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  1. black coffee a pot every morning and bring leftovers of the pot in a thermos to work....cheap shoprite grinds and aldi for me and once in a while specialty beans
  2. shoot them with a bigger caliber air gun that is quiet
  3. i would buy it if i didn't have to go to the police station apply for pistol permits , pay the state and do the whole jump through fences and wait a few months thing. i have a ruger lcr 38 fun fun
  4. that sucks big time, i usually order a lot of supplies for the year around the holidays...bet this will add a few hundred in tax on my purchases just in time.......be sure to use ebates btw if you can totally worth it
  5. got out of work early and voted maga
  6. what wma has groundhogs that actually dont hangout by the main road where you cant shoot them? I want to kill some
  7. nice fish, will you post a picture of the pot pie lol
  8. nice fish what a full stomach lol i'm thinking about trying to catch some blues tomorrow i hope the bite is on
  9. 90 fluke that's awesome !
  10. Finally caught my first shad yesterday, hooked into two after a few weeks of trying at various locations all along the delaware heading up following reports. I set up base on the shore in a favorite secluded spot of mine at around 2:50pm , hooked into my first shad about an hour in worth of casting. Decided to set up another pole for catfish with a frog i caught along the bank cast not more than 10 feet from shore and set the drag as loose as possible ...30 minutes go by and i'm coming back from my car to the shoreline and the rod is screaming and peeling out line. Had a big fight from the catfish took a bit to get him in and tired both of us out, the frogs were all over the place up here I guess that was the bait to use lol. Another hour goes by and i hook into another shad, solid fight but nothing all the way to sunset after that. Solid day though, 3 hits 3 fish plenty of sun, bugs and humidity haha . I descaled the shad cut them up and have the soaking in brine, going to do a basic canning job and fry the cat filets up later and have them with some deer steaks. Both shad had roe so still trying to figure out what recipe to use on them .
  11. wow feed him some lead in a few months
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