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  1. Great idea! As part of your choice consider how big a tree can fit in the location you want to plant it and whether it is full sun or will be below other trees. Choosing something native to the area will also be a better benefit to insects and birds. Dogwoods are attractive but don't always tolerate full sun. If you have a lot of room a Tulip Poplar is a very nice tree. Also try a Holly If there aren't many nearby.
  2. Confidence decoys are legal. Just don’t harvest anything out of season. Welcome to the obsession and good luck!
  3. It is 40 hours a week and does have health benefits.
  4. Good question and something I would want to know as an applicant. I will try to get hold of someone and ask.
  5. This isn't a position I'm hiring for, but I thought someone here could be interested. Read the document and good luck! NJ_FBB_job_announcement_draft.pdf
  6. Could always set out those decoys and see what comes in?
  7. Came across this young buck behind a shed in a residential subdivision off Rt 68 in Burlington County. When I saw him it took me me a minute to realize he was laying down. Not knowing if he was injured I just backed up.
  8. This guy was hanging out in the middle of the Mount Holly Gardens redevelopment. Never did move
  9. I've never gone looking for sheds, but thought I might try this year since I see bucks behind my office fairly often. The ground behind my office is a mix of meadow type grass and young trees with a couple mature oaks along hedge rows. Is it best to follow game trails or look for places where antlers would get caught up in vegetation? Thanks in advance. Bob
  10. That would be governor snowflake! Sent home due to not perfect weather!
  11. It looked like their was a lot of morning activity. I like to hunt the afternoon on the last day. Kind of a tradition to watch the sun set in the season. Had a good last day. Shot one black duck on the walk out and one over my decoys. Had another pair come in after I had my second black so I got to enjoy the splash down and watch them swim for a bit. Any other reports?
  12. Never really thought about it but I hunted an area yesterday that doesn’t see much pressure. Had 15 or so Bufflehead near, only 3 hens.
  13. That was me growing up Jerseyducker! My Dad would guard the decoys after the early flight and I’d take my chances on the marsh. Stealth versus survival. Some days it seems easy other days impossible! 4-5 mile marsh walks is a lot of work! Good luck with the rest of the season.
  14. Thanks! I guess its a little bit of a memoir because I can remember sitting in the brush as an 11 year 35 years ago watching ducks come in and getting nervous. If you haven't ever tried jump shooting ducks you should try some time. I love it, but that's because I can be a sneaky bastard!
  15. I enjoy true waterfowling as much as the next guy. I love knowing I've put out a good spread and I'm hidden enough enough to fool birds. Not just flying past, but wings cupped and feet down. But this has been a different season and I've never been patient in the blind, perhaps why I don't deer hunt. Owing to this and some time constraints I've been hunting more and waterfowling less. Saturday and yesterday I found myself with fair tides, winds and just enough time to run down to the marsh to jump shoot. I enjoy walking the marsh and it reminds me a lot of quail hunting ( wild quail). Its a place where a creek opens out to the bay and always seem to hold water and black ducks. My Dad and I used to take the boat here to hunt the bay. We'd sit in a stand of high tide bush until that disappeared in the some years ago and hide the boat in this creek. Its about a 1/2 mile walk in and then if you drop a duck it will be on the other side of this 20ft. wide creek. Then its a half mile back to the start point, a 1/4 mile west, and 1/2 back out to the bay before the walk back to the road. Both days I shot a black duck although I probably could have taken a second, but I like to make sure I have a dead bird, before finding another target. One week left so we all have to get out when, and how, we can.
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