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  1. Good to hear and yes, he is great at what he does.. I remember him as Captain and sailing over 12 hours to the canyons. First canyon trip with Chris... 2 AM, he anchored, ran down the bridge ( like a bat out of hell) threw a diamond jig out and decked the first tuna in less than 5 minutes, while everyone on the boat was waiting for the boat to settle. He surely was a cowboy, leading by example.
  2. Nice to see the Big Mohawk is doing well. Is Capt. C. Hueth still running the show? Canyon fished with him over 2 decades ago, every trip was successful.( stories-untold ). He was a passionate and very productive Captain.
  3. Lemmy

    Happy 2019

    Happy New Year ! You all stay safe and warm...
  4. Congratulations Lauren & Matt! Great to hear of Madison’s arrival. God Bless!
  5. Nice one John..Congrats! Hope all is well in Jersey.
  6. Wow, a syncopal episode in the woods with no one to help, serious stuff. Glad you’re still with us and made it to the E.R..Hoping for your fast recovery and return to your passion. Hunt safe & smart.
  7. Hoping for your speedy recovery Buschman.. My late hunting mentor had a BKA. He was able to safely climb tree stands and walk through the woods with minimal issues. He never sat down while on post in a tree stand and preferred leaning against the tree for support. The main tripping hazard for him were low lying vines and shrubs that would snag on the foot of his prosthesis. As for uneven terrain or slopes, he had guide ropes in place to help steady him. He was so independent (and stubborn), I often forgot he was an amputee.
  8. Hau’oli la Hanau ( Happy Birthday ) & Mega Shaka from Hawaii Matt !! Enjoy your day..
  9. Aloha HH, The lava flow stopped earlier this month but this hurricane is helping to extinguish the current brush fires on the Kona side..I guess that’s a plus?
  10. Yep, we’re lucky. Lots of rain and luckily no damaging winds on the Hilo side of Hawaii Island. I hope the Kona side and the other Islands are as fortunate.
  11. Rottweilers for me.. Bucky endured a 16 hour flight from Jersey to our new home, felt so guilty for putting him through the move. Once here, he took to swimming in the ocean like a duck to water. Winning situation all around..
  12. Lemmy

    Happy Birthday Lemmy

    Thanks again guys! Local news/coconut connection says lava has stopped flowing from fissure 8 today..Hope it’s over and done. Good luck to all in the upcoming deer season, be safe and knock ‘em dead.
  13. Lemmy

    Happy Birthday Lemmy

    Thanks guys! I do miss NJ, especially now with opening day right around the corner. The volcano is still wreaking havoc, frequent tremors and vog...We shall see. My other half asked if I wanted to go somewhere special for my big 50. I said no, we’re already here..Slowly adjusting to life “Island Style”.
  14. Prayers sent for all involved , sorry to hear of the Jersey tradgey.
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