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  1. It's a great site but always google the deal. Sometimes the price is great and sometimes you will find it cheaper.
  2. I killed a deer the Tuesday before youth day and had deer come in and lick the arrow, not 10 min after the shot. There were deer on camera all night that night. Went out again on youth day and the deer my nephew shot stopped at the gut pile and ate the stomach contents. Every night since then(and before) there has been a few decent bucks on camera like nothing happened. Like said before, I think a mature deer would be put off if it was with the deer that was killed at the time of the killing, other than that don't think it will matter. Plus almost everything gets thrown out the window duri
  3. My nephew Shot a 105Lb doe it was a fun hunt and hes happy so I am happy
  4. Got my nephew set up in 17 hoping something comes in early. Been in since 1230 but the rut action has been none existent the last week here. All the bucks are grouped back up. We will see. Good luck to all who are out.
  5. Back out for my second sit of the year hopefully the big guy shows up again. Good luck to all
  6. Haha yeah been really hard. Lol. I'll leave it there. Went well saw 3 does and a definite shooter that came from behind and caught my scent. Was a good hunt and felt good to get out.
  7. You're special and won't waste my time. Find luny he like playing with you.
  8. Well first off it was a comparison of how the flu is around to stay and not going anywhere just like covid is. 2nd covid wouldn't have killed nearly as many if your beloved Democrat governor's didn't put the covid patients with the highest at risk. So that accounted for a majority of deaths and when the numbers of deaths are counted they aren't all covid related, but if the person had any symptom associated with covid it was said they died of covid but nice try. Just as with any illness you get the best possible treatment as soon as possible. Let me guess you also believe there was no voter fr
  9. Thanks guys I'll try the tape first if both them the screen. Appreciate the help
  10. It in 17 for the first shit of the year. Just put up a camera last week. Been getting a few pictures but nothing crazy. I don't know how much I'll get out this year so we'll see what excited me. These are my brows for the afternoon. Hopefully something is cruising. Good luck to those who are out.
  11. To think this virus is any different than the flu is ridiculous. It comes on wave every year and now this will too. To believe that these lock downs are anything but political stunts shows the ignorance off the people who believe it. Hospitals aren't being getting high numbers so quit parroting bs media. I live near one of the hottest spots in the Northeast and it's still not overwhelming the hospitals. It's fear mongering by politicians to draw attention away from the reckless things they are doing. Power trips also play a role. If people are so concerned why aren't you up in arms about the g
  12. I have Barnett ghost Hunter 350 that had a branch fall and slice a 2'x3' section in an L shape. The problem is it's on over part of the frame so I can't just pull it tight and gorrila tape it. What do you guys do to fix an issue like this? Thanks in advance.
  13. There's no way Biden could take credit for it as he has been in his basement for the last 9 months
  14. Think someone turned it over or a warden just read the post?
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