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  1. Great info. Thanks for posting. You would be surprised how deadly simple bacteria can be. I've seen horrible infections develop from dog bites to simple cuts from kitchen knives.
  2. Let us hope the same fools are not in charge of local EMS.
  3. First bow season for my son and me but we are going to wait till mid October. Hate the humidity and the insects.
  4. I think if you smuggle your suppressor over the southern border it immediately becomes legal........
  5. Nothing better then Saturday morning cartoons
  6. Be patient, they are merely upgrading from there fossil fuel centered system to a more green system...
  7. My kid was heading to Canada for some skiing this winter. I talked him out of it. He is heading out west.
  8. Better to stay home. Spend your money here.
  9. Green energy and multiculturalism. The left has it's fantasies.
  10. It's a world based on emotion not fact. How can we possibly counter things like this? Hunters are portrayed as the vicious sadistic villain. Very hard to counter feelings with fact.
  11. Oh he is real alright....
  12. Excellent advice for the children of immigrants looking to assimilate into American culture.
  13. 1. Virginia teacher says , making kids behave in class is White Supremacy Perhaps this explains all the recent behavior in American cities and schools. Kids just acting non white.
  14. The woods are still safer then any American city..
  15. I was on the fence but now I'm convinced. It's a chicken...
  16. Better to be judged by 12 then eaten by a bear.....
  17. That would make perfect sense. Keeping with NJ logic the bear can arm himself with what he sees fit.,
  18. No harm in carrying a little self defense. You can do all the right things and all it takes is one bear having a bad day to ruin yours.
  19. He's a great guy sharing his new mini bike and now his new rifle......
  20. Bear spray is more of an aphrodisiac then a deterrent......
  21. Chaos by design. Afghanistan, the border, spending all these are not " mistakes " these are deliberate acts to destroy the nation.
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