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Chicken Little

Buck down

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Nice morning...light winds out of the west and 43 degrees.

Sat down in my ground blind and about 6:10 I hear a noise from the south and see movement through the brush and see him moving towards me. Crossbow up on the rail and settled waiting for him to step into my sweet spot.

He does and then hesitates and turns toward me...looks around and takes the final fateful step. I shoot and he stumbles to his right, away from me and takes off in front of me...stops gets tipsy and crashes, gets up and crashes again. I cant see him but he is only about 50 yds away.

Ended up hitting back but center punched the liver and clipped lung.

Pics to come but he is a funky 6 pt frame and left side is a nub about 1 inch. Needed to be removed from gene pool.

Nice and fat...1.5 maybe 2.5 yrs old

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Congratulations again.   :up:   

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120lbs on the hoof.

It appears it was an injury and then grew that way, it was not broken.

I have often heard an injury will cause an antler defect on the opposite side...that is what appears to be the case although I did not see a limp or anything.

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