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  1. Too many guys called out for lame reasons..mostly because they were up late the night before getting drunk or high with friends and they're hungover etc. To hunt or fish isn't lame though. But It makes more work for the guys who show up.
  2. I don't get how it was dropped to 1..there's still too many of them here. If anything increase the limit to 5 and make the winter areas larger and longer days.
  3. Too busy working to hunt anything then. 😒😒
  4. 1.Pattern your gun. I'm shooting 2s and 3s for ducks and bb for goose. 2. Scout a variety of areas water and fields. 3. Chest waders are a must unless you have a boat and dog. I keep a fishing rod and a few sinkers and treble hooks to snag downed birds.
  5. During the regular and special winter season?
  6. My father in law did that for years. He loved crabbing. My first time crabbing was with him and i had a bad experience of it 😆😁...the greenheads were murderous that day.
  7. I did from the surf alot at Heislerville and Fortescue. But haven't in years. Barely caught anything. Party boat for bottom fishing,caught Fluke in June and July.
  8. Bait n hook..never bought bait there though Blackwater Sportsman on Delsea drive N Vineland. As far as chicken for crabbing we use the backs. And get a 40lb box of them. Bag them in like 5 or 6 per bag. Leave them out in direct sunlight for a day or 2 so they spoil. Then freeze them.
  9. Atleast you got out and had time together. Yea weekends are insane. Weekdays are better but most people work Mon through Fri. Don't get me started on the jet skis...please just don't 😁😄😃
  10. I do alot of my own automotive maintenance and repairs. rotate my tires every 5k even though they rotate when i drive 😃😆. While i have them off i look in at the brake surfaces,hoses,lines,steering and suspension components.
  11. I do an engine oil change every 3 to 5k..actually just drained and refilled front and rear differentials on my 01 Suburban,i bought the transfer case fluid but haven't changed that yet. I will before September. The differential fluid is supposed to be changed every 100k on mine. I did it not knowing if it were done then for my own piece of mind. I bought it used with 151,000. The rear looked ok the front idk but they both have new oil in them now.
  12. 😳😲 wow what a monster! Nice fish!
  13. Should someone not know what a satellite sinker is..this is 1 example. I've seen them in sizes from 2oz to 6oz in 2oz increments. I've only used the 4oz
  14. I throw metal or a bucktail with a teaser for the first hour of light after that it's bait. Fishbites bloodworms are great on a hi lo kingfish/whiting rig with enough weight to hold bottom. I use a 3 or 4 oz pyramid. Precut squid strips or small strips of mackerel at times as well. I carry atleast 1 4oz satellite in case the pyramids don't hold.
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