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  1. Was always told to do what you love and it won't seem like work. I have been very fortunate to do what I love to do, but some days it is tough to get out of bed. Especially the last few months.
  2. Luigi's is good just had a sub from there for lunch yesterday.
  3. Crushing the tuna this year. congrats
  4. Good luck. Catch a monster or 10
  5. Another great trip. Congrats to Tracy
  6. That's a great video. I am jealous. You guys are truly living the dream. I will get there someday. I am hoping a trip pans out this year. Keep up the good work. If you ever need anyone last minute I have plenty of PTO and not afraid to use it.lol.
  7. Congrats. I have been trying to get on a bluefin for years. Either the trips a bust or they get canceled due to weather. Still trying to get out but, been a tough year to plan a trip.
  8. I love when this argument is used, it seems its part of the liberal What to Say play book. It's an analogy that doesn't make any sense. If you call the fire department because your house is on fire and the other houses are not, then that is the one that needs to be put out at that time to protect it and all houses around it from burning. The problem is the factual stats don't support the claim. If their claim was the real issue they would care about Black on black also. They wouldn't use racism to combat perceived racism. If what they truly want is to end racism/being shot by police, they need to get to the root of the issues. A hard look at facts would be a good place to start.
  9. Whats the point of the officer showing up to a scene anymore. The reasons the laws are in place is because these situations have happened. They have already been tested through the court systems and they ruled in the officers favor. Love to put these morons in a room with a man with a knife and tell them sorry you can't protect yourself or others. The first time an officer adheres to this garbage I hope the department and the city get sued, if he survives the encounter.
  10. allmann

    Time for a reset!

    The use of psilocybin has been used in a ton of PTS studies with great results. The results have been so good, it has become a common thing amongst SOF and even among units with high tempos, so much so Commands have been turning a blind eye. I am shocked that more studies haven't been done on the civilian side or at least the results not talked about more.
  11. They just reported they're running out of food already and looking for people to bring them food especially Non meat products
  12. But it does it added another distraction. If they would stop with all the bullshit and focus on the real issues at hand, maybe the government could do what they are supposed to do.
  13. Don't excuse Coumo and Murphy for forcing the assisted livings to take Covid patients in to their facilities. That made our death tolls sky rocket. But then again don't let the "minor" details get in the way of a good reason to blame Trump. Did he handle things perfectly ? No, but did he do better than what the Democrats would have? Yes. If you can say otherwise, you're a fool, as they fought him on stopping travel from China. What else would they have done to make things better. You can't say that they helped by having a bill first was helping when they really only had one ready to push their agenda. That is not helping the issue, if anything it was more of a hindrance as they had to then fight back and forth to get something to go through. Military spoke out about your lord and savior(Obama) also. You hang on every word CNN and MSNBC spew, the problem is they only pick and choose what they want you to know.
  14. Attached to that bill were so many things to push their agenda that made the bill laughable. You have to agree. Even the bill that passed had things that have nothing to do with helping Americans with the hardships due to the pandemic. Most of the issues today are from Democratic governors imposing ridiculous orders that made this situation financially worse. They are still pushing for these limitations on the public, but are encouraging the protests. How is it ok for thousands to gather for protests, but not for a small business to be open. Once again liberal logic at its best.
  15. I'm jealous. Good luck
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