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  1. A friend had a mutt who loved to lay flat on the hood as he drove around, slowly of course. Dog would jump up lay flat and wait for the ride to begin. Mans best and most amusing friend.
  2. The only upside is that its a kid and they heal a lot faster then older folks. Then again who would let a kid ride like that in the front seat.
  3. I can assure my friend my GOD is not a false one. Now your religion seems to be that of hate and ignorance so that tells me that yours is the false GOD. Now stand up like a man and accept that you voted for a collection of people hell bent on destroying our way of life.
  4. The mere fact that you would call a small altercation by a mixed collection of fools and attempted overthrow tells me all I need to know about you. But your obfuscation aside, do you believe in open borders, gun confiscations and that potato's are a sexual????
  5. I really must change my moniker. I'm actually middle aged, if I live to 100 that is. I've read it again, Bucky and it comes across as cop bashing. Passing moronic legislation will do little to correct the actions of bad cops and will only undermine the morale of good cops not to mention make our mess of a state that much more dangerous.
  6. And there lay the crux of the problem. The ruling class but more and more obstacles in the way of common sense and then the people complain that the cops are not doing enough. Why should the people expect cops to jump thru hoops to enforce the law only to find themselves the bearing the brunt of a ignorant populous.
  7. Been going to LBI since before it was called LBI. I have always thought surf fishing looked so very peaceful in particular when some guys would be doing it at night. A lantern, beer and bliss.
  8. Lets review. Your side armed Iran, disarmed American citizens, seeks to limit interstate travel to curtail an pandemic while opening the borders to God only knows who and has seen fit to demonize the gender of a plastic potato. Yup your a winner
  9. If I become less white will I be able to get all the free things all the non white folks get? Then again if we all become less white, who will be left to pay for all those free things
  10. Seasick just once. My friends thru me a bucket and a blanket and some fake sympathy and fished on..
  11. I'm surprised FOX put that out there given their recent turn to the left.
  12. Are you talking about birds or politicians....
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