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  1. I looked into this and couldn't find any detailed information on how they came to that conclusion, ie what criteria did they use while questioning these folks. What qualified as "at home" and who else was in the home and what were those people doing and where were they going, etc? I'm not arguing your line of thinking just giving some perspective because I saw that stat mentioned many times and wondered how they even figured that out with a certainty.
  2. While I agree with your first paragraph I'm not sure you can say with any certainty that this won't flare up again. Sure, it could completely disappear like SARS-COV-1 did or it could, like the Spanish Flu, return with a vengeance in the fall. Right now, what we should be doing (or have done a while back) is unlock any place that isn't having a severe outbreak. Only implement lock downs when absolutely necessary ie when hospitals are at risk of being over run like some spots in NY/NJ experienced. Keeping non-afflicted areas locked down is actually hurting us because the only way we are going to get past this is herd immunity. Given the lack of success of flu vaccines (and non-existent sars type vaccines) it seems the only way to reach that immunity is the old fashioned way.
  3. I dumped a bunch of cash into VOO when it was around $220.
  4. Did Flynn lie to the FBI or did the FBI set him up? Do you remember ever detail of every phone call you make? Do you think it would be easy for a person who has a recording of a phone call you made weeks ago to catch you in a lie? This is what the FBI did, they walked him into a misstatement. It is very easy to do when you have a recording of someone, very few people remember everything they said at every waking moment. Regardless of past party shenanigans and anything that Trump is currently doing. Do you or do you not believe that the FBI, Obama, and his admin tried to execute a soft coup?
  5. What a fantastic week of news! The sad part is that this has all been out there for years now but people were ignoring it. Hell, even today CNN and MSNBC have nothing on it. They are talking about an aide in the WH having CV19! lol
  6. I need to go up north tomorrow, may hit magnify as well. Hoping they still have some Maine event.
  7. That's a solid haul! Icarus is the tits, their BA Kalisnakoffee is awesome!
  8. Anyone who wants to support a local business, Cyclone brewing in Somerset. I haven't been overly impressed with them but they released this beer today and it was a really solid BA stout.
  9. Ok. This had nothing to do with race
  10. blah blah blah, have an actual argument?
  11. I respect that you need to work on your turkey calling so have fun with that. I never changed my story, not even sure what you mean by that. If I did, when you do have time (which will conveniently be never, please quote the places where I changed my story vis a vis the "gun". Perhaps you just are getting hung up in vernacular. If someone jumps out of a truck and has a shotgun leveled in my direction, I consider that "pointed, aimed" whatever, even if it is only remotely pointing towards me (because how can you know what the load is). I don't think a person running from two armed people is taking time to think through these intricacies, more likely they are panicking because they think they are about to be gunned down, which unfortunately was accurate in this situation. They also aren't looking to run into an unknown, ie the yard to the right or left of the truck. More than likely they want to bolt in the direction they are familiar with, muscle memory after all. What you are failing to comprehend is that these guys were in the wrong from the word GO. They had ZERO right to interfere with this guy, never mind doing it while armed, never mind actually pulling guns on him. The were legally IN THE WRONG any way you slice it while taking into account Georgia statues. Thanks for playing, please try to come back tomorrow refreshed from a good nights sleep and hopefully with an argument that actually makes a scintilla of sense.
  12. What do you expect they were latched on to a missing plane for a year. They are facking clueless.
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