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  1. From a psychological perspective the connection would be that when a depressed or suicidal person sees a famous person, who perhaps they look up to or consider an authority*, commit suicide they then think that it must be a viable and acceptable alternative. * celebrities often gain authority just because they are celebrities. It's ridiculous but studies bear it out which is why companies all seek celebrity endorsement of their products.
  2. A plane is one of the safest ways to travel. That being said, research has shown that after a well publicized suicide plane crashes seem to increase for a few months. doh!
  3. Which big game hang on is it?
  4. I could have written your response for you that is how predictable it was. I actually almost ended my post with "although you will view this as a defense of deadon it is actually not, it is a critique on your inability to view both sides of the argument through the same lens". I left it off because I wasn't trying to bust your balls per se. I don't have to "show you" I only have to point you to the many threads on this site in which you are embroiled in heated arguments with a guy you don't even know (I'm assuming you don't actually know each other). You obviously think he is a liar and douche which begs the question why you would even care what he thinks. However, anytime he levels a slight at Trump you come running in to "ask for facts". I'm willing to bet I could claim that Bill Clinton was the spawn of the devil and you wouldn't blink an eye.
  5. Yes, but they are seeking economic asylum which isn't what was ever considered asylum before. The laws need to be changed and I think Trump may want to truly curb illegal immigration. However, he is up not only the democrats but also many in the republican party who want it to continue. It's a money train!
  6. Actually, no. IIRC Trump claimed he had gotten that money for the wall and claimed there was a "start to his wall" actually tweeting out a picture of an older piece of wall that was being repaired. So really, Trump was fibbing because he knew that he couldn't actually spend that money on the wall yet he was claiming a victory. Classic Trump, no biggie IMO, we have come to expect it. Like a certain political personality likes to say, "There is good Trump and bad Trump". The argument you guys are having is quite silly. More so on your behalf I believe because although I agree with a lot of what you say regarding Trump [his success, policies, etc] the fact is he is a liar, he is a cheater, he appears to be significantly lacking in morals. Deadonshot is completely right in those regards (while still being incorrect in many others). But for some reason your defense of Trump rises to an almost sycophantic level which is hard to understand given what we know about him. If I recall correctly the argument in this thread started when Deadonshot raised the possibility that Trump was involved in Epsteins activity with underage girls. It was met with calls for evidence, personal attacks, etc. My question is, does anyone on here have any evidence that Clinton participated in any such activity? No, and I think that is Deadonshot's point. There is no evidence, known to any of us, at this time that shows that anyone other than Epstein and a few others not named Trump or Clinton were involved with underage girls. So why is it you all feel free to speculate Clinton was involved but get your panties in a bunch when Deadonshot says Trump might also have been involved? Both Trump and Clinton had relationships with the guy, they are both lacking in morals and accused sexual predators, they are both known liars. Yes, Trump is POTUS. Yes, he is doing some great things policy wise. However, we should all be mature and intelligent enough to also wrap our heads around the fact that he is, at the very least, a borderline scumbag. If we could all do that and just get back to arguing over policy, at least for the next 31 days...
  7. Not for nothing but is that what you are hanging your hat on when calling Deadon a liar? The difference between typing 2 or 1.6 billion? That is pretty weak sauce. I mean, if you are going to go through the trouble of digging up an example dig up a good one.
  8. How long do you plan on staying in the home? If you plan on being there for a long time do it right... hardwire everything you can with CAT6/7. Buy high quality APs that are rated for outdoor use if you plan to have them in unconditioned spaces, chicken coop, shed, etc. The money you save using indoor equipment outdoors disappears when you get 5 years instead of 10 out of the device. Forget Powerline.
  9. No advice on fishing but if you get over to the North Shore, Haleiwa make sure you stop at Killer Tacos! So good.
  10. Last I checked crime was way, way down. A steep decline since the 90s and lowest it's been since pre-70s. If our elected leaders need to do anything it is let non-violent offenders out of prison to make room for the real criminals, aka other politicians , violent criminals, and sexual offenders. If we need a crack down it should be on MSM bullsh*t hoaxes like the "gun epidemic". Do the math [rough numbers], 35,000 firearm deaths a year, 22,000 are suicides. Gang violence accounts for 75-85% of the remaining gun homicides. 25k-22k = 13k *.20 = 2,600 non-suicide non-gang related firearm homicides. Approximately 700 [conservative estimate] of those 2,600 are LEO shootings which takes us down to 1,900 [in a country of 329 million]. The stats on civilian justifiable homicide are murky so I will leave them out. Bottom line, if you don't: 1. kill yourself with a firearm [a mental illness issue not a firearm issue] 2. participate in gang-related activity 3. commit a felony/crime with a firearm You have very little chance of dying due to firearm related violence.
  11. This means what? Are you telling me our justice system has never before tried a person who was not mentally sound? Regardless, PTSD is classified as mental disorder. I am not of the opinion that having PTSD, or anything that may be diagnosed using the DSM, should automatically disqualify a person from owning a firearm. I just think that is the worst example a person could give. I mean the guy literally did exactly what these folks think they will be preventing by keeping guns away from classified people.
  12. Possibly the worst example ever. One of those vets with PTSD murdered Chris Kyle while Chris was trying to help the vet "come to terms" with PTSD.
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