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  1. Having had more than a few cause me to clean the seat on my Harley in the exact areas I hunt, I also wondered why I could potentially have better success with a huge loud ass motor cycle in the open than a near silent bow hidden 20 feet up in a tree. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Exactly what I need to for my display in my den ,Wish I wasn't in S.J. Very cool old items. If I come up with an excuse for a 2 hour drive I'll hit you up, lol. Nice offer! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. she changed her story from 4 boys (unnamed, she never mentioned names to her therapist) to two boys... Her friend who SHE said witnessed her being there said she did not... She said yesterday it was possible she is confusing him with another person....Her friend who said she "heard" of the incident at the time then recanted....... why is this still going on? isn't it obvious she's lying about his part and the loony left is just stalling? it is to reasonable people.
  4. you probably should have lead with the "Not my opinion" part first....lol
  5. nice!! wish my wife would get up in a tree or in a blind for more than just nature watching.
  6. watching Democrats fall all over each other to protect the party is like watching the new documentary of how the Manson girls acted towards him.
  7. I thought I read that you had to wait for a few posts, but i haven't been on for a while so that might have changed.
  8. She didn't remember any names when she talked about this with a therapist, and forgot where it was. Changed the number of guys it was from 4 to 2 and was/is an self admitted heavy drinker. at BEST, she's not credible, at worst she is completely lying about the whole thing. I think it's in the middle, she might have been groped by a drunk and cried about to a therapist but is now using it as a tool to make money and for activism purposes. also, HER eye witness stated this never happened, not HIS friend, HERS who she said could prove her story. in short, she's just another loony "Not my Pre
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