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  1. I have difficulties grasping compound interest so it will be a year or two before I understand this crypto stuff..
  2. Newark, Camden. NJ has sooooooo much to offer...! Just kidding, best of luck to you. Doing what you love is a blessing.
  3. I was of the belief that traitors preferred Chinese food over traditional American fare. Then again it could have been Ukrainian food. So confusing....
  4. Remember it's not a gas shortage it's a supply shortage and the Dept. of Energy is all over it. 3 O'clock. Time for your nap Mr. President...........
  5. Ours was no anchovies please. J. Geils fans of course..
  6. In liberalism facts and fiction are interchangeable so he's just stating what he sees as fact.
  7. Forgive what appears as a callous response but I see you as newly liberated from a bad situation and at 40 you've much living in front of you. With honesty and understanding your children will adapt and do just fine. I wish my parents divorced, they truly hated each other and in that regard it was not a happy home to grow up in. Take stock of yourself which in turn will help your children. Much adventure awaits, just take heed, we give out a whole lot of antibiotics these days and it ain't exactly for colds and flu......
  8. Last night it was sliders, fries and a diet coke.
  9. Yes and no. We live longer because of medical improvements not because of our natural healing properties. The human body is a marvelous piece of divine engineering for sure but at times it requires help to heal.
  10. Not inclined to a liberal mindset I tend not to " ignore" the opinion of others, I rather debate them. Now you woke, cancel type people care to only hear one point of view generally that in agreement with your own thinking.
  11. Waste not your time my friend. He like many see the police as the problem. If cops just stopped enforcing the law all would be well. It's a mindset.
  12. Over the weekend in NY it certainly wasn't cops shooting children.
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