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  1. That's nice to know. I drive by him all the time, I will have to stop by and bring him some stuff to sharpen. Did you have to call first or did you just stop by?
  2. I used to go to: Meltzers , Ray's, Harry's Army and Navy, also Sportsmen's Rendezvous (Route 31 in Flemington, and Dan's Sport Shop (Route 31 In Clinton). When ever I drive by a small shop I always make a detour and check them out.
  3. Who is the person that buys them, I live in Readington Township and would be willing to sell whole fox also, and raccoons too. Thanks
  4. That sucks! It happens on private land also. Even worse is when they sabotage it. Years ago a friend of mine had his steel screw in steps at the top of the tree cut half way through, luckily he noticed it before he put any weight on it.
  5. that's the way I clean them. I throw the legs on the grill cook them and then feed them to the dogs, they love them.
  6. ratherbhunting

    No Words....

    They are all a bunch of over paid cry baby A HOLES. That is why I don't watch any sports or support them in any way.
  7. Congrats! Way to end the youth season, and many more.
  8. Congrats! You can't go wrong with an 870. It looks like you are starting to fill that gun closet.
  9. Congrats.... I hope that there are many more bucks to come.
  10. It doesn't get any better than that. CONGRATS!
  11. ESS (enlarged scrotum syndrome) The meat should be ok to eat. Is he missing a rear leg.
  12. congrats. It looks very lonely by itself, get it some company.
  13. Congrats. Checking your trap line is like Christmas morning every time, good luck and many more.
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