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  1. newjerseyhunter

    Priceless, guess she didn’t see this coming LOL

    Troll level MASTER.
  2. newjerseyhunter

    January 2019 NJW&W Giveaway!

    I'm in
  3. newjerseyhunter

    Christie Must Be Pissed

    Agree with Yury, I thought being an asshole was part of the job description.
  4. newjerseyhunter

    Occupied dwelling

    Anonymously call the authorities. If they don't move him out I suggest you go out there every few days and if he isn't there, move his tent around. Not so that he can't find it but just enough that he has to spend some time looking for it .
  5. newjerseyhunter

    For sale - Mathews Drenalin w/ Accessories

  6. If the government wants your DNA I am sure they already have it, along with your fingerprints, a scan of your retina and a detailed map of the wrinkles on your balls. It's over, privacy lost.
  7. newjerseyhunter

    Trump at 9 pm

    Gotcha, I thought you were talking about trying to stop the flow of drugs into the country. You are correct as long as the economy and jobs are good in the U.S. they will come here. Also, this will probably be an unpopular opinion on this site but this is largely of our own making. We spent the better half of the last 150 years shitting all over Central and South America. Our foreign policy used our military and economic strength to force many of those countries into opening up their resources to US corporations which then basically robbed them of those resources. Don't take my word for it, take the word of one of the most highly decorated Marines in history, Smedley Butler. The sad part is most people defend that in the name of "Merica, fuck yeah" but they don't even stop to think that most of those big corporations are multinationals that have fucked over American workers by investing over seas, keeping money offshore, moving jobs overseas, etc.
  8. newjerseyhunter

    Trump at 9 pm

    Why can't we give up trying? I think Portugal gave up and legalized (perhaps just decriminalized) everything and it's working out for them going on 10 years now.
  9. newjerseyhunter

    Trump at 9 pm

    Such laws do exist in certain states like Arizona if I recall correctly. Not sure if they still exist and what type of enforcement is involved. However, if you take a look at who is putting the most money into opposing closing the border and what politicians they donate to you will have your answer as to why we don't have this type of legislation on a federal level.
  10. newjerseyhunter

    Trump at 9 pm

    They need to change the rules so politicians don't get paid. PERIOD. Especially at the state level.
  11. newjerseyhunter

    Trump at 9 pm

    He isn't going to destroy anything because they are set in their opinion and will just retort with stats on how U.S. born citizens commit more crimes per capita than illegals, etc. They are experts at twisting the argument and avoiding logic, the sad part is for the most part they do it automatically without even realizing how twisted their thinking has become.
  12. newjerseyhunter

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    I visited CO a few times before legalization and there were plenty of homeless people. LoDo and Boulder were particularly bad. It reminded me of Tempe, Az in the 90s-00s. Homelessness maybe on the rise (in CO and elsewhere, especially the west coast) but to lay the blame on Marijuana is just lazy. The situation is much more nuanced. I'm sure if you looked hard you would see that yes there has been a small effect but the contribution of Marijuana pales in comparison to Alcohol, Mental Illness, and hardcore drugs like Meth/Heroin. A more in-depth look would also take into account what is going on in the housing market and the economy, and it generally ain't good.
  13. newjerseyhunter

    Tick's Tick's Tick's

    Yup, permithrin is the way to go. I think I've had 1 tick on me in the past 5 years of using permithrin. And this includes shooting and field dressing a few deer that were crawling with ticks. One I shot right as the first winter cold snap was occurring. I think I stopped counting embedded ticks at 50 and there were hundreds crawling on it! I actually apologized to the butcher when I dropped it off.
  14. newjerseyhunter

    Important if you get the flu!

    If I feel something coming on I take 6-10 drops of pure oregano oil. Typically that stops whatever bug I had in its tracks. If I do actually come down with something it usually starts with a sore throat. For that I gargle for 1-2 minutes every 15 minutes for a couple of hours with a mix of lemon echinacea tea, apple cider vinegar, as much cayenne pepper as I can stand, and honey. It creates a real good burn in the throat and produces a ton of nasty mucous but it works like a charm, the next day I feel like new.
  15. newjerseyhunter

    Rifle question

    Great firearms. Based in NJ and made in the USA!