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  1. Anyone remember County Line Sports in Hackettstwon? Used to stop there trout fishing all the time-gonzo.
  2. Woke up screaming one morning when I found a tick on the sphincter. Let me tell you-I was like a contortionist trying to dig that one out LOL. My wife still laughs at me.
  3. I drove past some property in Montana that never seemed to end. Someone told me it was Turner's land.
  4. Beauty. That trail cam pic is awesome.
  5. I'm a PSU alum. Ohio state is stacked. I can't stand Harborough. He is the biggest cry baby I have ever seen. His days may be numbered.
  6. At first glance I thought these were ice fishing jigs. Nice.
  7. Batsto-I will go to my grave remembering a hen I clipped that flew 200 yards away and around a hedgerow. My lab took off like a rocket and came back with that hen 5 min later. I was amazed. She is the best dog I have ever owned. Another time I knocked down a rooster in waist high brush you could not walk through. Dog was in there for an eternity and finally came out with it. Without her I never find that bird.
  8. That's awesome. My lab is 12 now and I can't push her anymore. People who don't own dogs will never know how rewarding it is to see your dog work and to bring a bird to hand that you might not otherwise ever find. Good luck with your pup.
  9. I was told raptors take their heads off. Weird they don't eat the meat.
  10. Nice pics. Cool cabin. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Shoulder mount? Cool little crab claw and split G2. I would mount that one.
  12. Yet another example of what happens when things are run by the state.
  13. Haha. I looked at the date and said holy crap is it Nov already?
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