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Rage in the cage

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Now that i can finally hunt in my yard, i decided to go 1st time ever tonight. Originally I was not shooting does here, but I decided to sit for my eab doe, and if I see more than 2 does, I'll shoot one. If I only seen 2 or less than 2, I wouldn't take any from this spot.


got in the stand at 6ish

Within 10 mins this 7ptr (biggest buck on camera behind my house, but nothing special)



About 15 mins later I hear a splash, look up, there are a bunch of deer in my pond. They drink and wade, then come over the hill right in my face. 3 does, 4 fawns.


I watched them for a little while. I don't like shooting when there's that many deer cause I fell like they get educated to danger that way.


After the buck left, a doe and 2 fawns left, only 2 does and 2 fawns remain.


I need to put the deer down quick in this small patch of woods .. depending which way they run they are right on the border and property next door is only 50 yds wide. . So I'd like to put them down asap in sight. Best way is a hard qtr away shot.


Video and pic tell it all fb54b66278634d38251ad4c8c6e42373.jpg





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sweet, way to get it done and it was great meeting you today, congratulations

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