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How low can they get(bear group)


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Couldn't get any lower than this my dad had MS and walked with a cane,was limited to hunting areas but still taught me and my brother to hunt and trap the woods of Nj and respect wildlife and the woods .made me sick reading them tear apart a disabled hunter



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What they are doing is known as doxing--a nerd term used to describe conjuring up all of the documentation on someone to expose who they are.  The intent of doxing is harassment.  Once the person's name is known they are anonymously and incessantly harassed and threatened.  This is a typical anti thing to do.  However, they cry the loudest when someone harasses or threatens them.  It's a double standard and it is inappropriate to do to anyone.


Back a few years ago the BEAR group would attend all of the public hearings on the bear management policy and intentionally take pictures of people and write their names down in such a way that the public knew what they were doing.  They were intentionally trying to intimidate people from going up to the microphone and supporting the hunt.  They claimed that it was a public forum and they had the right to take anyone's picture and write down their name.


There is nothing civil about these people at all.  They openly advocate harassment and threats to people they don't agree with.  They embrace intimidation to silence people who hold different view than they do.  They are the worst of their kind.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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