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  1. Who will be out there on the opener?

    Ill be out in 14.
  2. Turkey Check in Stations

    I thought the state was supposed to change to the call in system this year? I wonder why they aren't doing that yet.
  3. 3D Leafy Camo

    Do you guys have a favorite that will stand up to more than a season or two?
  4. F/S - Glock 23 factory 13 rd. magazines NEW

    do you have any 21 mags?
  5. Just because union heads want you to vote for a certain individual, doesn't mean the masses vote for them. It isn't like the old days when if you are a part of an union you were a lemming. I know a ton of cops and even a good amount of teachers that wouldn't vote for this scumbag. There is a lot more to life then a salary, especially when it will just be eaten up by taxes.
  6. This would be great for my daughter. I am in. Thank you
  7. To shoot or not to shoot

    I don't see the fun in that. I personally would not.
  8. New Members Wanted - Tri County Longbeards

    It sounds like you guys do a lot of good things, too bad you weren't closer.
  9. Interesting insight on Tapatalk

    Get rid of it. I am biased though cause I don't use it
  10. Snowfall accumulations.......

    16" in lacey
  11. Mobile Viewing

  12. Luckily you are wrong. That state has already settled other lawsuits of a similar nature, controlling a student while not under school control, and the schools have lost. This will be covered by those rulings and the school will have to retract their guidelines in their handbook.
  13. This is such BS and the meeting will be held at the High School on Monday at 1745. I will be going. That policy is so broad and ridiculous. They would have to suspend any kid who has used a knife to cut their steak.