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  1. gillripper

    Sick Deer In Michigan

    Gross-looks like smallpox.
  2. gillripper

    Tom the butcher

    How does HHH work? Do you have to pay for the butchering? Where do you take the deer?
  3. gillripper

    Early goose

    Wow-that’s a serious pile o geese.
  4. gillripper

    Tagged out 09/19

    Great day-you must have sweat your ass off dealing with two deer in that heat.
  5. gillripper

    Fall slabs

    Some really nice crappies on jigs the other day 11-14 inches.
  6. gillripper

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Nice deer. I'm glad you found him and it didn't go to waste.
  7. gillripper

    John McCain dead at 81

    Any guy who flies a plane in a war gets my respect.
  8. Those chompers are something else-what an idiot.
  9. gillripper

    Slammer bucks

    Very nice work.
  10. gillripper

    New Hunter - No experience!

    Welcome to the site. It’s never to late to start hunting and it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Best of luck.
  11. gillripper

    Tiger trout

    I just finished painting this tiger trout reproduction. This was a good challenge as they are not that common and I had to figure out the colors as I went.
  12. gillripper

    Just a few more weeks.....

    Looks like you sliced some fletching. Nice group.
  13. gillripper

    Red tails

    Thanks for all your input guys. If those are red shouldered hawks that is good news. I took these pics next to a pretty good sized piece of preserved land. Years ago on a trip to the great seamp I was told red shoulder numbers were low. Just goes to show once again regardless of the species why we should preserve land.
  14. gillripper

    Red tails

    Immature Kestrels maybe? Now I have no clue.