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9/22 morning hunt


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This humidity is definitely disappointing. It was really nice at my son’s football game last night.

In the stand and set for a few hours this morning then my younger son’s football game at noon and hopefully back for the pm sit.

Good luck guys!

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I'm your Huckleberry :devious:

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Just got in tree and win picked up. Blowing right into bait. Bait was gone frol last week but I dropped a small 2lb bag of apple scented corn to help the matter.
Warmer than I was hoping. Supposed to be a high of 68.. its 73 and sun not even up yet.

Good luck

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I'm out in zone 50 and have been on stand since 5:45. Pulled a rookie maneuver and left my backpack at the truck. If it wasn't so warm I would've gone back for it but was already sweating. Looking for Mr Big today.


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