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Anyone out tonight. 1-12-21?

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Good luck to you all!  Was going to go but back is killing me.  Haven't gone as much as I would have liked to this month.  Grandson is anxious to get my slingerland drum set, so been taking it all apart, polishing, putting new heads on, and tuning it up.  It's been stored in the basement for 40 some years, waiting for the day to come to pass it down.  Still waiting for 1 head to come.  Can't wait to see him on it.

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I was out. Saw 2 small ones, a spike and a mature doe. I was out for a doe but the spike ran the mature doe off. She left as he was checking her, she tucked her tail like like it was November with a buck on her a$$.  Going back this afternoon again. 

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3 hours ago, steve zignorski said:

i hope so too its hit or miss with this buck  a cant figure where he goes, 

I'm in the same dilemma with a 10pt.  Want to go look around for another spot closer to where he's coming from, but don't want to jump him.

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