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  1. What zone is that? I am in zone 12 Readington Township and had never seen any coyotes in my area until last year when I got a couple on trail camera. This year I have seen multiple ones during the day (about 2 hours before sunset) and have a bunch on trail camera. I will be setting some snares as soon as trapping season starts.
  2. I took my course there about 4 years ago. Trapping is like Christmas morning every time you go out.
  3. Congrats, awesome buck, I hope there are many more to come
  4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite. . . . .that reminds me I need to pick up some.
  5. I also have had mixed results with rattling and grunt tubes. I have had bucks come running into both and also had them ignore them and even move off quickly.
  6. I agree with the Primos Trigger Stick tripod
  7. I make it all the time, it is called "bird in the nest"
  8. I was just at Round Valley today with my 20' pontoon boat. Like Kype said stay to the left get out and look as there is a spot that is deeper than the rest. I didn't do well fishing there today, but last week I was there with my 10 year old niece and 6 year old nephew and they did real well with sunnies and small mouth bass.
  9. A .22 with shot shell or even a .357 with shot shell works very well. I have herd a mixture of plaster of Paris and cocoa powder works but have never tried it. I have put a small garbage pail half filled with water (R.V. antifreeze for winter use) with a piece of wood on a 45degree angle leading up to it with a bagel tied up above it (you can put packing peanuts in the pail also)
  10. I have 2 Suburbans that are both 2500 series and both with 42 gallon tanks, the first one is a 1999 with a 454 (7.4 liters) and a 4.10 rear that gets 10 mpg., whether I am towing a trailer or not, the second is a 2013 with a 366 (6.0 liters) and a 3.73 rear that gets 12 mpg., with or without a trailer.
  11. I just tried that stuff 2 weeks ago and thought it did a pretty good job, I also bought some of it in the gallon jug and sprayed it on with a pump sprayer both worked well.
  12. What state are you shooting hogs in? I went to Georgia 2 years ago, there were more hogs down there than I could of imagined. Lets see some pictures anyway.
  13. I agree with bushden. The raccoon with that color phase looks like it is something I would not want to encounter in the dark on my way to my deer stand.
  14. I remember seeing one in the late 80's (only saw it on land) it was called the "Amphicar" Amphicar - Wikipedia
  15. I have a Mossberg 28 gauge over under that I used to use all the time when I had my GSP.
  16. Nice, and congrats. That one buck looks like he might be part mule deer. I like the last photo that is black and white, I see you have coyote rug on the ceiling, I have a fox rug that I just might do that with.
  17. I have a 42 gallon tank in my suburban with a 454 and a 410 rear, I get 10 miles per gallon. I feel the pain every time I pull up to the pump.
  18. Pretty simple I'd "rather b hunting"
  19. Where do I get a tree?
  20. My friend does all my and my aunt's HVAC, he only charges me for parts and never anything for labor, he tells me he likes the older units and does not like to change them out for no reason, but he said with the older unit repairs you chase the problem many times ( fixing a leak just for another leak to pop up somewhere else. Remember all of your lines are 30 years old and they do wear out over time) and after fixing the repair multiple times you spend more money on repairs than a new unit will cost and then you buy a new unit anyway. It sucks but bite the bullet and take the offer from slayer1962 or call someone else.
  21. That would be the closest thing that I have gotten to a turkey all season.
  22. That's great to see. Here are a couple of deer gestation calculators www.kansascervidbreeders.com/images/Gestation_Tables.pdf https://gestationperiods.com/deer-gestation-calculator
  23. Where did you get it from? Did you install it yourself? If it was me I would take it out and return it to where I got it from and get a new one. If you had someone else install it call them and have them warranty it.
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