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  1. Pucknut

    870 paint job

    Bones, great looking project! Thinking of doing exactly this to my 870 so I hope you don't mind a couple questions . Is the Brakleen best for cleaning before painting or are there other options? I'm assuming the paint is like a Rustoleum, but what kind of sealer are you using? Thanks, Bob
  2. Pucknut

    Cedar and pine seedlings

    Russ 11 - I haven't for the past two years but for the prior several years I purchased seedlings through the NJ State Forestry for school arbor days. I believe they were $25 per 100. They were about 4-6 inches tall and came in tubes with some soil. Hopefully the link below will get you there. You might also want to check for local native plant suppliers. I have purchased seedlings from Pinelands Nursery in Columbus Burlington County, but you'd have to call (609)291-9486. Good luck, Bob http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/forest/nj_forest_nursery.htm
  3. Pucknut

    Fyi....farmers get 3 free buck tags valid for any zone

    Agree with Swampy. Attacking farmers will get sportsmen no where. Most of the farmers I come in contact with are very concerned with the ecosystems that surround the land they work. NJ Fish and Wildlife is holding a deer management workshop at the Rutgers Eco-complex in Burlington County on Monday so maybe something useful will be discussed there. My instructions were to RVSP to Wildlife management at 609-292-6685. Not sure if this event is open to the general public.
  4. Pucknut

    Would anyone attend F & G Council meetings if......

    Just to be clear I'm going to clarify my reference to "Antis" who attend the F&G Council meetings. If you read through the minutes of several past meetings you will note the same names within the public comment portion. You can draw your own opinion on the value of their comments.
  5. Pucknut

    Would anyone attend F & G Council meetings if......

    I agree Bonefreak, having varied meeting dates and times would allow for increased participation from the regulated public and you are right, the antis never seem to have a problem with other commitments. I think this is why many Municipal Council meetings are held in the evening. Regarding the composition that is all defined in the supporting legislation and the vacancies would need to be filled by persons meeting the requirements and be appointed by the governor. A couple years ago I considered applying for a vacancy, but the needed leave time from work is too great. Monthly meetings average about 5 hours with lunch. Additionally I believe Council members are expected to sit on subcommittees which is more time. The best most of us can do to be involved is contact the Council members directly if possible or through Sportsmens Federations, Farm Bureau etc., or sending letters to the Council. All of the meeting dates and past meeting minutes are on the State's website.
  6. Pucknut

    Creature of the night

    Great looking Buck, I hope you get a shot next season. Regarding turning the photo I found with my iPhone a picture from my camera roll will turn sideways , but the same photo from My Photo Stream will not.
  7. Pucknut

    The Back Meadows

    Thanks Rusty. This spot is an old borrow location for highway construction. Over the decades it has slowly filled with silt which makes it a little treacherous to walk into. Cover was bad enough at the end of the season that I started carrying a bag of cut meadow grass out with me.
  8. Pucknut


    Belleplain state campground in Cape May is real nice. Has tent sites and cabins.
  9. Pucknut

    Last Days of Duck Season

    Nice end of season. I didn’t see as many birds flying this week as opposed to last either.
  10. Pucknut

    Last Days of Duck Season

    And then it was over. Went to my favorite morning spot yesterday afternoon and now I remember why I like it better in the am. Duck and geese loafing when I walked in and then nothing until 5:15. My plans this morning got derailed when I came home to find out my lab may have re-aggravated his ACL surgery. He doesn’t hunt, but is a great family dog. After the vet visit I got to the marsh around 3:15. Same thing, blacks and Canada’s loitering. Lone hooded merganser came in at 5:11 so that was my bag.
  11. Pucknut

    Last Days of Duck Season

    So today and tomorrow is it for ducks this year. I'm taking the afternoon off today to hunt a salt pond that I can get to quickly and going back out tomorrow morning on some bigger water . I always get a little depressed as the season ends and I might just have to find a place for the last minutes tomorrow night. Anyone else going out?
  12. Pucknut

    The Back Meadows

    I try to keep a number of spots in mind when I hunt, because you never know how things are going to turn out. Today I went to a water body that always seems to have birds, but it not easy to hunt. Between ice and a loss of cover I didn’t have any good options, but tried to make the best of it. Ended up finding enough grass to brush up with and got my decoys down to the waters edge. Shot one black duck before the decoys were high and dry. Retrieving that duck from the mud might be my next entry for stupid things I’ve done hunting.
  13. Pucknut

    year of firsts continue - my first band!

    Great hunt and great hunting! I've had the same experience a number of times myself. Normally I will wait only a few minutes after downing a bird to leave the blind. Just because the shooting can bring more action. However, if the bird is actively moving away from me or dropped out of sight I go immediately. I hope you keep having a season of firsts.
  14. Pucknut

    waterfowling in the rain

    Great way to build character! If you're wearing hip boots just watch the gap between the boots and your jacket. Hope you have a great hunt!
  15. Pucknut

    how's the weather out there? :)

    Same. Next Thursday is my earliest opportunity. Besides finding / making open water, my wild card will be what impact the snow and tides had on the cover where I hunt. Hopefully this is not a heavy snow that will flatten the spartina.