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New to this site Hi all!!!


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Hi everyone,


Im new here and still figuring out this site :)

Im looking for a new deer hunting club for my 15 yo son and I to join.  I live in Tabernacle.  Ive been upland bird hunting for 25+ years, but fairly new to deer hunting...this will be my 3rd year and my sons 2nd.  Is there anything local with open memberships?  My Dad belonged to Bordentown Deer club for years, I have many fond memories of that place!  The picture is me my first year....2 doe at once!  Call it beginners luck or call it skill, not sure but I love it.  Now I need a nice big buck to add to the list!  

Any help or advise would be appreciated!!

Thank you and happy hunting!!



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welcome - good luck learning the ways of the wary whitetail.  Many start out with a bag of corn and a crossbow, and there is nothing wrong with that. You don't need a club to shoot deer in this state and especially don't need to wait for gun season next year. Archery allows you to hunt in better weather, and experience the full pre-rut through post-rut process.    Work on getting access to some good land, set up where the wind doesn't blow toward the deer and have at it.  Study deer anatomy and shot angles and practice, practice, practice. Ask away and you will get plenty of advice here.

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Thank you!  I started hunting birds on state game lands in Burlington and Ocean Counties yrs ago, but when they became like world war 3 out there I started hunting with a private club via a friend.  It was a great option for my son and I because there were with many guys (and girls) there with unlimited experience, knowledge and help for us. It was a very controlled atmosphere and I felt safe with my son there.  I haven't learned to gut a deer and not sure if I'm able to drag a deer out of the woods on my own any longer, :(   I'm looking for a club because I love the group hunting and help from each other.  I'm not confident enough in my experience to go out alone with my son for deer.  I want him to learn from experienced hunters.  I know the basics of what and what not to do, but there is so many more details we need to learn.   :up:

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Great pic of you with those 2 does, Congrats!  Welcome to this site. :up: :up:

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