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  1. allmann

    Buck down

    Woody keeps a buck magnet in his pocket. Wish I could be as lucky as him.
  2. Thats pretty cool, but I would have liked to see that to the end to see what his plan was after. Do they drag it off or just eat what they can and hope other scavengers don't find it?
  3. I don't feed in the am, but give her a little more than normal when we get home, then dinner at normal time.
  4. I have Dans bibs and jackets and they work great. I highly recommend them to everyone.
  5. Bob Ill take the bibs, don't need the vest.If you want to sell as a set I understand.
  6. leave a note on your truck ,tell them if there's an issue you would be glad to talk to them.
  7. call a game warden. My best friend is State Park Police and he tells me nightmares of what his co workers tell the public, as they are too lazy to find the correct answers
  8. good luck vito let me know how you make out
  9. I am sure the police unions will love this.
  10. I agree with mallard. I didn’t see any does, but I watched/heard a couple of bucks fighting last night. Watched them trash trees and two of them run from scrape to scrape to piss in once the other left. About 10min before shooting light, 2 bucks started fighting and out of nowhere this guy came flying in from behind me. He stopped to watch a little to long. I should add my buddy was hunting less than a mile away and he didn't see any of tge same type of action, but he scored on a better 8, that has to weigh close to 150#.
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