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Fluke Tips, Tactics, and Secrets


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Alright all you fluke maniacs...it's that time of year with the season firing up here in NJ on Saturday!

What are the methods to your fluke madness?  Bucktails?  Big baits?  Gulp-maniacs?


How do you like to catch em and how do you do it?

Anything special you like to do for the big fish?


Get em!!!


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Best method for catching fluke is to bring a can of peas out on the boat. Open the can and sprinkle peas in water around the boat. When the fluke come up to take a pea, hit them in the head with the oar, and throw them in the boat.

"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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Yeah I definitely downsize big time in the rivers, try not to ever even push 1oz there...1/2 to 3/4 is ideal for me.

If you're using a boat, it helps to stem against the tide to slow your drift and fish more vertical.

Ultra clear water, sometimes fish can get a little boat spooky so casting away from the boat or fishing up drift and bringing it back can help.

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Pay attention at all times. Do not consume alcohol while fishing. Do not BS while fishing.Do not eat while fishing. Bounce jig at all times. Do not get distracted by eye candy on the boat 200 feet away. Don't get married as that will reduce your fishing time significantly. Only take fluke advice from anglers with enough skill to land a fluke > 10 lbs from a party boat

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Also make sure you do like I did today....


Get a 5 lber to the side of the boat . Realize hey its NOT yet another skate and proceed to turn around, grab net, strike fish solidly upon the head, watch fish spit hook and swim peacefully back towards the bottom....


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