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  1. This guy has to be axioum or some anti who just fights stupid arguments and you guys keep fueling him. I like many of you like to have a thought out debate every now and again, but this is like pissing in the wind. It's like trying to explain anything to a liberal. As someone said earlier"you can't fix stupid.
  2. I think G&R is open under a different name now. If you go I would like to hear your opinion on it. I haven't been there in years.
  3. This is the first year I am using the 220 and having out only a few times to the range I am confident the gun has the ability to shoot out to 200+, but I am perfectly happy keeping my shots to 100yds. I am sure after a few more range cycles I will push it out to 200 for practice, maybe one day 150 on game. I just found the video interesting and was curious what everyone felt about taking game at anything over 125-150. I have heard a lot of guys say they have taken deer at 150+. Figured I would get responses from many with more experience than myself on here, wasn't trying to stir the pot.
  4. I agree it should, but the video proves the round has the ability at 300. I am not going to do it, but I am amazed it still has the energy to drop them in their tracks at that distance.
  5. I was bored and started watching hunting videos and came across this one. I remember reading one of the threads about the 220 and one of the members saying the 20g slug shouldn't be uses past 150yds. That stuck with me thinking where I am hunting this year a 150yd shot is definitely possible (300yd would be possible too). I was shocked that the 3" Accutip has the ability to do it at 300yds. I myself only have it sighted in for 100yds and doubt I would need much more than that. What is your opinion on max ranges and how far is over extending the capability of the round?
  6. 26 and you can ship it
  7. Download the joule app too, it’s a different brand of sous vide machine but has recipes and tips with pictures of finished temperature
  8. Slow so far. Just one squirrel
  9. Wish you were closer. GLWS
  10. I’m out for my 3rd sit of the season
  11. nice I am in the middle of building a 308 also using the aero upper and lower. Cant wait to finish it.
  12. congrats. I have not been seeing any sign at the spots I go. Hoping that it gets cold and they start hitting the fields.
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