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  1. Too late for this year, but Rutgers operates a managed bowhunt on the ecological preserve across the river on Livingston for vetted hunters. I know Rutgers employees and Piscataway residents get preference ... maybe students, too? If you want to start the process for next year, contact Dr. Richard Lathrop in Ecology and Nat Resources Dept at Cook. Good luck
  2. I was behind the house we just bought clearing brush until early afternoon. Had no idea what was going on. Saw a fighter fly overhead twice ... just thought how cool that was. Finally came inside, wife called from work ... "the trade towers are gone!" I couldn't fathom what she was saying. Then I turned on the TV .... God Bless America
  3. Have fun, everybody! Good luck, too. Nice weather. Three more weeks until zone 4 opens, but i'll be there tomorrow morning again looking for deer/sign.
  4. Always love what you post. Great job, Pop. She really is quite the little outdoorswoman. How old is she?
  5. That's for sure. But, I think this is the new normal ... drought out west, mucho storms in the east. This was the fourth tropical system to hit NJ this summer. I'd much rather have lots of snow like it was when I was kid. Hope this big, mean system stays away from the US ... or us ...
  6. We should have never left. Keeping this NATO mission going was like keeping our finger in a leaking dam. It wasn't war ... that ended years ago. When Trump announced that he would pull us out, I could not believe how few members of Congress disagreed ... only members of the Armed Forces and Intelligence committees. Maybe republicans did not want to cross Trump? So, I'm in the minority ... the American people wanted out. But this is a very complicated situation, with many variables, with lots of blame to go around, of both parties. Sad and dishonorable.
  7. Thats a sensible amount of grills. Real nice place to hang out you have there.
  8. USMC Sgt Nicole Gee from California in Kabul last week. "I love my job" ... she captioned the photo of her. She joined the Corps because she wanted to help people. Married to another Marine Just one of the heroes ... and our fellow Americans ... that were killed and injured at the airport. God bless them, and their families. (Mistakes by both administrations brought us here. This not the place for that stuff. This is not the time for it.)
  9. Jim_


    Parking lot full of hunters in their camo (military woodland/tiger stripe before that guy invented TreeBark) during fall bow Saturdays. That was pretty cool. Big Stash's in Linden was near me growing up. In addition to huge and cheap portions of comfort food ... kielbasa, pastrami, pierogies, birch beer on tap, too. Full bar. Closed some years back after many decades.
  10. Praying for good news, Tarhunt.
  11. Jim_

    Who remembers?

    So did I, on winter nights when I was a boy. I used to build German Tiger tanks and such, using a lit match to melt the plastic to simulate battle damage. I remember building that popular B-17 bomber kit, too. Funny how memories also bring back aromas... the Testor's glue tube, caps, etc ...
  12. RIP Charlie. Long road ... lots of great music. And, he was the kinda straight one. Saw the Stones twice ... the old JFK stadium in Philly, and Capitol Theatre in Passaic.
  13. I agree. Glad Murphy released this. These are tough days for many American service personnel.
  14. So lets not blow it by having Trump run again in 2024. Ignore him. This America-hating Democratic party can't be in the White House.
  15. Good news. I was concerned that the delta variant might force changes in the border reopening plan. A page on ArriveCAN stated the arrival tests will be random, not mandatory. I don't know. Regardless, I know that the test will be available right at Arrivals at Quebec City Lesage airport.
  16. Enjoy retirement, Paul. It was great having you there to discuss things with.
  17. The older I get, the littler gun I like. lol
  18. Ren 700 in .308 ... had been my only hunting centerfire rifle for decades. I only upgraded the trigger. I figured a good cartridge for whitetails, and fun at the range. I hunt walking around, in recovering mining/timbering land in west-central Pa. A few years ago, I bought a used Browning lever action in .243 for a new shooter/hunter I was mentoring. Now, its my gun for deer. The cartridge is plenty for my kind of hunting, and I like the easy carrying and mounting. Like the little recoil, too . lol Good luck.
  19. GREAT photos! Big fun with the grandkids! Great job, everybody. Looking forward to this with my grandkids when they get of age. (I'm sure you know that the Browning pump is completely ambidextrous)
  20. GREAT photo! Cute little girl. Great job, dad.
  21. Purina Pro Plan: Performance during fall and winter, Large Breed Adult during spring and summer
  22. Great photos ... beautiful little girl ... great job, pops
  23. GREAT photos, and read! Congrats to your little girl
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