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  1. gillripper

    Introducing myself (pics)

    Nice fluke.....that's a monster-welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  2. gillripper

    Tim Wells.....

    Cringe every time I see his thigh spurting blood on the intro to the show. I like watching him.
  3. gillripper


    Black fish lips-hahaha and teeth too.
  4. gillripper

    Large Surviving American Chestnut

    Plant some seeds from this tree!!!
  5. gillripper

    how old is this buck?

    Thick rack-nice. I guess 3.5.
  6. gillripper

    I just drew this Fluke

    Nice-looks like a tattoo almost for some reason.
  7. gillripper

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    Septic dude-best screen name ever.
  8. gillripper

    A Good Finish?

    I need ice to jig some slabs.
  9. gillripper

    Finally caught up with this brute, my best to date

    Woah-Nice crab claw on his right beam. Pretty deer-congrats.
  10. gillripper

    Some of my cuts from last night (Pics)

    Damn-you can do my deer any time. Nice work.
  11. gillripper

    Roxy and Declan's first rabbit!!!

    Looks like the best Christmas ever for a kid.
  12. gillripper

    What gets you a bit upset?

    People who leave their garbage while fishing
  13. gillripper


    I am becoming more and more unhappy with fish and game every year. Their trout stocking went downhill when they quit putting in brook and brown trout. Now they're putting out chukars a lot of guys don't seem to want.
  14. gillripper

    Awesome BACKSTRAP meal

    Damn-can I come over?
  15. gillripper

    ...and there you have it!

    Guy told my friend he shot 8 does in zone 8 last year. Why? Who needs that much meat?