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  1. ratherbhunting

    Goose, It's What's for Lunch

    I have never tried this, but if I ever get back into goose hunting again I will try goose reuben https://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowl-recipes-wild-game-cooking/wild-goose-reuben-sandwich
  2. ratherbhunting

    Odd Question

    I agree, also I think all button bucks should be registered as being a buck and maybe then guys would pass on them and let them grow
  3. ratherbhunting

    Fierce Chihuahua attacks cop

    that is messed up.
  4. ratherbhunting


    I have been seeing Night Crawlers every night for weeks!
  5. ratherbhunting

    410 shotguns...?

    I have a Remington 870 .410 I use for pheasant when hunting over a dog on stocked club property, but I prefer my Mossberg 28 guage.
  6. ratherbhunting

    Favorite bird mount

  7. ratherbhunting

    Final day of Permit bow, buck down.

    congrats! Way to end the year
  8. ratherbhunting

    Huge buck

    the camera adds ten pounds
  9. ratherbhunting

    The Best Hunting and Fishing SUVs!

    After having pick up trucks I bought my first suv (1993 GMC suburban 2500 with a 454 and a 4.10 rear) that vehicle turned me into an suv guy. I currently have a 1999 chevy suburban 2500 with a 454 and a 4.10 rear, and a 2013 chevy suburban 2500 with a 6.0 and a 3.73 rear, loaded with people and gear I tow a 26' boat with ease. A hitch hauler on the back takes care of deer, gas cans and a few other items I don't want inside and a small trailer takes care of almost everything else.
  10. ratherbhunting

    Favorite Movie Line

    (Eldorado) Nelse McLeod: Faith can move mountains, Milt. But it can't beat a faster draw.
  11. ratherbhunting

    Venison Meatloaf For Dinner

    it's kind of funny but that is what I am making for dinner tomorrow night
  12. ratherbhunting

    First Buck...Its about Damn Time!

    nice buck, congrats
  13. ratherbhunting

    Venison Hot Dogs

    I use game butchers in Clinton Township (they have a Lebanon mailing address) http://gamebutcher.com/contact.html they usually have a stand at the GSOSS http://www.gsoss.com/ My family loves the cheddar filled hotdogs
  14. ratherbhunting

    Dilemma need help!!

    Ge them both. Beagles are great dogs and you will love hunting over a pack. Yes Beagles are stubborn, they have what I call " Beagle Brain" they are also smart so you can train them, if house training is an issue use a crate and crate train them, I have found this is the quickest and best way to house train a dog. Good luck
  15. ratherbhunting

    Go figure! buck permit

    I remember those days, you were allowed to take 2 bucks with your bow license. I stopped buying my shotgun permit altogether just so I don't have to give them any more money.