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  1. Saw first one Saturday in Rutherford
  2. to many carbs in all those beans ......lol
  3. what does he charge these days.
  4. I wish there were more local shops. I’m in 3h near 3a. Other than Walmart I think I have to go 40 miles. For everybody coming down 17 there is a butcher in Fairoaks I think he’s around exit 119.
  5. That’s the same number that I have for Hawthorne there’s a guy in North Haledon Brian but I can’t find his phone number just yet give me a minute
  6. Just got up in 14. Late work call. Let’s see
  7. Out in six. 57 degrees. Darn winds wrong again. Most of the corn from Saturday looks to still b here. Out at 9. Good luck
  8. Yes. I paid 33 direct from factory got 1 aftermarket off eBay for 28. Get the factory also if u have a metal can. Get a 1 1/2 in mushroom cap vent for the top. Metal gets lots of moisture inside I installed the vent Corn stays longer.
  9. I am climbing down in 5. 3D am. sit in 8. One walked underneath me opening morning nothing the last two sits. I put out 10 pounds of corn and three apples Thursday still corn on the ground this morning
  10. fab

    Late dropper

    Last year outside Livingston manor I saw a doe and 2 tiny tiny fawns still with full spots on oct 24 th. They couldn’t have been 20 pounds Like the size of the deer I have in July in my yard I was thinking the same thing late Rut or maybe she miscarried and then got pregnant again.
  11. fab

    9/19 check.

    Back in 2. 76 when I left truck. Got thermocell going.
  12. Up In 6 till 845. Windy but correct direction. No bugs.
  13. I agree about changing things up last year I was on a mission to get a deer with an old t/c 50 cal Hawken using 2f black powder with patch n ball. 2 years ago was my fathers 1958 Ben Pearson take down semi recurve with a cedar shaft tipped with Hilbre Broadhead from the ground this year I’m looking to get a buck with my grandfathers old 12 ga Winchester pump Loaded with 0 buck pattern the 20 know it’s limits and work within them It’s suppose to be fun
  14. I patterned my browning o/u. 26 inch improved/ modified 20 for my daughter We used federal 3 inch 2s. we used federal 2 2/4 3s and Remington 3 in 3s. I wanted to try rio but couldn’t find any local. This was 3 summers of so ammo was accessible If you limit 40 yards there should be sufficient energy in twos and threes But you need a gun that patterns. I was shooting at 30 x 48“ pieces of cardboard I couldn’t even get all the pellets on the paper at 35 yards To get 3/4 of the pellet count in an 18 in circle I was 15 yards with the twos and 20 with the threes. And the two and three-quarter inch shot better so I figured I have a 20 yard gun for her. I ended up borrowing my friends H&R 20 gauge single slug gun for her. I did a lot of research online as well. guys find guns that shoot them well unfortunately mine did not. my fathers 12 gauge 30 inch full puts nine out of nine 00 in a 15 inch circle at 35 yards my Mossberg put eight out of nine on a 30“ x 48“ paper at 35. Go figure
  15. Out in 2. first sit of season. Got settled. 455. Bugs were unbearable by 457. am tomorrow in 8 am Sunday in 6 sun pm back in 2 if I don’t score be safe to all
  16. fab

    30 06 ammo fs

    5 boxes of 30-06 ball m-2 ammo b/o. In Taylor ham country but travel for work Pm interest
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