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  1. DDS

    Venison yield

    I never weigh my deer before butchering, but I try to only shoot fully grown adult deer. That being said I do weigh my meat after processing and as others have said it averages around 35 lbs when im done.
  2. DDS

    Occupied dwelling

    No person, except the owner or lessee of the building and persons specifically authorized by him in writing, which writing shall be in the person's possession, shall, for the purpose of hunting, taking or killing any wildlife, have in his possession a loaded firearm while within 450 feet of any occupied building in this State, or of any school playground. thats the law. Now he is trespassing so he is not a owner or lessee and is not supposed to be there. I would say it’s not a occupied building. However by criminal law definition a tent is concidered a occupied dwelling. So technically your breaking the law. Personally I would report it have him moved and then hunt.
  3. Iv hunted next to busy roads but nothing like a highway. More like county roads. However I never rely on my hearing. I just look for them. There isnt anyway that I am aware of around this. Humans have three senses we can use hunting, since we can’t smell them and because you can’t hear them then the only other way around it is to look for them.
  4. My muzzle-loader is quite a bit front heavy and very light in the rear. It has a hollow plastic stock under the butt plate. Just wondering if anyone has filled their stocks and if so how did you do it? I was thinking Bondo, fiberglass or expanding foam with something heavy mixed in but the more I think about it im not sure I want it to be permanent, which all of these options would be. What would others that have done this suggest? Or is it even worth it?
  5. I just have 2 cards per camera and switch them out. My old Garmin GPS had a SD card slot that I would bring into the woods and could view the pictures but I dont have that any more. So I just use my computer.
  6. My grandparents have a christmas tree farm and I use the left over precut ones to brush my blinds in the following hunting year. No needles but plenty of branch cover. Other then on that property I never brush in my blinds, I set them up in august and by september the deer are used to them. I only do it at that property because I hunt where the dead tree pile is.
  7. I hunt public farmed land I think it’s state land, and my back yard which I just barely have enough room to bow hunt. Also my extended pfamily farms (I help occasionally but don’t do it regularly). Your asking a lot of a farmer(s) that already barely makes by on minimal profits. To plant and then not harvest or to plant and then to leave half standing is a large profit loss on not much profits. Not including labor and equipment repairs it costs approximatly $400/acre to plant and harvest corn this is materials alone. By the time corn and even soy beans are harvested it doesn’t leave enough time to get another crop started. Yes a lot of farmers plant a cover crop or wheat but this even only has enough time to germinate before the cold sets in and it stops growing for the winter, in not sure about the farmers that farm WMA but my family that farms state and county public land plants a cover crop on it along with all the other fields that are on privacy rented land. I know there is grants that completely pay farmers to plant fields that will not be harvested but they get paid, not much but enough to make it worth it. I love hunting field edges, but when crops are still standing I have more success in the woods away from the fields because you only get a small window to hit the deer before they disappear into the fields. Also deer around fields are less likely to come to bait of any kind because they have a whole field to eat from. It isn’t until the fields are harvested that I move to the field edges because the deer come out and are visible, they are also more likely to come to bait put out because their large food source is now gone. On the other side many farmers can’t afford to own land in this state and in many other states, they rely on renting from private owners, rent from state or county. The land available to farm is diminishing all across the country due to developments. Personally if they have to farm public land we hunt I would rather work around them because they are helping to feed the country not just themselves. But they also need us to help hunt the deer. My family looses approximatly the first 5-10 rows of corn in each field due to deer eating it. So without hunters the loose would be much higher.
  8. I hunted exclusively with the bow for many years and I really dislike hunting late season with it because my muscles get cold making it hard to pull back. I now have a crossbow but that’s more like a gun then a bow, so I would hunt with that. However after I started gun hunting that’s all I prefer to use in the late season and really just because of the cold weather. However this year with the mild temps I might go out with my bow again this year we will see.
  9. I use Amzingribs.com as my starting point. Iv smoked 2 turkeys and 5 chickens this way and every-one loves them. The very first thing I do to cook a turkey or chicken, in oven, smoker, or grill is I splatchcock it, or cut in half if it wont fit in your smoker. It helps cook the birds evenly and keeps the from drying out as fast. First I have become a true believer in dry brining all meats. Amazing ribs has a great article about bringing and this way is faster, less salt and in my opinion holds the smoke better then wet brines. So I start my turkey by dry brining. At the same time of applying salt for the dry brine I add my rub if im using one. Personally I like it both ways, with and without rub. The rub that I like if I do one is the Simon and Garfunkel spice rub. Set up your smoker as you normally would, and preheat to the highest temperature. Low and slow for poultry doesn't work it dries them out. My smoker can only reach 250 degrees so thats what I smoke at for poultry. I add 6 oz of apple wood and one small chunk of hickory. In the water dish I use apple cider vinegar (pre heated, boiled, inside then added to the smoker). For a 18 lb bird expect it to take about 4-5 hours @ 250 degrees (or 16 min per pound) to get the thickest breast meat to 160 degrees. Below is my Thanksgiving day turkey smoking I did this past year with two turkeys at 18 lbs each. I keep notes on all my smoking and times. 7:10 am: turkeys taken out of fridge to come to room temp. 7:30 am: smoker started, preheating. 8:00am: smoker temp 250 degrees 8:05 am: both turkeys added to smoker 1:00 pm Both turkeys finished and removed from smoker (acutely finished at 12pm but we where not eating dinner until 3pm and I was trying to drag it out. I removed the birds at 1pm and covered tightly with foil and put into the oven on warm to keep them from drying out)
  10. I use generic frontline (petarmor plus). I find ticks on the dog but they are ether slightly attached and dead or alive. The only thing I don’t like with frontline is the only way for ticks to die is if they bite the dog. They can catch a ride then drop off in the house and never be affected if they don’t bite the dog. Also people have had issues recently with frontline not being effective and ticks having a resistance. Which is why I comb my dog, with a tick comb, every time we come back from being in the woods. But he has a very short coat so this is easy and takes me about 3min to finish. I was looking into the Soresto collars because they also repel ticks but haven’t gotten one yet. My vet and everyone I know that uses them swears by them.
  11. DIY is the way to go if you do it for cost effective. However I had issues finding Di-calcium phosphate and when I did find it, it was $30-40 per bag and a hour away.
  12. A few years back I tried minerals at multiple properties I hunt. I used rocks and also DIY mix. I never had luck. I put it out with my bait (when I used to bait with feeders) near heavily traveled deer areas. As soon as the bait ran out they stopped coming, the travels trail was normally no more then 10’ from my minerals but they wouldn’t divert for it. So I stopped doing it. A friend of mine on a property right near me puts out minerals every year and has deer eat a stump he put it around this year. So like said above, try it, see if it works and if it doesn’t move on.
  13. And if you miss that’s window don’t buy cold and flu medication off the shelf. I forget the name of the active ingredient but got to the pharmacy counter and ask for the, non-prescription, behind the counter cold and glue medication. You will have to show ID to get it but it works 100x better then the DM stuff on the shelf.
  14. Not sure that it has value but something like that is sure usable esp for something like what’s posted above.
  15. 1 bag of corn and 2 blocks from TSC (which where each eaten in two days) all at the same location. So total about $36 and have taken one deer over the bait. The rest of the deer taken this year have been taken over nothing.
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