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  1. R Lee Ermy just died for the second time watching this.
  2. I went out twice. Called in two jakes the first time but not within range. I would not have shot them anyway. I've been hunting for awhile now and pass on jakes. Second time I had birds gobbling in the same spot but some dude was ripping up calls like he was in a nation calling championship. I did not hear a shot and moved on. I agree with you. I do not see the number of birds I used to.
  3. 3:55 AM? Holy shit. Did he pitch a tent in the area?
  4. Retire that spinner forever.
  5. Do you all think the heavy snow and lack of acorns will affect this year’s turkey season? We had a lot of snow.
  6. Thick rack-congrats.
  7. Hopefully they don't shoot holes in the roof like the last place. As BHC said people suck. That's a beautiful buck.
  8. What a great gig the DSR has. You have to pay them to catch fish you already paid for with your NY state license. I used to go there but I won't pay their ridiculous prices anymore. There are so many other opportunities to catch other fish where you aren't being ripped off.
  9. I have arachnaphobia. I was killing lantern flies with compressed air with my gamo the other day. I was blowing them up. My daughter was laughing like a mental patient.
  10. I reached for a door handle and pulled something for a day. I was awwwwwwwl messed up.
  11. I bought a 2015 brand new and I love the truck. Paid 34K for it. Has jump seats in the back. I bought the 4 cylinder because I drive a lot. Everyone I know who owns them loves them. Dealer would not budge on the price. They are very popular.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I think it’s a boa. I’ve seen a lot snakes in the woods and never one like that. My daughter said it was about 6 feet long in her estimation.
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