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Another "wear your harness" thread


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I will never understand why some guys don't wear one.....It takes just a second to put on and hook up...It does not interfere with shooting at all....I shoot trad bows to 62" in length from a tree with a harness and without issue....I know several people who've fallen....I remember getting a call from one buddy who fell...he was on the ground and was afraid to move and had no feeling in his legs.....Got to him in about 10 min (I was on stand near by)....fortunately for him....he just had the wind knocked out of him and the sock of impact caused a temporary loss of feeling...but he was on his feet in 30 min and headed home.....The guy STILL does not wear a harness despite that fall!. WTF

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Does anyone use an arborist saddle as a safety harness? Most have side loops designed for a linemen's belt as well as a central tie on point like a rock climbing harness. They are generally a little more expensive but can serve double duty if you need to do some tree trimming.

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I would think that as long as you don't fall and stress the harness it will be fine. It's not something that's really exposed to the elements to bad so I can't see anything happening to it.


My stands on the other hand, every year I replace the straps and inspect the hardware and I just started swapping out the cables for chains.

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I just saw this on Facebook and thought it was fitting with all the other posts right now.


Wear your harness!


I hate to see people get hurt,  but I cannot feel sorry for someone who refuses to take the proper steps to ensure their safety. I know that harnesses, linemen's belts, etc. can be a PIA, but how much time does one really lose ... 10 minutes, 20 tops? People have to wise up.

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