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  1. I know guys are killing them on teh west side of the bay in 8' water. Should be plenty of spots to put in over there. Just make sure your flag is visible. People are morons flying around with no regard for anyone else.
  2. Its simple and fun. Use as light of tackle as you own. Some guys mix in some dry cat food with their chum to really bring them in from distances and to save on clam chum logs
  3. What was the general area that you got them?
  4. this is how Ive been doing it and it makes quick work of them. Especially when you get in to good numbers. I use a serrated knife. I just cut the fins off with scissors and scampi them or treat them like a drum stick , brown in butter and toss them in buffalo sauce
  5. meat will stop taking on the smoke flavor at 140 degrees. I usually wait til it stalls or barely starts going up in temp and wrap it. That being said I rarely wrap also. hope this helps
  6. allmann

    Puffer crusher

    I like to do them like shrimp scampi or buffalo wings just sauteed in butter then add the buffalo sauce
  7. "you done being stupid? we got things to do.? no sense being stupid if you don't show it put what you want in one and shit in the other see which one gets full first. want something work for it can't get in trouble if you keep working your hardest sometimes encouraging things but don't remember them as well
  8. allmann

    Puffer crusher

    Talked to a few guys today, they are doing well on the west side of Barnegat Bay 6-8' of water and heavy chumming. One buddy kept 40 keepers 8" or better today. Heavy chum and clam , squid wasn't touched.
  9. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. Congrats
  10. Glad you like it and the pleasure was mine. I hope you get more use out of it than I did. I will be getting another once I can find some time. Good luck with her.
  11. Besides needing a coat of paint, there is a crack in the cover. As you can see from the following pictures, its not a big deal as it doesn't leak into the boat. Has a custom blind that was built by the previous owner. I would put it together and take a picture, but I am currently in a sling from a recent shoulder surgery.
  12. PMs have been answered I will get more pictures up tomorrow between rain drops.
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