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S Jersey Goose hunt

A-5 Pemberton

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Scouted yesterday. Found a field loaded with geese. Went back out in the afternoon.....no geese.....looking good. Made plans with my fellow addict and he was going to bring his son. Weather looked good.....perfect wind for the set-up. Predicted overcast skies.Woke up to a bright full moon. Got the field and there they were.....loaded....in the field. Jumped them as we pulled up. 3 discouraged goose hunters. Full moon....geese spent the night on the field. Being addicts.....we set up anyway. There is always hope right! With bright skies....we waited to see what would happen. Well....what happened was one of those perfect days. Geese poured back to the field. One each shooting. Several one shot....one goose successes. Great for my friends son as he was confident knowing he got his limit. Smiles on a young hunters face make the whole deal worthwhile!!



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