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Gave this old gal a first class education today.   As I was spreading some more Deer Stuff1 I felt a set of eyes on me, looked up and there she was forty yards away staring me down.  She was a big girl and I'm sure her young ins learned a little something today.  I can see her causing some issues for me later in life  :laughing:


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That is a nice buck.  I need that pic over on my Face Book page LOL That doe may become your best friend. if she views you as positive you won't have a problem.  right now she does not have a problem with you other than you taking to long to leave so she can come in LOL




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Ron, I highly doubt we'll be exchanging numbers anytime soon and I failed to mention that after our short little staring contest I turned around and walked away and she took off like her ass was on fire.   And this wasn't our first meeting, she busted me a while back while turkey hunting and she ran around the woods snorting for 15 minutes so I'm pretty sure she's got my number already.   

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