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  1. These days the contents exceed the value of the freezer...
  2. Pondering a home security system. Nothing elaborate perhaps a few cameras. Just wondering if anyone has one in their home, what type and if your happy with it.
  3. I'm at 200,000 miles and so far no problems.....
  4. Stevens 320 in 20 ga. Simple, cheap and so far reliable.
  5. Given salads are served cold, you should be safe. Of course should you complain of a warm salad you'll likely get hit with a block of ice..
  6. Add a manual transmission to that list and their heads would explode...
  7. Good luck. Any day in the woods is a great day. Hopefully my kid will heal soon and off we will go.
  8. They will be fine as long as Fauci doesn't a vet.
  9. Not a rant, just a simple observation. Customer service in general has diminished over the years. Starts with upbringing and education and filters to the marketplace
  10. Amazing slice of history. Best with your sale.
  11. Great times for the memory book.
  12. My kid is need of some emergency surgery so our season will be a bit delayed.
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