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  1. Lemmy


    Hau’oli la Hanau ( Happy Birthday ) & Mega Shaka from Hawaii Matt !! Enjoy your day..
  2. Lemmy

    Big Island Hurricain

    Aloha HH, The lava flow stopped earlier this month but this hurricane is helping to extinguish the current brush fires on the Kona side..I guess that’s a plus?
  3. Lemmy

    Big Island Hurricain

    Yep, we’re lucky. Lots of rain and luckily no damaging winds on the Hilo side of Hawaii Island. I hope the Kona side and the other Islands are as fortunate.
  4. Lemmy


    Rottweilers for me.. Bucky endured a 16 hour flight from Jersey to our new home, felt so guilty for putting him through the move. Once here, he took to swimming in the ocean like a duck to water. Winning situation all around..
  5. Lemmy

    Happy Birthday Lemmy

    Thanks again guys! Local news/coconut connection says lava has stopped flowing from fissure 8 today..Hope it’s over and done. Good luck to all in the upcoming deer season, be safe and knock ‘em dead.
  6. Lemmy

    Happy Birthday Lemmy

    Thanks guys! I do miss NJ, especially now with opening day right around the corner. The volcano is still wreaking havoc, frequent tremors and vog...We shall see. My other half asked if I wanted to go somewhere special for my big 50. I said no, we’re already here..Slowly adjusting to life “Island Style”.
  7. Lemmy

    Prayers for Paramus

    Prayers sent for all involved , sorry to hear of the Jersey tradgey.
  8. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom..Ex Wives gone wild? Marlin Perkins shot and sedated one, then covered her eyes with a wet towel during relocation... True story.. I think... the end.😉
  9. Lemmy

    Tail gone on dog being chased by a big cat

    LOL! Literal caption at its finest...Is the dog a Rottie?
  10. Lemmy


    Happy Birthday HH!
  11. Lemmy

    Miss Nj

    Yes HH, I planned to do just that, but the FAA imposed a no fly zone for nonessential aircraft including drones within 5 nautical miles of the Puna lava flow ( within 24 hours of the initial eruption).. There’s one drone video I’ve seen online, but that was on day 1 before the flight restrictions. Hope all is well HH !
  12. Lemmy

    Miss Nj

    Amen to that ! If a steam eruption happens, Hale Ohia Cottages would surely be in danger.
  13. Lemmy

    Miss Nj

    Yes, fissure #17 opened to the South, it’s 2 subdivisions from me. No evacuation for me..fingers crossed. Mini tremors happening daily and we’ve been warned of a possible steam driven volcanic eruption if the lava lake falls below the water table. We’re taking it day by day.
  14. Lemmy

    Miss Nj

    Thank you for your insight ... We’ll try to put things in perspective..Just overwhelmed at the moment.
  15. Lemmy

    Miss Nj

    Yes, I must admit that I can have snow and sand within a few hours, above the clouds.. I guess it’s always human nature to always want/expect more..... You only live once ..