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first duck hunt ever - this is alot of fun


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Oh boy, I hope I don't get bit by this bug now - something else to cost me money and make the wife annoyed  :D


I was planning on going up in a tree this morning, but I got invited to go on a duck hunt instead. I've never been so, YEAH! I'm in!


It was really fun. My friend invited me and another guy to go out - got us in the boat along with his dog, get to his spot, and got set up. Only had a dozen decoys out, and it seemed to work. Just as shooting time hit, and my buddy started calling, in what seems like seconds we had ducks come out of nowhere and fly right over us at a perfect shooting distance.. I'm looking up and watching them fly by and, being that I've never done this before, I kinda questioned what was going on. "Uhhhh... aren't we supposed to shoot those?"  :rofl: They came so quick and they were so fast all three of us just stared up and watched them fly. We never even had time to reach for our guns it happened so fast. They ended up circling us a few times but never gave us another good shot at them. That was funny - guess you had to be there. Ducks are juuuust a bit faster than geese. :lookaround:


Then we noticed two drake buffleheads and a hen swimming right at us. After watching them for a while, they end up flying right over the decoys - after a volley (most of us missed :)) we ended up with one of the drakes (buffleheads are really a beautiful bird).


I wish I could do more of that. Without a boat or a dog, I'm gonna have to figure out a way to do this by myself. It really is a lot of fun and we didn't even have a lot of action. I can imagine what it's like when the birds are really flying.

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I'll be the first to tell you it's hard without a boat.  Spots that easily waded are garbage from what I've found so far this year.  Maybe next year will be different, but damn this is hard...


I'm definitely going to look into getting a small boat - if anyone has recommendations, post a reply in my other thread about that. Just something to throw in the back of the truck and row or troll out to spots. I have some ideas of a few spots that would work. I'll scout around after hunting seasons are over just to see what are accessible and what looks good. I know when I fish with a buddy in his boat, I often think, "this would be a great waterfowl spot" :)


Mazz good luck if you get the waterfowl bug. It's very equipment and labor intensive. When it all comes together it's awesome though.


This is why I'm taking it slow and not rushing to do anything until next season. Gives me a year to research a bit and make sure I don't bite off more than I can chew (and afford :lol:).  I will say I love goose hunting - but I've only ever done that in fields - never by water. But since I love goose hunting, I was really looking forward to trying duck hunting, I was sure I was going to enjoy it, too. But I think it is one of the few ways of hunting that you really can't go it alone as a beginner, you need someone who already has the gear and know-how to show you how its done the first few times you go out.

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When you hear whistling wings it definitely gets the heart rate elevated.  Dropping ducks out of the sky is a lot of fun.  Also, time talking with your buddies or family as opposed to hunting alone is a great part of duck hunting.  I will always remember the laughter.

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No doubt having a boat and dog to duck hunt is the best, but its not the only way.  You can be successful finding a small creek or pond some where and just carrying in a low chair, a few decoys and a little camo.  If you're going coastal just make sure you plan your hunt around low tide.  Reapply what you already know about hunting.  Good luck!



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