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  1. I am not happy with fish and game. Prices go up for stamps and quality of hunt goes down. If they have some kind of survey I'm going to be honest with how I feel. I would bring my dog home and pick hundred of thorns out of her. Both parts of Pequest and Black River are a mess
  2. gillripper

    Cave Cricket infestation

    My son shoots them with his 1911 airsoft pistol. It rips them apart.
  3. gillripper

    10 Point Down- Public land

    Beauty-shame you broke that tine. Congrats on a great deer
  4. gillripper

    Had a scare yesterday!

    Good luck-that sounds really scary.
  5. gillripper

    12 Minute Buck

    That's a lot of snow! How far north are you? Congrats on a nice deer.
  6. gillripper

    Field geese good guy alert!

    Buy that guy a beer!
  7. gillripper

    Fish & Game is sucking big time on stocking

    IMO they let Black River go down hill. Used to be large fields of golden rod. Now it’s all briars and weeds and dseverely over grown. I nailed a hen the other day and it was so over grown with that Russian olive garbage she couldnt find it. She always finds cripples but not in that garbage.
  8. gillripper

    Youth Day Double

    Congrats guys-haul em out with that bucket loader in the back.
  9. gillripper

    Pheasant 11/13

    My lab flushed two in an absolute jungle.
  10. gillripper

    13 Dead Bar In California

    Did Nancy Pelosi comment yet? Can't stand that old bag.
  11. gillripper


    Sawyer was 10 bucks a bottle at Walmart. Next time I go to Tractor Supply lik you mentioned.
  12. gillripper

    Got a Fall Turkey

    Beautiful bird. Nice pics. I got a 24 pounder in public ground two years afo in the spring.
  13. gillripper


    Thanks all for the info. I ended up buying a bottle of tick repellent for pets by Zodiac. I bought a spray by Sawyer for my clothes. Somebody on the site said they have used spray by Sawyer for clothes and it was very effective.
  14. Someone on the site mentioned that they mix their own tick repellent. My question is where do you get concentrated permethrin and what ratio do you mix it? Also, is it safe to spray on dogs? Thanks.