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  1. Buck thank you, although we get a few newer trappers, and they leave with their head spinning , the average trapper coming to the course has 15 plus years and is coming for the snaring and tide water trapping instructions.
  2. Mazz we do not have a web page for this school, you can e mail me and I can get a class schedule to you. or call Newt to get directions. I still get lost going to his place after 35 years of knowing him. LOL To attend this course the person must have a trapping lic from the state they reside or trap in. This is a advanced trapping school, not the state course to get lic. As Newt already stated 400 for the course. Starts at 12pm on the 18th for those that can make it, most come in on the 19th, start time is 7am and will go until the group wants to stop most classes go till 9 or 10pm. S
  3. Thank you for reposting Plott they are not dead.
  4. we are old school you have to call and talk to real people. LOL
  5. Mike It was a good turn out, and met a lot of new folks and great seeing some old friends also.
  6. We offer our new Bear stuff Dry attractant and 2 liquid bear lures Bear Paw and Bear claw for the first time last weekend at the Tuckerton duck and decoy show. We will also have it at the trapping convention this Sunday at space farms. I think these 3 bear products are going to good this season.
  7. Got this tom Friday morning. No birds first 3 days was found or showed any interest. They was not where they was the whole week before youth day. Thursday I found birds but hens was giving me problems. The hens, would come in to 50 yards and cuss me out, the toms stayed back just out of gun range, I called these birds 3 times to me with the same outcome!!!!! LOL Friday morning I go in well after daylight in hopes that the hens would be off on their own. I find find the birds, hens still there, but I set up better and here they come with toms in tow. As they are coming hens and toms, a pickup p
  8. I had a fellow stop bu the other day as he was heading out to go striper fishing. He said to me just wanted to let you know that your trout scent works great. I said you catch'en a lot of trout? He said a few but your trout scent really catches the stripers! I laughed and said it also catches catfish, crabs, crappies, turtles and now stripers, Guess I will have to try it on flounder next LOL Think I will change the name from Trout scent to Magic fish oil LOL Big Mike said it years ago about our products Rednecks Pride gets ur done with out a lot show. Rednecks Pride Fishing Scents
  9. I will be giving a short talk on call coyotes using diapharm howlers tonight at the meeting
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