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  1. " If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization. It expects what never was and what will never be" I think that best sums up the 2020 election, for one side at least.
  2. Cannot agree more. Cabelas was one of our favorite stops on the way to Hershey. Kids loved strolling the store and i would always pick up some shooting supplies. No we do not bother, not even worth a potty stop!!!
  3. Rain and wind in North Jersey, a whole lot of rain. My kid took video of the lightning. It was amazing streaks across the sky like I've not seen around here. Oddly enough we normally lose power if someone in my town burps, not so yesterday.
  4. Nah they are survivors, nature at it's best. I think it's in the Bible that the meek, Coyotes and cockroaches will inherit the earth.....!
  5. Great post. Naturally being trained in Radiology it only took me an hour to find the darn thing!!!!! Ain't nature grand.
  6. I have used Sportsman's Guide forever and have never had a problem with shipping to NJ. I also used Cheaper than Dirt although they required a copy of my drivers license. I stopped buying from them ( Cheaper Than Dirt ) because they price gouge.
  7. Patience is a virtue and these days a rarity. Excellent job Dad.
  8. About 2900 of mixed rounds. Winchester HP 36gr: 1,110 rounds Winchester M-22 40gr: 1,000 rounds CCI AR Tactical 40gr: 600 rounds Browning BPR 37g: 200 rounds $200 includes a FREE ammo can ( plastic naturally ) and financing is available Located in North Jersey FID card please.
  9. Welcome. Being rather new to the site myself I can tell you that so far I have found it to be a reservoir of knowledge and a lot of fun. Enjoy and best of luck.
  10. They probably over ate like everyone yesterday and had to chill for a bit
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    Very carefully...
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