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  1. Thanks...I'm starved!! Looks great!
  2. Nice!......what weights did you make?
  3. 40+ years of hunting ...never cited....checked once. Pulled up to my private land spot and an unfamiliar pick up is parked there. I see a guy about 30 yards into the wood and yelled to him "what are you up to?"...comes walking out and I see the shield on his chest....CO who stopped to take a pee....chatted a little and he said "I gotta check you while I'm here"...checked my muzzy and permit...all good.... told me he's never had a complaint about my group and went on his way. That was about 10 years ago...haven't seen a CO since.
  4. Nice!...thats a swamp donkey.
  5. I usually get steak at Keene's...they are known for their mutton. Walking distance from Penn.
  6. My "go tos" are Keene's and Sparks. Unusual aspects....Keene's has wooden pipes (smoking pipes) all over the ceiling. Sparks.....mob boss Castellano was gunned down in front of it. Both are pricey.
  7. That is a great pic....I'm going to say the cat had dinner.
  8. Wow...nice buck...Congrats!
  9. Looks like a doe without fawns...freezer filler!
  10. Oh yeah...nice work...got him hooked for life.
  11. Thank you...gonna give it a try.
  12. Where did you get the kielbasa seasoning?
  13. June Rocks....and she knows it!
  14. Yikes...how high up in that tree are you?!
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