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  1. Pucknut

    Coastal Opener

    Out in Absecon this morning. One black and two hoodeds, only birds close, but they decoyed nicely. I was a little off the X or I might have had the second black duck. Headed back out Monday.
  2. Pucknut

    State tax map site

    Somebody double check me on this, but I believe the original tax info map now includes 2015 imagery . When you access the map go to the base map gallery and it seems to give two options And the tax info.
  3. Pucknut

    FID through State Police questions

    I did my change of address in NJ a couple years ago. Took somewhere around a month, maybe two. In NJ you must supply names and numbers for personal references. I that's the same in PA make sure you tell your references to expect a call and to answer the call.
  4. Pucknut

    New to Site and New to waterfowl

    Welcome! My experience is it never hurts to have a few decoys out - how many is only limited by your ability to get them to your spot. As far as calling, it is best to be quiet unless you are competent, especially late season. I only scout places I can get to so that that be a start point. Always follow good hunting etiquette. Good luck with your season.
  5. Pucknut

    Fossil hunting in Nj

    Its not fossil hunting, but a trip to the Museum of Natural History in NY makes a good father/daughter trip. They have a very good fossil exhibit and a few good local pizza joints to walk to.
  6. Pucknut

    Small pond management?

    In my home town we would drain draw our 50 acre lake every other year by a couple feet from November to February as a way to control undesireable vegetation. The idea being that some of these plants wouldn't tolerate freezing temperatures
  7. Pucknut

    Birds Eye View

    Whenever I fly out of Atlantic City I hope to have a chance to get a view of Absecon Bay. Doesn’t always work out but this year flying out and last year flying in i was able to take a few pictures.
  8. Pucknut

    Some Cover Crop Information

    Taylor Ham lol. The Picillili serves a mean pork roll. I don’t attend many of these meeting, but things fell into place this time. Hammonton is a great place for Italian specialties too.
  9. Pucknut

    Some Cover Crop Information

    Great explanation of the benefits!
  10. Pucknut

    Some Cover Crop Information

    Will you be coming to the meeting in Hammonton? Yes the date makes it especially difficult for the soybean growers using the radish. That’s why we specifically wanted to demonstrate flying the seed on. It costs more, but we were still able to match the NRCS rate. The farmers I worked really seemed to enjoy having a cup of coffee while 50 acres were seeded too. Good luck fishing!
  11. For the past two years I have been involved in administering a grant promoting the use of multi-species cover crop mixtures. I thought I would share some of what I learned in case in would be useful to someone here. The goal was to provide a free sample of the NRCS multi-species mixture to interested farmers in the Pinelands portions of Burlington and Camden Counties. There was about $40,000.00 in funding and this paid to seed about 550 acres with the cover crop seed mixture and in some cases paid to have it flown onto the fields. For the purposes of the grant we mimicked the USDA- NRCS program, but someone not wanting to be involved with NRCS would still benefit both as a cover crop and for game. The mixture we applied was comprised of cereal rye (46 lb), annual rye (9 lbs), crimson clover (8 lbs), red clover (2 lbs) and tillage radish (4lbs). This mixture was applied at about 69 pounds per acre. I purchased the seed from the farmer's usual provider and I found it cost anywhere between $.80 per pound and $.61 per pound. This came to $55 and $42 in seed cost per acre respectively. Just for the reference the NRCS program pays about $76.00 per acre flat fee for this program. NRCS requires this type seeding to be performed before September 15th so we had to fly the seed onto some standing crops of soybean and corn to provide a good sample. I had never seen seeding by airplane before so that was interesting too. Flight costs were about $25 acre with a minimum of 10 acres. I attached a some photos of Fall growth and some this Spring before the cover crop was terminated and couple other Fall photos. I don't understand all of the benefits, but mixtures like this are supposed to reduce soil compaction, reduce topsoil loss through erosion, suppress weeds and increase organic material. In following up with the farmers involved I was told that fertilizer costs also dropped.
  12. Pucknut

    Beaches Closed

    Maybe just a Baby Ruth!
  13. Pucknut

    Fall planted clover and alfalfa

    Great looking plants! Do you crop this ground or just is a food plot?