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  1. congrats, those are some good coyotes there...………...good and dead just the way I like them. This is the first year I have ever gotten a coyote on my trail cam, and yet to get one trapping or hunting.
  2. congrats, 22 is a huge number, especially for those of us that haven't even gotten 1 coyote. Again congrats
  3. shop around, most of them don't want to "wiggle" but you can find some one that will. The last quad I bought was brand new, I had checked out about 8 different shops, different brands until I found the one I wanted. (the place I bought from no longer sells quads so I can't recommend them) Good luck
  4. I still have a few sets, I just started getting coyotes on my trail cams and I am trying to get one before the end of the season. Good luck to you
  5. dang.……..you've got some skull collection there.
  6. Congrats! Looks like self defense, those hogs had knives. Who did you use down there? I am going to Georgia to hunt hogs in the beginning of April.
  7. congrats! They look like a couple of good coyotes...…..good and dead, just the way I like them.
  8. Thank you to all that have responded. Is that a fox or a coyote skull you have there? Let us know how you make out. I have a couple of coon skulls and a couple of fox skulls I am going to try and clean up.
  9. What kind of glue do you use when gluing them back in? Thank you
  10. looks cool! How do you keep the teeth from falling out, and how do you get it so white? I have tried to boil coon skulls and fox skulls and had the teeth fall out and never was able to figure out which teeth went where. ( I learned after wards I should only do one at a time) I also have put them on the ground put a crate over top of them with a piece of plywood and a cinder block on top, and let the bugs clean it and still had them fall apart. Thanks for the post and any other info.
  11. When ever I don't process my own I use Game Butchers . The cheddar filled hot dogs are the best.
  12. Nice! Take those coyotes out! I am still waiting to get my first coyote.
  13. put a couple of apple slices in with them and they will be fine.
  14. congrats, nice way to end the season
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