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  1. Sorry for your loss. Cherish and remember the good times you had with him and comfort yourself in knowing you gave him a good life. I lost a lab at 7 years to cancer. I remember how hard that was.
  2. Great story. You should be an outdoor writer. That beard is thick as hell. Congratulations.
  3. You just proved it aint over till it's over. Congrats on a great bird.
  4. Got into the woods this morning at 6 AM. I heard a gobble over the ridge. I snuck over the ridge and down into the valley within a couple hundred yards. I only called twice. It took about a half hour for this guy to come in. He was the lead bird and was followed by 5 jakes and a couple of hens. The sun was shining through a couple of the jakes tails fans. It was a great morning. I was happy to get this bird on public land. He weighed in at 19 lbs. with a 9.5 inch beard. Unfortunately, my son had a tough day on youth day Saturday morning. We both got soaked and never heard or saw any birds despite them gobbling the day before. I wish he could have taken this bird instead of me but he had school today. Congratulations to all that got birds today.
  5. Unsuccessful morning for us. Drenched down to the underwear. Always enjoy spending time with my son though no matter what. We found a box turtle. Always good to see them.
  6. Nice fluke.....that's a monster-welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  7. Cringe every time I see his thigh spurting blood on the intro to the show. I like watching him.
  8. Black fish lips-hahaha and teeth too.
  9. Nice-looks like a tattoo almost for some reason.
  10. Septic dude-best screen name ever.
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