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  1. newjerseyhunter

    Spray foam insulation

    I used these guys when we were remodeling. They were really good, kept things relatively clean and stood behind their work. What I mean by that last part is because it was a bit cold when we were spraying there were a few areas that didn't fully expand. They came back, removed, and resprayed whatever they needed to until I was satisfied, no questions asked. Their pricing was very competitive. https://www.njsprayfoaminsulation.com/
  2. What the is wrong with people and their gofundme's these days? People have no shame, just begging for money for the dumbest reasons.
  3. newjerseyhunter

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    I thought this thread was going to be about one of the best movies of all time
  4. newjerseyhunter

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    If there is an obvious place someone would park in order to walk to the location this person was photographed maybe you should hide a cam there to get him getting in and out of the vehicle, then you have the license plate.
  5. newjerseyhunter

    Running Nose

    You could try changing your diet. There are certain foods that cause a lot of mucous. Less mucous, less nose running.
  6. newjerseyhunter

    I am crushed

  7. newjerseyhunter

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractures 3 ribs in fall

    As nice as it would be to have her off the court having aging parents I would never wish for or relish a serious fall such as this because it usually spells the beginning of the end for someone of that age.
  8. newjerseyhunter

    Public Question #1.. You voting yes or no?

    It really is unbelievable but nothing compared to Menendez winning again. I just cannot fathom why anyone would vote for this guy. If nothing else, all someone has to do is ask themselves in NJ has gotten any better during his tenure. Once you add in the corruption allegations, the underage girls thing... it is really mind boggling that this guy is in office again. There is something, seriously, wrong with many residents of this state.
  9. newjerseyhunter

    Low light conditions

    Hit it with the spotlight, you know, just to make sure
  10. newjerseyhunter

    Amazon Prime falls short on guaranteed shipping.

    FedEx drivers make that little money? UPS package truck drivers to pretty well, I think they start at $20 and it is very hard to be fired as long as you don't fail a drug test or get a dui.
  11. newjerseyhunter

    Amazon Prime falls short on guaranteed shipping.

    I've never had much of a problem with Prime. Maybe once or twice something didn't arrive on time but hey, I work in IT, stuff breaks for no reason, it is life. Prime prices have gone up and will continue to rise because Amazon had a sweetheart deal from UPS for a long time, that is no more and UPS is continuing to raise it's rates for Amazon. Until Amazon completely builds out it's own delivery force (which is years from happening I don't think they even deliver 5% of their own packages now) it won't be able to have total control of the supply/delivery chain. But don't worry, one day they will and it will be completely automated, your packages will arrive on time via drone.... then you guys can complain about how they aren't employing anyone! lol
  12. newjerseyhunter

    Will deer eat moldy carved pumpkins?

    Nope, you are what you eat, same goes for deer so why would you want to eat a deer that is eating moldy pumpkins?
  13. newjerseyhunter

    Wanted ameristep plastic strap on steps

    Wasn't there a recall on these things?
  14. newjerseyhunter

    Head lamp advice

    I have a BUSHNELL TRKR-275L and it is awesome. It was under 30 bucks. It has two white light settings, one that is bright enough to blind Stevie Wonder during the day and the other saves the batteries but still allows you perfect illumination when you are groping around in the night, much like Mr Wonder. There is also a red light setting and a blue light for blood tracking. I can't say that the blue light really makes that huge of a difference but then again, all of my deer fall over in their tracks But seriously, it is a kick ass headlamp. I have two and they have lasted years and they take regular abuse for camping, hunting, etc. They also get daily use because we use them at night when we go put the chickens away.
  15. newjerseyhunter

    How would you have handled this???

    Wait, he left one in the old ones place? You lucky bastard, the guy who took mine left me nothing!