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newbie owner of a masterbuilt electric smoker


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Just got delivered my new MasterBuilt electric smoker today :) There was an earlier thread about smoker recommendations and it seemed a lot of people have good things to say about these, so I got one of those smaller 30" ones while they were on sale.

It's my first smoker... I got some questions:

1) When you season a smoker for the first time, do you spray the inside (walls and grates) with cooking oil? Or do you just turn it on as-is for a few hours without coating the internal surfaces with oil? Instruction manual says just turn it on for 3 hours with no mention of coating the inside with oil, but I've seen other folks actually season their smokers with oil before turning on the heat for that first time.

2) The instructions say don't put the smoker on a flammable surface like wood. I suspect this is just paranoia to avoid lawsuits but I dunno. I have a wood deck I planned on putting this on - anyone else use their smoker on a wood deck? Is the heat that bad that it could scorch or burn the wood decking? I could buy one of those stands for it, or just put it on bricks if need be.

3) Where does everyone buy their wood chips?

4) Anyone ever make jerky in a smoker? Not sure how easy it is to make jerky with a smoker vs. a dehydrator. 

5) Give me recommendations for the first recipe to try :) -- I have a freezer full of venison as well as goose... I think I even have a rabbit and some pheasant in there, too.

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I also have the Masterbuilt and love it.

Ive bought the woodchips bags from Home Depot in the past, but the last few years I've been getting them for Xmas presents so I dont know where they get them from....

I've used this recipe for Goose Jerky and really enjoyed it, I use a little less Pepper Flakes than it calls for...



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21 minutes ago, hunterbob1 said:

Been there already - some good recipes there, if you don't believe me :P


Just now, rackemup said:

I did not spray the inside with anything when I first seasoned it.

Thanks. I think I'll just do it that way, too. I don't plan on storing it outside, so I shouldn't have issues with moisture and rust.

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Been there already - some good recipes there, if you don't believe me never said I don't believe you,congratulations on your smoker!

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I never seasoned a smoker, but you want to heat it up to burn off any oils from the factory.  There's nothing other than the grates touching the food, so there's no real need to season it.

I never use chips, I use block.  Block wood will burn more slowly and smoke better than chips.  Not sure if your smoker can use them, but if so, just pick it up by the bag at your local outdoors store.

I just made a brisket over the new year.  I thought it was going to take 8 hours, took 10.  Still eating the leftovers in hot, open sandwiches.

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I got a 40" masterbuilt gas smoker 8 years ago and love it. However I only use it a few times each year since its so large, but I fill it each time to maximize my gas being used. I not sure about the electric ones but with gas I do get grease fires so I wouldnt put it on your deck. The seasoning they are referring to is to burn off oils from the factory. The only way to really season a smoker is to use it. Smokers are like cast iron pans they hold the smells of past smokings so this only comes with time. Follow your cleaning directions but many smokers say not to clean them this has to do with the seasoning. Personally I scrape the wire racks and might spray out the inside with water but I never use soap. 

Get wood chunks or larger (i got mine at home depot). It is more cost effective and they last longer. The chunks tend to be bigger then I need so I actually cut them down into smaller pieces but they are still bigger then chips. You really dont use much I smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and used 3 oz of apple wood, didnt even burn through it all so I put the chard chunks back into the bag. I did a full smoker of bacon and used 4 oz of hickory. Be careful with the smoke though, you want a almost transparent blue smoke coming out. Also you can over smoke something, as in flavor, so be careful start small and improve any recipe you like with different amounts of smoke or different types of wood. I like to mix Hickory and apple. 

In the water tray, it helps to bring the smoker up to temperature, then add the water (I like to boil it then add it hot, and when ever you top it off make sure its preheated or else you will bring the smokers temp down). I personally like to use apple cider vinegar. 

Jerky can easily be done in a smoker. 

I used this web page to learn most of what I do. He has great tips and tricks and really goes into the science behind smoking and the temps to use. https://amazingribs.com/



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I have a the same masterbuilt and other than the fact that it barely creates any smoke, I love it. Do yourself a favor and buy an "A-MAZE-N" pellet smoker that you can put into the smoker, it takes up a bit of space but will actually create a ton of smoke!

As far as the deck, good question. I haven't put mine on the deck yet but I think it would be ok because the bottom of it didn't seem to be throwing that much heat. I was thinking of putting a few paving stones down on the deck and sitting it on top of them.

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I have the MES 30, great little smoker, easy to use, makes great food. It doesn't make much smoke but you don't want much smoke. Thin Blue smoke is your objective. That heavy white smoke will make your food taste bad.

I use chips in the chip tray for short smokes, or, as someone else posted, the A-MAZE-N pellet smoker for long smokes. I also did the mailbox mod, which is a great add on. You can google that and will come up with tons of examples and tips. 

Lots of good sites, I use Amazing Ribs and Smoking Meat the most. There is an entire forum at Smoking Meat .com for MES owners, tips, mods, etc. 

Good luck and have fun. 

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