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  1. Where are you located and does dog hunt or just a house dog
  2. Is having its 3rd annual Jamboree August 20th and 21st. It's a fun event for all good food and lots of hand on things for the kids to do.
  3. That's awesome good use out of his winnings for sure. Again congrats to him for winning both contest good deal
  4. I never seen it before with no bite marks I seen blues and brown sharks eat there tails after being hooked
  5. Nice shot and it's not as easy as most think.
  6. ^^^^^ I agree call do not text texting can be read in so many different ways and when you call it's easier to understand where your coming from. I.would ask if you can see the progress if he didn't mind you stopping by they are in the customer service business so a happy customer is what they want good luck with your mount and the new house
  7. Congratulations to allmann & johnnyo8148 with score of 122.5 to win the contest. There was some bickering in the contest but that happens. All who shot bird congratulations to you because that's the real win the the hunting world putting food on the table. Also congratulations to LPJR'S son for winning the youth contest young man you had yourself one he'll of a season with a great buck and a great turkey. All winners please contact shootstraight to get your prize winnings. Thanks you all for signing up Turkeyboy44
  8. If you are still sitting on a bird you have till 11:59 tonight to check it in rules say and aways have said may 27th is the last day just making this clear
  9. Yes it has antlers but it don't look like a buck I will post more pics
  10. And drop tine why you batching anyway your not going to win this thing anyway with only your bird entered for your team don't get why your so passed off to begin with winning team has 122 points
  11. I will add the upgraded bird because it was unclear sorry about this first time running a hunting contest and I thought I had put it up as one upgrade. This will be the last contest I run nothing but Bullshit ever comes from contest sorry for the Confusion. But again thought I had it up as one up grade I will post your bird as it stands and shootstraight I will do the same for you as well I have a real life rasing 3 kids and work don't need any more Bullshit then I already have. Fixing scores now
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