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6 pt buck taken last saturday

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I was fortunate to take this buck last saturday on an evening sit...


After having some does and 2 spikes come in from my north this guy came in at about 430pm from my south. It was a NW wind and he came from downwind, just like he should. He had no idea I was there so my scent control was good or he was more focused on the deer in front of me. Maybe a combo of the two, who knows. I watched him come within 30 yards and make a scrape. Right there the hunt was already awesome! He slowly came in towards the deer in front of me and one of the spikes looked like he wanted a fight. They looked at each other for a few seconds and once the 6 put his head down the spike backed down immediately. He then made his way 15 yards from me and standing broadside, I decided to squeeze off on the release and thwack! Hit him good as he only ran 40-50 yards and dropped. I waited a half hour, got down and found him right away with no tracking needed. Im very grateful for the opportunity as this has been a crazy year between having our first child, surgeries, baby in er, crazy work schedule and so on. Im sure many of ya's can relate! He met MY minimum requirement, plus the freezer is almost empty and Im proud to have taken him! The dead ringer rampage 3 blade and ole' hoyt magnatech have done their job again. Thanks for reading and I wish all of you a successful and most importantly, a healthy rest of the season!



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Any buck with a bow IS a trophy !!!

Congratulations on a well earned buck and a nice one too :up:

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