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  1. Nice! My father caught a trout on a live shiner years ago.. late June in Grenloch lake after we switched from trout fishing and not catching a 1 at all to bass fishing. Only 1 he caught on fish only 1 i seen caught on fish.
  2. Years ago...about 20+ there was a guy with a roadside bait stand off rt 73 across from Mr Green Jeans produce. Had an aerated bathtub for minnows in a shaded spot and some old pieces of carpet for you to pick your own worms. Honor system for payment via a metal dropbox.
  3. Never caught trout with them. Catfish,bluegills yes...alot of them. Father used to catch trout with them in the 60's. Behind my grandparents house in Bellmawr they'd get nightcrawlers in droves.
  4. Nice...my personal biggest is a 3lb brown i caught in 2004...in Grenloch
  5. I was out in it and so were 6 others before i left. Chest waders and a hooded rain coat works great.
  6. You can fish on the spillway...just be sure to have a long handled net. Seen guys try to hoist them up via their line and it come off. There were 2 up on there this morning
  7. Found this hook and worm inside ones mouth with some line and barrel swivel guess they had a break off.
  8. got my limit in an hour,first 1 at the lake this morning. Saw 2 guys on the spillway catching them too.
  9. Let's see those opening day trout pics..if no pics then atleast your catch count. I'm a visual guy..pics say alot. I didn't go today,but the Iona shorelines were packed with people. I will tomorrow morning though.
  10. That was my go to trout lake from 1992 until the fuel spill upstream in 2000 something. After that i've not even caught so much as a sunfish there. I most of them in 92 to 94..All on meal and wax worms. Glad to see someone started catching them in there again. I switched over to Iona lake...it's much closer to me.
  11. How do they compare to a Century brand rod ?
  12. Doesn't matter where they're from,what language they speak or even what color they are. A slob is a slob is a slob. Someone doesn't care or have any respect for others or morals.
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