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Got a Turkey

Cousin Brown

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Haven't seen any birds at all this year, decided to go Saturday & glad I did.  Went to one spot and nothing , decided to try another property and as soon as I hit the call one gobbled back.  The bird was coming but it also drew the attention of 2 trespassers stalking the tom with bows.   Kept my  cool and talked to them for a while, actually good people but let them know they were on the wrong piece.  They went looking for the tom and I went to another section .....as soon as I sat down 2 toms and a hen started coming,  at 30 yards the one tom got it in the head!  Lights out!  Just proves you never know whats going to happen.  I wasn't even going to go since I didn't even see a bird this year but like the old saying, your not going to get them from the couch!  18lbs 11 oz, 9 1/4" Beard & 1 1/4" Spurs.


Thanks to Gobblergetter and The Life TV for the Hannah Banana call , Oakridge Custom game calls & High Guy/Dead Ringer Hunting AccuBead Extreme sight.




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Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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