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  1. “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”
  2. Cool! What state were you in? What caliber did you use? I was just down in Georgia and hunted on 4/08/19 & 4/09/19, there are a lot of hogs down there.
  3. It looks like the slime from Ghost Busters, or an abscess, either way I wouldn't eat it.
  4. I feel left out. I only got one, but I didn't open it, maybe that's why. Just checked my junk file and had 2 more in there.
  5. I went with Hog Assault ( https://hogassault.com/ ) the price was $500 for unlimited hogs with no trophy fee, guns and ammo were all included. I met him at the Harrisburg show and booked with him when I was there. I drove down in my Suburban (16 hours each way), lodging is not included. Robbie Sifford (the guy from Hog Assault ) was a lot of fun to hang out with and a real nice guy. He has an Instagram that he posted a bunch of pictures on ( I don't have an Instagram but my nephew does so I saw some of the pictures). It was so much fun we are talking about doing it again next year. I thought the 5.56 was a little light but that is what he provided, he did provide a 6.5 Creedmoor that my nephew used and it seemed to have a lot more nock down power.
  6. Yes, 5.56 with 30 round clips ( I was in Georgia)
  7. I went to Georgia for a couple of nights for hog hunting, 4/08/19-04/09/19. We used thermal image scopes on an A.R. platform, it was a lot of fun, there are a lot of hogs down there, we saw over 50 in one field alone.
  8. Nice save, that would have been a shame to put a buck like that in the garbage.
  9. it doesn't get any better than that, congrats
  10. a couple of nice fish you have there, also I like the "John Basilone" shirt, I have driven by his statue in Raritan many times
  11. Thanks, I am a scrapper so I am always looking around, I have even asked at the scrap yards and just haven't had any luck yet. Again good luck with your project.
  12. good luck on your project. That tank was an awesome find, I have been looking for something like that to make a pig smoker out of, again good luck
  13. I use this all the time at my house, spray it on mushrooms and they will be shriveled up in an hour.
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