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  1. If anyone knows someone who hunts Lincoln Kansas They might know the owner. Seems the owner hunted there mid November of 2017
  2. allmann

    Priceless, guess she didn’t see this coming LOL

    You are right it is an obstacle that works very well. You do realize a majority of our border has nothing stopping anyone from crossing. So putting a wall would stop the people who don't have the means to go any other way. There will always be people who will find away around the wall that is human nature. Do you have a fence around your yard? If you are like a lot of people in America you do. Some have it to keep their pets in, but all have it to keep things out and it is very affective. Of course if someone/thing wants to circumvent it they could, but that is where the owner comes in to take care of the rest. That is where we will need the extra protections from BP and other LE agencies, but to be that ignorant and say a wall doesn't work when there are millions of examples of it working on a daily basis is ridiculous. Yet another liberal talking point to just go against the President, because they did not win and are not getting their way. As for your question I can't answer that, I am not Trump.
  3. allmann

    Priceless, guess she didn’t see this coming LOL

    Archer if border walls don't work then, why do most countries have them? Why do border towns praise them? Why do politicians (and others) put them around their homes? Why wouldn't CNN air the story that "they" asked a border town their opinion of the wall and when it wasn't favorable to the agenda they wanted to push, tell them they don't want to hear from them? Is a wall going to stop 100% of illegals? no but it will deter a majority. Which will save the AMERICAN citizens a ton of money. I still don't understand how you can stand behind the hypocritical politicians you are so loyal too. The have all supported a wall in the past, but now say that it's not going to work. I don't see what is wrong with putting our country and its citizens first. I didn't serve to protect the rights of someone that doesn't belong in my country. Nor did I serve to be a safe haven for people who don't care enough about their country to stand up and rectify their problems. Especially since we are paying for all these benefits that our own need and are not receiving.
  4. allmann

    Last day, let’s see what happens

    I have heard that they are going to shorten it next season for Canada Geese anyway
  5. Sorry john it wasn't in medford wma.
  6. allmann

    Beto O'Rourke

    wheres deadshot to come to Betos defense? I am sure he will be chiming in shortly with some well thought out argument in favor for this guy.
  7. allmann

    Rinehart RFT ball targets brand new $15

    disregard I'm an idiot
  8. allmann

    Just hang'n out

    cool pic. Did you give him a talking too?
  9. allmann

    The irony LOL

    No different then Schumer and many other Libs
  10. allmann

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Just like up north, that is the liberal version. Nice Muleys
  11. what lb test do you use?
  12. allmann

    2014 14’ Sea Class TDB

    I just text him for you and was told it was sold.
  13. allmann

    "Free" Broadheads

    nice of you