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Squirrel hunting in NJ


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51 minutes ago, Northcountryman said:

Ive got a 12 gauge but thats too much power; can you use a smaller shotgun in Jersey for squirrel? I didnt see it in the regs. 

You can use any shotgun 10ga and smaller for squirrel. 12ga is fine, just use low brass with fine shot and a wide open choke. I wouldn’t be taking shots under 15 yards

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8 minutes ago, fab said:

My dads uncle in western pa always used a single shot 410 with 4 shot   

Since I shot mine on paper I can’t understand why.  Range is very limited.     I come to find out it’s the only shotgun he had.  Makes sense now.  

use the 12 

I kill pheasants with my 410 and 4s.  My 410 does have chokes I use full

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