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new voting schedule


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the goverment thinks there will be problems at the polls this year between the two parties. to reduce conflicts obummer made a public speech  today that republicans will be voting nov. 8th and democrats vote nov. 9th. i think it is a great idea and thought i would pass the info on so if your democrat and taking the day off i dont want to see you have to take a second day off because you thought you voted on the 8th.

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this will definitely be an interesting election we have only started the early voting and people are saying that trump and straight republican votes are being switched to Hillary....

I'm going to make damn sure that when I press the button for Trump that it says Trump. Everyone else should do the same whomever you choose.

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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If voting machines and results can be hacked, and the only political party that was hacked this past year were Democrats, and they blame it on the Russians...


Trump might have this in the bag without even trying....


:nerd:  :rofl:  :stirring:

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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