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Bachelor party / pig hunt.....


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Jager Pro in Fortson Ga is all retired military doing thermal hunts on large open fields. I hunt in Swainsboro and have friends that went with them and absolutely loved it! They have lots of vids online and use Mil grade thermal no Cabelas stuff there! If you want an up close hunt Trophy Creek does hunts with dogs, but I dont know anyone that has used them. We mostly hunt private land and are on an eradication mission! Good Luck!!

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Been hunting Pigs my entire adult life and have the medical records to prove it.


Sounds like a winner to me. We did a charter boat trip for Ling and Cod once for a BP. Great time for everyone that wasn't seasick lol.

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Did a bachelor party pig hunt last winter was fun as hell we went to Tioga and it was a blast broke up cabin fever too. That's my nephew in the picture he is officially married as of last Sunday.And he is in the woods today hunting zone 2. The kid since he was 7 sat with me in the woods until he was old enough to hunt with me. He loves this stuff and lives for it. Glad he got roped because feeding that big sum bitch was like feeding time at the zoo when he lived with me lol .


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