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  1. Interesting...Albright has been my go to....no problems.....but may try a new one. Hammer what is your go to?
  2. Great Buck1....congratulations.
  3. Nice ...congrats. I would say Dad taught them well.
  4. The town certainly saved $$ by doing nothing on Thursday.....town has the $$ to clear the field. Don't buy into the community service BS.
  5. Sweet Ride!. Always have a better feeling when the general maintenance items are done. More rod holder please! j/k
  6. I keep a bolt with a field point and target in the truck. Yes a hassle but easiest for me. I have the Invader too....about 6 years now. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Setup for a new Nike ad campaign! Cha ching!
  8. Thunderhawk

    Need a Prayer

    Prayer sent.....heal up and feel better
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