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  1. My dog decided to help herself to some Hungry Jack potatoes the other night. Ugggggggh!!!
  2. Nice job. Yours is the exact colors of mine. Painting the white spindles is hell. I worked on mine in stages. Every little pin drop of white paint shows up on the dark brown. Worst part is I have to do mine every 3 or 4 years. Solid stain peels. I don't care what anyone says.
  3. These might be better than the Mike Tyson compilation of knock outs I recently saw.
  4. I have a Fenwick I love. I use it for trout and crappies.
  5. He turned in his man card quicker than when Sean Penn got rid of all his firearms when he dated Charlize Theron. I almost puked when I heard that one.
  6. gillripper

    Missouri Spoonbill

    Nice. How do you catch them? I think I saw a show where they said they eat plankton but maybe that was paddlefish or are they the same as spoonbills?
  7. Congrats!-love killing birds on public land.
  8. Dry looks like a caddis variation to me.
  9. That's a gorgeous animal. If I shot that I would stood over it speechless for awhile.
  10. This is why we love spending time outdoors. Last Saturday I was turkey hunting and saw an Osprey with a trout in its claws. I thought even if I don't kill a turkey today that made it worth the trip. Then an hour later I shot a 21 lb. turkey-what a great day.
  11. Emmmmm shad burger. I tried shad once-it tasted like mud to me.
  12. This would only be part of the solution. How are you going to control what they eat when they go home? They probably eat poorly. Parents should be assuring their kids are eating right and active-not the schools.
  13. Ha ha. I just watched this movie like two weeks ago. I thought it was pretty good. Daniel Day Lewis character obsessed with greed and money.
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