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Drunken Smithy


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The wife and I took a road trip out to Hersey this weekend.  Hit Troeges for lunch then spent 4 hours forging knives at the Drunken Smithy in Palmyra, PA.  Highly recommend, it was a ton of fun and the staff was awesome!  We both forged knives from railroad spikes but they had other projects your could chose from as well. Their prices were great and it came with sausages roasted on the forge and BEER!  And at the end of the class they had an axe throwing competition.  I won $50 off the next workshop and a t shirt!  Lol.  Can’t wait to go back.  




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9 minutes ago, Jim_ said:

Friggn' awesome!

My son and I watch some Forge in Fire. I can't find prices on their website ... mind saying how much it was to do a railroad spike knife?


$150 for the railroad spike.   Not bad considered it included 4 hours of forging… food… drinks and beer.  The employees we’re great and made the entire night a blast!

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