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  1. I also have a pair of Thermacells but they have pretty much stopped working. I've only had them a few years and they were a bit pricey. The batteries on the model I have don't last for an all day sit either. That being said, if I count the number of times I used them and do the math on how much I would have paid for chemical foot warmers it is probably a wash.
  2. Back out for afternoon sit. I decided to hunt from the ground and sit over a ravine that gets decent traffic. Well the stump I picked must be home to a squirrel because about 20 minutes after I settled in this ahole squirrel showed up and started going bananas. He went on for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Out in 14. 30 degrees and calm. Rattled in a spike at 0630. Otherwise it's been quiet.
  4. Just saw a young buck missing one of his antlers, guess maybe thete has been some sparing going on?
  5. Out in 14. Lots of action prior to shooting time. Had a big body deer cruise by while I was climbing tree. Shocked it didn't just me as it was only 10 feet from the trunk. With all the leaves down there is a little more warning when one is approaching.
  6. Yeah, I was gonna say... sounds a bit like bragging but he earned it!!
  7. That looks like fine Maine weather to me! Congrats, tons of fun up there. What did it weigh in at? Did they age it for you? Looks to be 1-2 yrs old?
  8. Saddle hunting has it's uses but I consider it just another tool in the belt. I find it uncomfortable for longer hunts. Also, the setup this guy is using with the platform really limits his shooting area as far as I can tell unless he is basically leaving only a toe on the platform while reaching around the tree, which is possible but it makes it very difficult to keep your body in good shooting position. A standard climber limits you to trees that have no limbs, no? Also, I don't see where he was disconnected from the tree. I don't disconnect from the tree regardless of what type of hunting I'm doing, permanent stand, run & gun, or saddle.
  9. I have the same problem, I have very little natural insulation and when sitting in the stand I really freeze. I start getting cold sub-45 degrees, most of which I blame on the fact that by the time I hike in 2 miles I'm sweating my ass off so I end up with a serious chill. I've tried combinations of layers, etc but the only thing that seems to work for is the following [which I have tested to 15-20 degree temps with 10+mph winds] LL Bean polartec power dry lightweight base LL Bean polartec power dry midweight base 1 pair of socks either wool or alpaca Weezle Extreme undersuit - originally bought for dry suit diving but thing works great for hunting too Fleece pullover LL Bean Big Game system high-back over-pant IWOM XT - this thing is awesome, it can be worn as just a jacket or as a full body suit which is where it really shines. Once I zip in completely it helps keep my feet warm too. Fleece Hat, Fleece balaclava, and I zip the IWOM up, Fleece gloves and a handwarmer in the IWOM pouch. Lacrosse Hunt Extreme 2000gr PAC Boot I try to walk out to my stand with wearing as little clothing as possible to minimize perspiration. Some amount of sweat is inevitable and I've been thinking about switching up base layers because the layer that is against my skin stays wet and I get a chill. The other day when it was in the 30s I actually got into my stand, took off my shirts, removed the first base layer which was wet and put everything else back on. I immediately felt a lot warmer [I wasn't wearing the weezle or iwom]. The boots are very warm but they are like moon boots and not great for anything more than a short walk. I'm looking for a new boot in the 1000g range that is both warm and good for hiking in a few miles.
  10. Since we just had a pretty good frost this might be moot https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2019/eee_advisory.htm?fbclid=IwAR29hqN246HJY8t7JWCVhRGNIrG-WR-2aPdaCernUJDqIqtvnh1c0rV2YB4
  11. Yes it is. Just had another buck chasing then a small 8 walked by.
  12. Just had a buck chasing a doe hard. He must have been following and then caught up to her bc I didn't see or hear them coming and then all of a sudden 60 yds away at my 12 o'clock they were crashing through the woods.
  13. Probably goes great with anything from Alchemist! Lol
  14. Out in 14. Other than a crazy number of woodpeckers it's been relatively quiet. Had a small 4 point come in, nose to the ground. Made a beeline right to what's left of the gut pile of the doe i shot last night. Gave it a few sniffs then a few licks, for good measure I guess, then dissappeared into a thicket.
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