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Odd interaction and my first yote


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Didn't wanna blow up my spot by shooting this crap dog but right after sun up she kept circling the tree in front of me then presented me with a clear 40yd shot. She goes down half hour later 2 spikes come in at first where terrified by the dead coyote. Then got used to it would take a bite of corn or an acorn then look over snort stomp then eat repeat. It was a good show. IMG_20161206_090202.jpgIMG_20161206_144010_01.jpg


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Chasing the deer that eat your bushes since 2012





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Congrats again! I would shoot a coyote over a 100" deer if they were side by side.

Got your dog skinned and on the stretcher today. Suould have it tanned as a wallhanger for you within 5 months.


Nice meeting you today



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