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NJ Woods & Water 2024 Youth Turkey Hunting Contest Entries!

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Please enter all NJ Woods & Water 2024 Youth Turkey Hunting Contest entries here! :up:


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Youth Scoreboard

1. AJ sponsored by @Bonefreak:  42.5000 points
2. Colin sponsored by @Tally833:  40.5000 points
3. Jake sponsored by @bushden:  36.8750 points
4. Grayce sponsored by @nb6624 :  34.6000 points
5. Colton sponsored by @bushden:  0.0000 points
5. Declan sponsored by @Tally833:  0.0000 points
5. Jaxson sponsored by @Bone collector 85: 0.0000 points

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10 year old Colin got a great turkey Saturday morning.  Colin, my other son who is 12, and I set up in a blind on a field edge.  We got settled on time which is always a challenge taking two young boys out.  We put a funky chicken behind a lay down hen decoy, with a second hen decoy a little off to the left.  As the darkness gradually turned into daylight we heard the first gobbler start up.  400-500 yards to our North. I thought not too bad, at least the kids are hearing a gobbler. As we were listening to him, soft tree yelps from close by started up.  I think this one was within ten yards behind the blind!  It pays to get up early and be in early because this one wasn’t spooked away.  In response to that one waking up, several birds started gobbling from right behind us on the roost.  The boys were getting excited!  We heard the wings of one of them fly down.  They didn’t fly right into the field though.  We could hear them yelping and gobbling from the ground. I would call lightly just to let them know I was there.  The birds stayed out of sight for about an hour, but they were vocal the whole time.  Finally in response to some yelps we let out, a gobbler sounded off even closer than where the group seemed to be hanging out.  I told Colin to get ready because this one may be coming in. Last minute adjustments of face masks were made, Colin got the gun up into his shoulder with the barrel resting on a monopod and we were set.  Next several minutes it seemed there was gobbling every 5 seconds.  After a very exciting few minutes of gobbles getting closer and closer we see through the brush the first bit of dark color against the green grass, moving along the field edge from our right toward us.  One bird, two birds, three birds…. As they moved towards our decoys we could see them going in and out of strut.  It turned out to be this Tom that Colin shot and two jakes.  As they got to the decoys they walked in strutting.  No shot for Colin yet.  They turkeys wound up giving us a good show and we could hear the Tom spitting.  Every time there was a shot on the Tom a jake was right near it.  Colin knew not to shoot yet and hit two birds. I don’t know if the Tom finally saw or heard us but it popped its head up finally and the jakes happened to move a few feet to the right.  I was about to tell Colin to shoot when BANG!!  The Tom did a backflip and a few flops.  Tom was maybe 7 yards or so when Colin shot.  The blind went from silent hunting mode to cheers and wahoo’s quickly!  We took some good pics, and the boys are blessed that their grandfather was turkey hunting nearby and was able to participate in the celebration.

It was a great day, and appreciated even more by the boys because we have hunted several days this season getting close but not connecting.  Some of those mornings were cold!!  Definitely not an easy season for them.  In fact, last week Colin even got sick at the car when we showed up to the spot.  I figured we would be heading home since he’s only 10 but as soon as he finished being sick, he said that he was good to go, let’s go sit and see what happens.  He is a toughy!  

Thanks for looking!










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