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  1. Anyone watching the summer games?
  2. He ( or what ever pronoun is used ) who controls information controls the world.
  3. Agree it's A and B which is reflective of most things in life.
  4. Heading back up to the white trail after work. If the big guy gets me you'll have your hunt the wifey will have half a million to share with the boyfriend and I'll finally get some rest. It's a win, win, win all around.
  5. How can you buy back what was never purchased to begin with?
  6. I've already been scarified on the alter of marriage and family. The bear would get a mere empty, soulless shell. Bearly a snack.....
  7. That's the guy who almost made me soil myself........
  8. Ouch.. I've hit a few hard spots up there over the years. Likely explains my cognitive decline...
  9. It is a great park. There are so many trails up there. I've been lost for hours up there.
  10. Ringwood State park. Nice place. I usually try and get up to that park a few times a month
  11. This is way off subject (which is one of this sites strengths) but later I thought of what it must be like to be a cop and be in a worse situation with a human.
  12. I have come across a few in my time but never this close. Always fancied myself prepared for such things, bear spray, horn etc. Amazing just truly unprepared I was. The old man told me a story of his first combat. He was a tanker, landed in Africa and had his first firefight a few days later. He said all his training was forgotten when the Germans shot back. Crapped himself as did his crew. He survived and later became use to it. Next time I am biking with a diaper....
  13. Against my better instincts I took a different biking trail yesterday. Hit a cluster of rocks and wiped out. When I righted myself there was a bear about 10 feet to my side just staring and grunting. I walked as slow as I could and then peddled like the coward I am. Literally a couple of miles further I came across another bear again just a few feet away. NEVER take the white trail.....
  14. Not a give away, an investment. Great job Pop.
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