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Found 5 results

  1. Please enter all NJ Woods & Water 2021 Youth Turkey Contest entries here! Reference Links: Paypal Link to donate to the NJW&W 2021 Adult or Youth Turkey Contest! (Please select Youth Contest in the dropdown) NJ Woods & Water 2021 Youth Turkey Contest Rules, Signups, and Donations NJ Woods & Water 2021 Youth Turkey Contest Entries Youth Scoreboard: 1.Rayna sponsored by @nb6624 with TBD points 2. Aidan sponsored by @Swamprat 2. Christopher Y sponsored by @iluv2hunt 2. Nate sponsored by @Devil Horns 2. Karl
  2. Reference Links: Paypal Link for 2020-2021 Youth Deer Contest Donations NJ Woods & Water 2020-2021 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Rules and Signup NJ Woods & Water 2020-2021 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Donations NJ Woods & Water 2020-2021 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Entries Youth Scoreboard: 1. Christopher sponsored by @iluv2hunt: 52.5 points [52.5 buck] 2. Christopher sponsored by @LPJR: 48 points [32.0 buck + 16.0 doe] 3. Nate sponsored by @Devil Horns: 43.0 points [43.0 buck] 4. Kyra sponsored by @Tuck: 16.0 points [16.0 doe] 4. Gab
  3. Official NJ Woods & Water 2015 Turkey Contest Entries and Scoreboard Welcome to the 3rd annual NJ Woods & Water Spring Turkey Contest - 2015!!! With the opening of the NJ season in just 10 hours and 40 minutes (according to the countdown above), I just wanted to place up this thread for you to be able to enter successful harvests. I also would like to wish everyone all the best this season. RULES: One bird per contestant. This bird may be upgraded to a bigger bird at any time during the duration of the contest. Birds taken in NJ, NY & PA will be accepted in thi
  4. @Just Hunt of Creative Mold was nice enough to donate a mounting skull for a 6-day big buck contest! Prize: Contest Rules: - Any registered NJ Woods & Water member at the start of the contest can submit an entry. - Contest starts Monday 12/08/2014 when 6-day firearm season begins - Entries will be submitted up until Monday 12/15/2014 at 12:00PM EST - Only bucks killed in NJ during the 2014 6-day firearm season are eligible - A confirmation number must be submitted with the entry - A picture of the hunter with the buck must be submitted with the entry. Scoring System: 1. The total numb
  5. Hey guys and gals, thought I'd kick off a topic for a velvet whitetail deer trailcam contest! If this one works out with enough participation, hopefully we can have some more throughout the season and give out more prizes! Please read all the rules carefully and most of all, have fun out there! Best of luck to everyone! Rules: All entries must be submitted in this topic to be considered entered. Whitetail deer in velvet submissions from your trailcams only (although other animals can be submitted along with them, a whitetail deer in velvet must be in the picture) "Velvet" can b
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