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  1. The type of shell/shot size are really dependent on your gun. Like all have said, #6 is way to small. More importantly, pattern your gun and get good at figuring the range. I shoot a A-5 Belgium with a fixed choke that is a little less than full. At 30 yards my pattern is about 14 inches. I don't go for the fancy stuff as far as ammo. Winchester expert or dryloc works well. remember, there is no punch with steel so it is speed that kills. Hide well, set your decoys right and shoot them feet down over the dekes. And know what your pattern is doing! Great job so far......good luck
  2. So we took advantage of the apprentice hunting lic and now the wife is hooked. Been goose hunting with some success so I thought I would show her why we have a beagle. She got her first rabbit today. Did it with a gun I had since I was 10.
  3. You've gotten good advice throughout the thread. The only thing I would add is to anyone using a salt tank is to also test your water for sodium levels at the tap.
  4. Nice job getting them out for a nice hunt!!
  5. Just like everyone......ducks are hard to find. We had plenty of gadwall's but they are just not like other ducks. Had numerous big flocks lose altitude and swing by at 80 yards.....then go land out on the ice!! At least we were warm
  6. A-5 Pemberton

    Fort dixx

    I used to be a member of the club. Great hunting opportunities there. It is really a chess game as it is a bit more crowded now. But if you can think outside the box, there are enough really nice bucks out there. The muzzle season was my thing. Lots of guys bait....lots of guys put a stand right next to yours. All these things can be used to your advantage. I had a couple of guys come into a spot I had scouted. I knew where the deer liked to go, bed, etc. These guys always parked in the same spot. The deer up there are not easily spooked by what they consider normal. Loud explosions, tanks or soldiers walking. I gave up my stand and set up a ground blind on an escape route. Got there real early. Said guys get there...make all sorts of noise and head into the woods. This was an afternoon hunt. So they move in and I hear the deer moving towards me. Bunch of does and a small buck. The buck kept looking back so I waited. Nice 8 pt comes out....boom....dead deer. Moral of the story is use you head. There are also good stalking opportunities late in the season.
  7. They only barrier to prevent root infiltration is to remove the trees. As others have said, ridex is not worth the money. When replacing a d-box, no engineering is needed. Just a repair permit with the county. As an aside, I used to run Burlington county's septic program. Recently retired and I work as an independent now. The plan you have was done by a firm called. SJE. If you need any advice, pm me. With two people in a 4br home, you really shouldn't have any trouble. Especially if you are in a high and dry area of Medford, Tabernacle or Shamong. Also, regularly clean your effluent filter. You can just hose it off in the tank. It should be a Polyloc and there is a ball stop to prevent flow when the filter is removed. They are not that sturdy and if you let solids build up on them they will break when you clean them. They run about $60 to replace.
  8. Heirlooms are the way to go. I start everything under lights in the basement. Then move out to portable hot frames. Potatoes are in and the rest is happening tomorrow. Pole beans, cucs, bush beans, broccoli etc.
  9. Swampy.....first off....I never addressed your "challenge" to meet "man to man". We couldn't do it for three reasons. First, my fighting days over a school yard squabble are behind me. Second, where you gonna find a man to stand in for you? And third, I would cheat and bring some firepower...lol. You sir are a blow hard. Quick with you opinions (which are often off base) and are great at twisting what is said. Where in the gentleman's post did he say they banded during the season. To my knowledge they do not do that. Yet, this is the conclusion you draw. My issue with you is you have not grown up since the days of your misspent youth on NJ Ducks and all the other places your mouth got you banned. You know the rules very well, which you quote. Yet they have no bearing with regard to the man's post. The baiting laws are loosely enforced and are open to much interpretation by the CO's. I had a guy bait across from my lease. While they were busting the guy as he was throwing out corn I asked if I could continue to hunt my side, no more than 500 yards away. The answer was yes. So don't go interpreting the law unless you have the badge. Mean while, keep up your game and I will continue to bust your stones.
  10. Swampy......why come here to pollute this site? More drivel from you. The shame is you are not a stupid person. But you always seem to revert back to your childish ways. Just because he "saw cages with corn" doesn't mean a damn thing except in your perverted mind. You always want to attack and poke holes in imaginary theory's. He saw banding stations near where he hunts. Did he hunt them at that moment? Did he shoot the banding personnel and take the bands to make claim to being a duck god...to be in the company of the great Duecy. Please.....you do seem to know a thing about killing an bird with a small brain. Why be a douche about it? Back when I was a young man I killed about 170 plus geese a season myself. Does that somehow make me a criminal. Back when I was a kid we, meaning my father and his friends used yellow decoys all the time. I can tell you all the tricks about baiting ducks if you like. Am I ashamed of this? Hell no!! They were all great mean who also knew how to kill ducks. That is just what you did back then. Imagine when a broadbill was a 10 point duck and coming home with three other guys with 40 ducks. You never saw so many ducks at 3:30 when they all dumped their corn. 30000 broadbills is quite a sight. Just don't shoot a redhead or a can during the special BB season. So dear Swampy......settle down, enjoy life, enjoy your family. Time speeds up as you get older and you need to smile and enjoy things. Not live a lonely life thinking you are a duck god.........
  11. So how do you draw the conclusion they were sky busting? I set the hole no more than 20 yards out. Had them fall right on top of the blinds after being shot a couple of times. I suppose we can count this one as an improvement as you did not call them any names swampy. Thank goodness the gentleman wasn't hurt worse.
  12. So what's the difference between killing a doe pre rut which "could" carry a fawn now and one post rut which "maybe" carrying one now?
  13. Awesome pic!! One of my favorite ducks to decoy. In the early to late 90's we had thousands of them in the area I hunt. Made up most of our bag. Now they are few and far between
  14. Mazz hit it on the head. You can do almost anything the general firearms lic offers. It is my understanding that things which require a permit......not to be confused with a stamp.....are the only things you cannot get. So small game, waterfowl and the 6 day for deer are all included with the program.
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