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  1. The best way to ditch a $190 xfinity bill is to switch to FIOS under one of their advertisements for the triple play. Then when that rate goes up, switch back to xfinity for their currently advertised triple play rate. IMO (in my area) FIOS blows xfinity out of the water for internet, no comparison. When you pay for just internet or a double play they jack the rates up and for a bit more you could have all 3 services. Don't be afraid to haggle with them on the phone.
  2. The ability to become an antique had little to do with the fact that the automobile revolutionized transportation and become one of the most disruptive technologies in history. It also has nothing to do with the purpose of an automobile. Even if your statement is true there are many things that play into the fact that today's autos don't last as long, consumer preferences, competition for natural resources, increase in road salt usage over the past 40 years, etc.
  3. Old cars had problems too but I agree, you could easily fix many of them at home. Both my car and my truck require an immense amount of work just to change the headlights!!! The manual for my car literally says I should take it to the dealer. I wanted to do exactly that, parking it midway through the showroom floor window. Most of the time anyway, considering the fatality rate before 1984 (by model) was double what it is now. Overall fatalities are down significantly since the 70s in spite of the miles driven having tripled.
  4. True, but you if you just think in terms of inflation and advancements in tech one could argue that today's vehicles are a much better deal than they were back then. For example, you can spend $40k today and get a car with a 5 star crash rating that does 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, crash avoidance tech, airbags all around, AWD, will park itself, will pull itself out of the garage (without you being in it), climate control, nice leather, ridiculous sound system, etc.
  5. If one of your chickens is acting lethargic you should quarantine it. It may have a fever or have picked something up from its tussle with the varmint. Best to get it away from the other chickens before it passes the infection on. If you aren't one to spend the money on a vet for a backyard chicken try adding some apple cider vinegar to it's water for a few days.
  6. May not do much good if he has a leak.
  7. They are also price gougers IIRC.
  8. I'm not sure they disperse quick enough, you can find those chemicals in everything and nearly everyone.
  9. Fantastic, just what we need... more glyphosate.
  10. If you can't find anyone who wants it you have a few local options for getting rid of it. The Franklin Food Bank can sometimes use things like this, Great Expectations may be interested and finally The Restore in Manville.
  11. Mixed reviews on whether this actually works against a rip tide (which differs from undertow or long shore currents). The most important thing to do is to STAY CALM. A rip that is caused by sand bars or some other under water structure actually circulates to some degree so once outside the obstruction which is causing the rip the water should move you in one direction or another (parallel with shore). This is the time to actually swim with the current. Trying to swim against a strong rip current, whether against it or perpendicular to it is a recipe for exhaustion, panic, MI, etc.
  12. If one chooses to follow this methodology I suggest a good bore snake first. Otherwise, 500 patches and 2 days later But seriously, the bore snakes work great and can be followed by some patches.
  13. I use Ballistol. I spray it into the barrel from both ends. If the barrel is really dirty I use the copper brush or bore snake. If not, I just use a mop. Generally the barrel is nice and shiny after I do this, however if I put a clean cloth down the barrel it will still pick up some carbon. I don't worry about it though because the barrel is nice and coated in Ballistol by that point and it isn't going to corrode. P.S. I wouldn't use brake cleaner.
  14. What campaign finance laws did he violate? There was no proof the payoff was illegal and since Trump has a pattern of paying off woman it would be impossible to say he did it solely because of his presidential run. Seriously? Because he is a billionaire he doesn't need to steal from the gov't? That is faulty logic. I'm happy we have Trump and not Hillary even though it cost me on my taxes. However, I wouldn't trust Trump with my bank account information in a million years! lol FLAT EARTH!!!!
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