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  1. I make it a couple times a year...lots of meat and cheese. Yours like amazing.
  2. Doubled up is awesome....congratulations to both of you!
  3. Brings back memories of my youth when my father would catch a bunch and smoke them.....long time ago.
  4. Nice work with the trout....plus the bonus shed and piebald...mega millions is like $140 mil!
  5. If it's Browns Boat Yard in Cheesequake Creek, there most certainly is.
  6. Kept my boat at Browns for 10 years. Decent marina with good pricing. About a 30 minute run to the point of the Hook. Rail road bridge can be annoying. Current running through the creek can make pulling into your slip solo a challenge. Worth it.
  7. Good luck...catch 'em up. I still have a few weekends of prep.
  8. Hang in there.....you'll get through these trying time.....lol Jealous
  9. "the Gov't will be reimbursing businesses" Ha....where do you live? lol
  10. The Chinese will steal it and make a fortune!
  11. Thanks...I'm starved!! Looks great!
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