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  1. I mostly hunt solo so I try not to get in too deep having almost learned the hard way a couple times. I now carry a telescoping reach pole that has a maximum diameter of about 1.5 inches and will reach out about 18 feet. Without extension its about 6 feet. I use it as a pole for balance in muck soils and crossing ditches and to retrieve decoys and fallen birds.
  2. I'm sure you can find a guide service so long as you're licensed etc. Might also find some private property to hunt if you don't mind knocking on doors. New Jersey also has a lot of public salt marsh if you're willing to walk in. Key is to make sure you can retrieve what you shoot. Can be good puddle duck hunting.
  3. I'm a sneak box guy, but if your looking at the boat as transportation to a spot and not to hunt from then maybe go aluminum. Sneakboxes also don't make good family fishing/crabbing boats. Stuff will show up on marketplace, craigs list etc. My suggestion is to think it all through so you don't waste money. If you're handy and can repair fiberglass or wood boats then you might get something on the cheap.
  4. The Burlington County Soil Conservation District is looking for a full time Site Inspector. Please see the attachment for details. This is entry level, but advancement is possible. The Burlington County Soil Conservation District Full Time Job Opportunity Title: Site Inspector Annual Salary: $41,200.00 plus benefits Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM Position Summary: · Responsible for inspecting active construction sites to ensure regulatory compliance with the New Jersey Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act. · Consult and correspond with contractors, applicants, engineers, concerned citizens, regional and municipal officials. Position Qualifications: · Bachelor’s degree in environmental science or related field from an accredited four-year college or university. · Must be able to pass a criminal background check. Specialized Skills and Knowledge: · Must have or be able to obtain a valid New Jersey driver's license and have a good driving record. · Able to interpret site plans and supporting documents. · General computer proficiency. · Familiarity with geographic positioning systems, geographic information systems. Resumes, transcripts and references may be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to BCSCD, 1971 Jacksonville Jobstown Rd, Columbus, NJ 08022 or faxed to (609)267-3347 and must be received by 6/1/19. Job Announcement.pdf
  5. Great idea! As part of your choice consider how big a tree can fit in the location you want to plant it and whether it is full sun or will be below other trees. Choosing something native to the area will also be a better benefit to insects and birds. Dogwoods are attractive but don't always tolerate full sun. If you have a lot of room a Tulip Poplar is a very nice tree. Also try a Holly If there aren't many nearby.
  6. Confidence decoys are legal. Just don’t harvest anything out of season. Welcome to the obsession and good luck!
  7. It is 40 hours a week and does have health benefits.
  8. Good question and something I would want to know as an applicant. I will try to get hold of someone and ask.
  9. This isn't a position I'm hiring for, but I thought someone here could be interested. Read the document and good luck! NJ_FBB_job_announcement_draft.pdf
  10. Could always set out those decoys and see what comes in?
  11. Came across this young buck behind a shed in a residential subdivision off Rt 68 in Burlington County. When I saw him it took me me a minute to realize he was laying down. Not knowing if he was injured I just backed up.
  12. This guy was hanging out in the middle of the Mount Holly Gardens redevelopment. Never did move
  13. I've never gone looking for sheds, but thought I might try this year since I see bucks behind my office fairly often. The ground behind my office is a mix of meadow type grass and young trees with a couple mature oaks along hedge rows. Is it best to follow game trails or look for places where antlers would get caught up in vegetation? Thanks in advance. Bob
  14. That would be governor snowflake! Sent home due to not perfect weather!
  15. It looked like their was a lot of morning activity. I like to hunt the afternoon on the last day. Kind of a tradition to watch the sun set in the season. Had a good last day. Shot one black duck on the walk out and one over my decoys. Had another pair come in after I had my second black so I got to enjoy the splash down and watch them swim for a bit. Any other reports?
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