heard. Blow smoke up someone else's ass, no one believe you here.
  8. Again you obviously haven't a clue. Get me the facts that you preach so much about to reach even the 75000. Here you go again deflecting. I can see why Lunatic has soo much fun with you. I have already stated that I am not happy about the presidents ignorance on gun laws and his ridiculous ideas of the red flag laws. As with all your favorite politicians he's pandering for votes, I don't think he will do it. I hope he doesn't, but if he does I don't think they will pass the supreme court. You know the one with Kavanaugh, that you were so quick to damn without the due process that you are preaching about now. You are obviously the fool and I will try my best not to play into your bullshit again with another response.
  9. Again this proves you don't have a clue what you are talking about. As Vdep said your permanent disability does mean you are 100% disabled. A majority are still capable members of society. You ignorance shows. Use all the adjectives you want, but what it comes down to is you feeling you are smarter than everyone. Obviously you don't know facts like you think you do. Here's a fact that I'm sure everyone else will agree with. You are clueless and should probably stop watching MSNBC/CNN for your so called facts.
  10. What the F*** are you talking about? You have no clue what you are talking about. With your logic vehicles/alcohol and everything else should be banned. As for the 2A I did speak up about it. Why don't you dive deeper into the issue and look at real statistics about gun violence and see its done by 99% criminals over law abiding citizens. Why should all law abiding citizens be punished for a deranged persons actions. You truly show your liberal views but deny the fact that you are a full fledged extreme liberal, just come to grips with it already. You have shown yourself to talk in circles and claim facts that aren't full truths. People already feel you're an idiot when you try to "prove" your views and you keep talking in circles digging yourself deeper. Its too the point most of us feel sad for you (the fool). Its like picking on the handicapped now, not right or fun anymore.
  11. Wow they're way off. Takes a special kind of stupid to believe this
  12. I hate getting sucked in by you, but here it goes. These 75k that you speak of, can you show us the facts. I don't remember clearly but if my memory serves me correct a majority of the 75k that you speak of were PTSD patients that were diagnosed by the VA. So basically Obama said you are good to fight for our rights but once you get home you can no longer enjoy the rights you fought to protect. If you don't see the hypocrisy in that and believe there is nothing wrong with that, than you are truly a liberal piece of shit. Now if you believe someone should not be afforded their rights because of PTSD, you have been sucked in to the stigma that society has put on all of the returning vets. I am sure you have heard of Chris Kyle. He, just like many foundations, have been using shooting as a way for guys to come to terms and work through their PTSD. There are many forms and levels of PTSD and its not a cookie cutter disorder that should be used to deprive someone of their rights, as the Obama administration did. I could go on about this subject but the reality is you are too narrow minded to understand the FACTS you pick and choose to believe.
  13. I would gladly split fuel and bait costs. lol You're having a great season
  14. I use the smoke and it works great. Ill set the alarms to notify me while I work around the house. Worth the $100
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