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  1. The only way she would've been arrested would be if she had a warrant. They are not able to arrest an individual that has been saved by narcan. It is ridiculously stupid. My personal opinion would be a dose of lead would make people think about using. The amount of people who are save multiple times a day is unreal. They use knowing that they will be saved.
  2. I for one believe that everyone worried about people driving stoned don't realize how many people are doing it daily already and would be surprised at how many people drink and drive daily. I do not condone either, but if I had a choice of someone stoned on pot verse someone who drank too much it would be a the stoner. As for the people who advocate for all drugs, I get the idea behind your argument. I see heroin, crackheads, now methheads almost daily and couldn't agree with the idea because I know the reality of these people. I personally don't care if they legalize pot, I see it on the same level as alcohol. If you ever had to deal with a drunk or a pot head 99% of the time I would take the pot head.
  3. I have read this multiple times, but does anyone have a copy of the advertisement that they claim was doing it?
  4. He owns the weapon legally? Resides in NJ, but the weapon is currently in Vermont? If the answer to both is yes then he can just drive it home. It would be no different than driving to a range out of state or to bring it on an hunting adventure. New Jersey can not tell you if you have lived in a state prior to NJ, that you can't bring any legally purchased weapons with you, as long as they are NJ compliant. Pistols don't go in to a state wide data base they go in a Nationwide data base. I didn't read the rest of the responses
  5. You are special. So you can only base your decisions on known data. Known data: Hundreds of thousands of illegals cross the boarder a year, most not detected or captured + Tons and tons of drugs are caught at the boarder = tons of drugs get through undetected. I know that it takes some common sense to do the simple equation. You do realize the DEA does these estimations on what is seized. How is it seized? They consolidate the resources at the most likely of areas to seize said drugs. They obviously don't have the man power to operate at the boarder, neither does boarder patrol. The ports are tiny in comparison and their work gets concentrated to these small areas. Just like the equation above its just common sense, which is not too common among the liberal minded masses.
  6. I figured with your loyal political affiliation you would understand this, as it is your parties mantra for violating 2A rights constantly. I see as usual you/they are just typical hypocrites and only want what they want and screw everyone else. To think that tons of illegals, illegal drugs, human/sex traffickers and god knows what else doesn't come through the boarder and only through the ports is ridiculous. The boarder is so porous with little to no barriers at all. I know the argument is said all the time, but your kind seem to just keep ignoring it. Why do we have fences around our homes? Oh that's right it is to keep unwanted people out. Build a proper wall and it will do the same. Can I make 1 recommendation for you? Really it's a safety concern. Pull your head out of your ass long enough to get some oxygen to your brain, maybe then you will start to think clearly.
  7. luny it gets even better with these hypocrites, you just have to use their own logic against them. If building a wall saves just one life its all worth it.
  8. laxammo.com I've bought the reloads and never had an issue. They have times its free shipping and other deals as long as you sign up for the email alerts
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